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The O'Reilly Sucks Blog

Clinton Hits Key 50-Percent Mark Leads By 6 Points In New Poll
September 24, 2016 - 9:00am

Hillary Clinton has a healthy lead over Donald Trump with just days until the first presidential debate, according to a new poll released Thursday by Associated Press/Gfk.

Clinton: 50%
Trump: 44%

In a head-to-head matchup against Trump, the Democratic nominee hits the critical 50-percent mark and beats Trump by six points among likely voters. In a hypothetical contest that includes third-party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, Clinton maintains her six-point edge over Trump and beats him by a margin of 45 percent to 39 percent.

The survey is the latest sign that public opinion is beginning to shift back in Clinton's favor during a critical moment in the campaign.

With more and more national data, including another poll out Tuesday showing Clinton up five, it's clear that the momentum is in her favor.

State polling data also had good news for Clinton on Thursday, with the Democratic nominee ahead in polls from Wisconsin, Virginia, and Colorado. In states like Florida and North Carolina, must-wins for Trump, the two major candidates are locked in tight battles.

Fortunately for the Democratic nominee, state polling tends to lag behind national surveys, meaning her clear improvement nationally is likely to show up in swing-state polls in the near future. Her slight Electoral College lead could become more comfortable in the coming weeks.

As we inch closer to the first presidential debate and the key month of October, Clinton is likely feeling good about the current trajectory of the race.

Clinton Drops Bomb On Trump Releasing 19 Pages Of Fact Checked Lies
September 24, 2016 - 8:00am

The Clinton campaign held a special press call to call on the debate moderators, media, and voters to fact check Donald Trump. In order to help the press, debate moderators, and voters fact check Trump, the Clinton campaign has released 19 pages of Trump lies.

HFA Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri said, "Donald Trump has shown a clear pattern of repeating provably false lies hoping that nobody will correct him. As we head into this debate, we want voters and viewers to be on alert that they should keep track. Any candidate that tells this many lies, clearly can’t win the debate on the merits."

The release of so many pages of fact checked lies was a brilliantly clever move from the Clinton campaign.

Palmieri repeated the Clinton belief that the moderator should be fact checking Trump at the debate, but since it has been made clear that this isn't going to happen, Clinton is giving voters and the press all of the materials that they need to fact check Trump in real time at the debate.

Throughout his entire campaign, Trump has been allowed to lie without consequence, but that is about to change at the first presidential debate.

The Clinton campaign is ready, and they are mobilizing an army of fact checkers to take down Trump.

Trump Campaign Chair Resigns After Racist Anti-Obama Comment
September 23, 2016 - 10:00am

A Trump campaign coordinator, Kathy Miller, was forced to resign on Thursday after The Guardian published an interview in which she said racism was nonexistent "until Obama got elected."

It's the latest evidence that Donald Trump's phony minority outreach effort is failing miserably. Miller, chair of the Trump campaign in Ohio's Mahoning County, said this:

"I don't think there was any racism until Obama got elected. We never had problems like this. Now, with the people with the guns, and shooting up neighborhoods and not being responsible citizens, that's a big change, and I think that's the philosophy that Obama has perpetuated on America. And if you're black and you haven't been successful in the last 50 years, it's your own fault. When do they take responsibility for how they live?"

Her comments aren't just offensive - though pretty unsurprising given how many Trump supporters subscribe to this bigotry - but they are also firmly rooted in a version of reality that exists only in the minds of those who support the Republican nominee.

It's an alternate reality where the African-American community is, as Trump now says repeatedly, riddled with uneducated, violent, and impoverished people. It's a dystopian fantasy meant to appeal to people's worst instincts.

It's obvious that racism existed not just before Obama's presidency, but before he was even born. And it's certainly true that bigotry has often reared its ugly head during his two terms.

What this disgraced Trump official doesn't seem to understand, at least not publicly, is why bigotry and prejudice have surfaced under Obama. It's not because he has done anything blatantly racist. It's certainly not because he has incited racism or made offensive comments directed at white people.

Obama's attitude or governing style hasn't been motivated by a bias toward one race or another. Instead, it is the reaction by many, including Trump himself, to this president's existence that has made race such a relevant issue.

Questioning Obama's legitimacy, his patriotism, his birthplace, his religion - these racially motivated attacks are things that have, indeed, happened under this president. But is it people like Donald Trump and Kathy Miller who have perpetuated them.

And btw, Obama is not to blame for racism, the racists are to blame. Obama is just a black man who became the President, he has not made racism worse, and the people who say he has are just idiots. How is it the fault of Obama that he is black, and there are racist white people who hate him just because of his skin color.

It's crazy to say because a black man was elected President he has made racism worse, it's insane. The people to blame are the racists, not Obama.

Biased Bill O'Reilly Slams Washington Post For Criticizing Trump
September 23, 2016 - 9:00am

Here is a partial transcript from the Wednesday O'Reilly Factor:

BILL O'REILLY: The left in America dazed and confused by how tight the presidential race is just a few days before the first debate. The liberal media, in particular, in panic mode, so they're breaking out the evil card, Adolf Hitler.

Writing in the The Washington Post this week crazy-left columnist Richard Cohen banter's Trump "Hitlerian disregard for the truth." Basically, Cohen putting forth that Trump is like Hitler in his thinking because, quote, he thinks the truth is what he says it is, unquote. Interesting.

The Washington Post is interesting because hard news wise they do a pretty good job. But this guy, Fred Hiatt, who runs the editorial section and op-eds and all of that, this guy is so crazy because when you write a column, there has to be some kind of -- and you’re a columnist -- you have to have some kind of measure, you know?

You can't just be saying Donald Trump is Hitler when Hitler killed 55 million people because of his actions. You can't be doing that.

Trump Campaign Paid Trump's Companies Over $500,000 In August
September 23, 2016 - 8:00am

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's campaign paid more than $500,000 in August to companies the businessman owns, according to campaign finance reports released late Tuesday.

The chief beneficiaries were Trump's aviation company and his office headquarters in Manhattan: TAG Air was paid nearly $320,000 for operating the campaign jet and Trump Tower collected nearly $170,000 in rent for the month of August.

Another $23,000 went to smaller Trump properties and businesses.

The biggest single recipient of Trump's campaign largesse last month was the digital marketing firm Giles-Parscale, which collected more than $11 million in fees from the Republican nominee. Brad Parscale, the company's president, has no formal political experience, but he's been a key member of Trump's resort marketing team for nearly a decade.

And who wants to bet me Trump is getting a kickback of some of that money for doing it? Anyone?

Trump also increased the amount of money his campaign shells out for private security, by nearly 10 times. The expense went from $20,000 in July to more than $180,000 in August.

As the presidential nominee of a major party, Trump already receives Secret Service protection. The Secret Service typically refunds political campaigns part of the cost of flying around with the candidate.

In June, police in Las Vegas arrested a 20-year-old Englishman who tried to grab an officer's gun, and who later said he intended to shoot Trump. A spokeswoman for the Trump campaign did not immediately respond to questions Wednesday about the former reality TV star's beefed-up security costs.

Luckily for Trump, his record-setting campaign expenditures were offset by a strong wave of small donations which totaled more than $12 million, many of which were made online. The strong fundraising followed a month during which Trump had replaced his core campaign team and worked hard to look more like a disciplined, mainstream presidential candidate.

Still, hundreds of thousands of dollars flow each month from the bank accounts of small dollar Trump donors and into the bank account of the self-proclaimed billionaire and "King of Debt."

The issue of how the presidential candidate spends the money donated to his Donald J. Trump Foundation has come to the fore this week, amid new allegations that he and his charity may have run afoul of basic tax laws.

Which of course O'Reilly has totally ignored.

The Washington Post revealed on Tuesday how Trump used money from his nonprofit foundation to settle a lawsuit against one of his private businesses. Rather than respond to the actual story, Trump and his campaign attacked the reporter, as did O'Reilly. He ignores the facts and slams the reporter who simply reported them.

He's like Trump's paid attack dog, he goes after anyone who reports bad news about Trump.

Crazy O'Reilly Says Voter ID Disenfranchisement Is A Total Myth
September 22, 2016 - 9:00am

Even though courts have shown it is true, with actual evidence, that O'Reilly ignores and never reports on, then acts like there is no evidence.

Here is a partial transcript from the Wednesday O'Reilly Factor, at least he had one guest on to call BS on his nonsense.

BILL O'REILLY (HOST): Okay. Let's go to the voter registration thing which is a total myth. Eboni. You have a situation that a little ID card which will be sent, delivered, handed to you with a bag of M&Ms is now saying that's oppressive, you can't ask for that when voting. How insane is this.

EBONI WILLIAMS: Well Bill, the Fourth Circuit and the United States Supreme Court, many of those members would disagree with you that's a myth. In fact, they think, with surgical precision, they said it targets disproportionately targets black people.

Trump Used $258,000 From His Charity To Settle Legal Problems
September 22, 2016 - 8:00am

Which is illegal, but O'Reilly never reported on it, and does not understand why anyone is investigating the Trump foundation. In O'Reillyworld Trump never does anything wrong or illegal, and he calls it bias if anyone in the media reports on it, while he ignores the truth and covers for Trump.

Donald Trump spent more than a quarter-million dollars from his charitable foundation to settle lawsuits that involved the billionaire's for-profit businesses, according to interviews and a review of legal documents.

Those cases, which together used $258,000 from Trump's charity, were among four newly documented expenditures in which Trump may have violated laws against self-dealing -- which prohibit nonprofit leaders from using charity money to benefit themselves or their businesses.

In one case, from 2007, Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club faced $120,000 in unpaid fines from the town of Palm Beach, Fla., resulting from a dispute over the size of a flagpole.

In a settlement, Palm Beach agreed to waive those fines -- if Trump's club made a $100,000 donation to a specific charity for veterans. Instead, Trump sent a check from the Donald J. Trump Foundation, a charity funded almost entirely by other people's money, according to tax records.

Sean Hannity In Trouble After Fox Finds Out He Did A Trump Campaign Ad
September 22, 2016 - 7:00am

And of course Bill O'Reilly never said a word about it, now imagine what he would say if an anchor at MSNBC or CNN did a campaign ad for Hillary Clinton, all hell would break loose and O'Reilly would lose his mind for a week calling for them to be fired, but when Hannity does it he says nothing.

Fox News Sean Hannity, a vocal supporter of Donald Trump on his radio show and his 10 p.m. program on the top-rated, right-leaning cable network is in hot water Tuesday after his bosses were alerted to his participation in a Trump campaign video.

Hannity, who regularly features Trump on his shows in softball interviews and town halls, and recently sent a private jet for Newt Gingrich to confer with the Republican presidential nominee, appears along with Ted Nugent, Donald Trump Jr., Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr., and other Trump supporters to praise the candidate's devotion to gun rights among other virtues.

"One of the reasons I'm supporting Donald Trump this year is No. 1, he's gonna put originalists on the Supreme Court who believe in fidelity to the Constitution, separation of powers, co-equal branches of government. He's a guy who vet refugees to keep Americans safe."

Apparently, Hannity didn't see fit to obtain permission for starring in the political ad, an act that would be considered a serious breach of ethics at the overwhelming majority of news outlets (but Fox is not a news outlet, so he will be ok) and the sort of behavior that is definitely not condoned at a post-Roger Ailes Fox News.

"We were not aware of Sean Hannity participating in a promotional video," said a Fox News spokesperson, after The Daily Beast informed the network of Hannity's appearance, "and he will not be doing anything along these lines for the remainder of the election season."

It was not clear if Fox News co-presidents Bill Shine or Jack Abernethy gave Hannity a talking-to or whether he will face any disciplinary action.

Please, give me a break. They will not do anything to him, and you can bet on that.

Networks Refuse To Air Trump's Hotel Press Tour After Reporters Barred
September 21, 2016 - 8:00am

The major television networks refused Friday to use or distribute footage of Donald Trump's press tour of his new Washington, D.C., hotel because the Republican nominee didn't allow reporters to attend.

Trump had just finished playing the cable networks, luring them into carrying 20 minutes of praise from veterans before finally admitting that President Barack Obama was born in the United States.

That very brief admission came after he had fueled the lie of birtherism for the past five years. Trump then left the stage without taking questions that journalists surely had about that long-running crusade and his repeated false claim that Hillary Clinton had started the racist birther movement.

The Republican nominee next led a tour of his new hotel without his press pool, the small group of journalists designated to follow the candidate at an event and provide details for the larger press corps.

The campaign allowed visuals of the hotel tour by permitting a photographer and a cameraperson to come along. But they didn't allow the designated print reporter or ABC News Candace Smith, who was physically prevented from fulfilling her role as the TV pool reporter.

The Trump campaign's refusal to allow a reporter to attend what had essentially become a photo-op violated the understanding it has with the networks that are handling such events. As a result, the network bureau chiefs convened Friday and decided not to use or distribute the footage, according to a source familiar with the decision.

Fox News Washington bureau chief Bryan Boughton, who currently serves as chair on behalf of the television pool, explained in a statement why the networks balked at the arrangement.

"The Television pool members chose not to participate in a tour of the Trump Hotel in Washington D.C. today because our editorial team member was barred from going on the tour with a videographer," Boughton said. "The TV Pool traditionally doesn't participate in events that our reporters or producers are not allowed to attend."

The day before, Trump mocked reporters who arrived late to his rally in Laconia, New Hampshire. Trump is the only candidate who doesn't fly with his traveling press corps, which (as is the practice) relies on the campaign to arrange a charter plane to get them to events on time. But he refused to wait a half hour for the press to get there.

On Friday, Trump himself was an hour late to his hotel event, thereby ensuring maximum media hype.

The networks pushback on Friday was a rare display of collective action amid the Trump campaign's bullying and blacklisting of the press throughout the 2016 presidential race.

Several journalists applauded the bureau chiefs decision, with New York Times reporter Ashley Parker tweeting that "NOTHING will change until TV cameras stop covering Trump blindly and take a stand in solidarity."

Some CNN Anchors Have Finally Had It With Trump's Lies
September 21, 2016 - 7:00am

Donald Trump has benefitted from plenty of free and favorable media, particularly from CNN. But he may have finally pushed his luck too far.

Trump had promised that his appearance at the new Trump hotel in Washington, D.C., on Friday would include a major statement about President Barack Obama's birth status.

The real estate mogul teased the appearance that morning, fueling speculation that he might finally admit he had been wrong to question the president's U.S. citizenship. There was even talk that Trump might apologize.

It didn't happen. After speaking for a few minutes about his new hotel and letting a series of veterans praise his candidacy, Trump said, "Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. I finished it. I finished it. You know what I mean. President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Period. Now we all want to get back to making America strong and great again."

The statement, which lasted about 30 seconds, contained two separate lies.

Clinton didn't start the birther controversy. Trump, who as recently as this week has refused to say he believed Obama was born in the U.S., didn't end it. And CNN's panelists made sure their viewers knew it.

This was John Berman: "Hillary Clinton and her campaign never pushed it." And this was his co-anchor, Kate Bolduan: "It's false. Donald Trump in 2011, he made this his signature issue. No one has gone as far as Donald Trump on the birther issue."

Jake Tapper , who, to his credit, has been among the most aggressive about calling out Trump's lies was blunt: "Those are two factually false statements. She and her campaign never, never started the birther issue. Second, Donald Trump did not end the birther issue."

Tapper also noted that the birther issue had a racial element, because it was an effort to delegitimize the nation's first African-American president.

John King, who remembered interviewing Trump on the day Obama released his birth certificate, was nearly speechless.

"After four or five years of leading a fraudulent and reckless campaign against the legitimacy of the United States president, you got, what, about six or seven words from Donald Trump?" he said.

"And none of those words," Berman noted, "were 'I'm sorry, I apologize.' Or explaining why he ever questioned the birth status of the United States president."

On social media, other media figures reacted with a similar mix of incredulity and condemnation.

This response may have partly reflected a realization that Trump had manipulated the media once again, by getting the networks to break away from normal coverage in order to show some pretty routine campaign speeches, and promote his new hotel along the way. After promising a big reveal, Trump began his appearance by bragging about his new hotel. He then let a parade of veterans sing his political praises, turning the event into a free advertisement.

"We got played," CNN panelists admitted on air.

Whatever the reason, the reaction to Trump's birther statement recalled the harsh commentary following Trump's attacks on federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel (the Mexican-Ameircan judge presiding over a lawsuit against Trump University) and the Kahn family (the Muslim parents of a Marine killed in Iraq).

Trump's statements in those cases so clearly betrayed racial bias that they fueled lengthy political controversy, and ended up hurting his campaign. Friday's statement on the birther controversy was so egregiously dishonest that it may have a similar effect.

Seth Meyers: Trump Built His Career On A Racist Lie Because He's A Racist
September 20, 2016 - 10:00am

Meyers: "You Don't Get To Peddle Racist Rhetoric For Five Years And Decide When It's Over"

Even A Conservative Tax Foundation Says Trump Plan Is A Lie
September 20, 2016 - 9:00am

Trump Tax Plan Revealed To Be A Fraud That Would Cost Trillions And Benefit The Top 1% The Most.

The conservative-leaning Tax Foundation has evaluated Donald Trump's tax plan and found that the plan would cost the US trillions of dollars and grow the incomes of the top one percent by 10%-16%.

The conservative-leaning Tax Foundation has evaluated Donald Trump's tax plan and found that the plan would cost the US trillions of dollars and grow the incomes of the top one percent by 10%-16%.

Trump claimed last week that his tax plan benefits the middle and working class, "In addition, because we have strongly capped deductions for the wealthy and closed special interest loopholes, the tax relief will be concentrated on the working and middle class taxpayer. They will receive the biggest benefit - it won't even be close. This is a working and middle class tax relief proposal."

According to analysis from the Tax Foundation,, this was a lie, "On a static basis, the plan would lead to at least 0.8 percent higher after-tax income for all taxpayer quintiles. The plan would lead to at least 10.2 percent higher incomes for the top 1 percent of taxpayers or as much as 16.0 percent higher, depending on the nature of a key business policy provision."

Donald Trump's tax plan is designed to boost the incomes of people like Donald Trump. The wealthiest Americans will see their incomes go up by 10%-16%, while all other taxpayers will see a virtually non-existent gain of 0.8%. In other words, the Trump tax plan is designed to give nothing to 99% of Americans who aren't at the top of the economic pyramid.

Trump also promised that his tax plan would be deficit neutral, "It will be deficit neutral. If we reach 4% growth, it will reduce the deficit."

This is going to be next to impossible as the Trump plan will cost $4.4 to $5.9 trillion. To make the plan deficit-neutral, Trump would need to drastically slash domestic spending. Since Trump has already promised to increase military spending, it will be virtually impossible for Trump's tax plan to be deficit neutral.

Donald Trump's tax plan is more of the same failed Republican attempt to redistribute wealth to the top in the hope that it will trickle down to the rest of us.

Trump is making promises that his tax plan can't and won't deliver.

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for a tax cut for the top one percent.

O'Reilly Caught Lying About Trump Beating Clinton On Terrorism
September 20, 2016 - 8:00am

Here is more proof O'Reilly is biased in favor of Trump and against Clinton. He said this Monday night.
BILL O'REILLY (HOST): On the terror issue, Trump has the advantage as most Americans are pretty much fed up with the jihad and want to see a more aggressive policy to defeat it. Trump also has emotion on his side, as the president and Mrs. Clinton continue to downplay the Muslim angle, even though just about all the terrorism in the world is generated by Islamic fanatics.
Wrong, here are the facts. From on 9-20-16:

Who has the upper hand on terrorism, Clinton or Trump?

Voters trust Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by a narrow margin on terrorism.

Donald Trump took full advantage of the opportunity Monday to return to blasting Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for failing to keep the country safe in the wake of this weekend's bomb attacks in New York City.

And Clinton jumped on the news to prosecute her own case against Trump: that he is a dangerous demagogue whose inflammatory rhetoric puts the nation at further risk.

The polls offer a more nuanced picture. Voters trust Clinton over Trump by a narrow margin when it comes to terrorism and national security -- a reversal from past elections when Republicans were seen as the party stronger on national defense.

Robert Gates Says Trump Is Not Qualified To Be Commander-In-Chief
September 19, 2016 - 10:00am

Former Defense Secretary Bob Gates is not a big fan of Donald Trump, and he thinks Trump is beyond repair.

In a scathing op-ed published in the Wall Street Journal, Gates (who served under both Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama) takes Trump to task for his ideas about dealing with potentially hostile relations in China, Russia, the Middle East, and beyond.

Gates says Trump is in a league of his own when it comes to credibility issues. He brings up Trump's support of autocrats like Vladimir Putin and dictators like Saddam Hussein, Trump's calls for torture and the killing of terrorist's families, and Trump's willingness to allow Japan and South Korea to develop their own nuclear weapons.

"At least on national security, I believe Mr. Trump is beyond repair," Gates concludes. "He is stubbornly uninformed about the world and how to lead our country and government, and temperamentally unsuited to lead our men and women in uniform. He is unqualified and unfit to be commander-in-chief."

Trump, unsurprisingly, was unhappy with Gates op-ed, taking to Twitter to voice his disapproval of the former Secretary of Defense's tenure.

In response to Trump's tweet, NPR Morning Edition reporter Steve Inskeep implored Trump to come on his show and do an interview about foreign policy. According to Inskeep, Trump's staff agreed to such an interview almost 250 days ago.

As of today, the Trump campaign had not responded to the inquiry as to whether Trump has any plans to go on NPR Morning Edition.

P.S. Trump will never do it, because they want him to answer policy questions all by himself, with no help from anyone on his staff, and he does not do that, he only goes on Fox shows where he knows they will let him get away with not answering the questions.

One Man At Fox Slammed Trump's Past And Present Birther Lies
September 19, 2016 - 9:00am

And it was sure not Bill O'Reilly, he ignores it because he is a friend of Trump and totally in the tank for him.

From the September 16 edition of Fox News Shepard Smith Reporting:

SHEPARD SMITH (HOST): Remember the TV show Punk'd? Remember it? Ashton Kutcher would set up elaborate pranks of celebrities as the cameras rolled, it was pretty funny, really.

Today Donald Trump punked the media and we learned it's not as fun when you're the victim. Here's what happened. Donald Trump's campaign announced that he would be holding a news conference, his first news conference on any matter in two months. This one on his past statements about the president not being born in America, statements that were never true.

He made them for years, but instead of the promised news conference, he did an eight minute live commercial on all channels for his new hotel in Washington, then brought out American heroes to extol his greatness, then said the first black President of the United States really is an America citizen, gave no explanation for his previous statements to the contrary, or the reason for the change in position, then said Hillary Clinton started it, which she did not.

Again, he blamed Hillary Clinton for creating the birther conspiracy theory. She did not. The comments came from that new hotel of his, just blocks away from the White House.

Not only did Trump admit that President Obama was born in the U.S. -- thanks for that -- he also took credit for resolving the issue that never was. Apparently forcing President Obama to release his birth certificate back in 2011, stating that he was obviously born in Hawaii.

SMITH: There is no evidence to support the claim that Hillary Clinton or her team started the theory that President Obama wasn't born in America. Zero, it never happened. Yet this is not the first time Donald Trump has accused the Clinton camp of exactly this, even though fact-checkers have debunked the claim, including the Washington Post, Politifact, and

SMITH: Obviously Clinton's team came out to set the record straight. She did not start the birther rumor, in fact Hillary Clinton has attempted to point out that Donald Trump's refusal to admit that President Obama was born in United States is a sign that the Republican nominee is not connected with black voters, which he isn't.

Of course, that's because the birther issue, illegitimate by any issue as a definition, questioned the legitimacy of our nation's first black president and gives fuels to the "He's not one of us" lies.

Reporters on hand presume this was Trump's attempt to put the birther issue behind him. So far, that has not happened.

Sunday News Shows Ignore Trump Foundation Investigation
September 19, 2016 - 8:00am

The Sunday morning political news programs ignored two major news stories that raise ethical questions about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's family charity and his business interests, including reports that Trump's charitable foundation is under investigation by the New York Attorney General and the conflicts of interest the Trump Organization would raise in a Trump presidency.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a September 13 CNN interview that his office is investigating Trump's charitable foundation over concerns that it engaged in some impropriety as related to New York charity laws.

The investigation launched amid reports from The Washington Post that Trump spent money from his charity on items meant to benefit himself, such as a $20,000 oil painting of himself and a $12,000 autographed football helmet, and also recycled others contributions to make them appear to have come from him although he hasn't given to the foundation since 2008.

In Newsweek's September 23 cover story, Kurt Eichenwald reported that Trump's business interests will constantly jeopardize the security of the United States if Trump wins the presidency and does not sever all connections to the Trump Organization.

The Trump Organization, Eichenwald reported, has been largely ignored by the media, yet would cause serious conflicts of interest and ethical quagmires in nearly all foreign policy decisions a president Trump would make. Eichenwald's report explains that the Trump Organization's enterprise includes deep ties to global financiers, foreign politicians and even criminals, and reveals a web of contractual entanglements that could not be just canceled which could conflict with major national security decisions and negotiations required by the presidential elect.

Yet none of the Sunday morning political news shows had any coverage of either report on September 18th.

NBC's Meet The Press briefly alluded to reports that the Trump Organization could pose conflicts of interest without mentioning the Newsweek report directly. Host Chuck Todd asked Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway whether Trump would offer an explanation of how he will wall off his business so that there are not even illusions or any sort of cloud that would hang over foreign policy decisions and his international business dealings.

But ABC's This Week, CNN's State of the Union, Fox Broadcasting's Fox News Sunday, and CBS Face the Nation all completely ignored the stories about Trump's foundation and business empire, even though each featured interviews with Trump surrogates who could have been asked about them. Meet the Press did not reference Trump's foundation at all.

Journalists have been criticized for the double standard in the ways they cover Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Earlier this month, cable news programs devoted 13 times more coverage to Clinton's pneumonia diagnosis as The Washington Post's reporting about the Trump Foundation.

This week, both the Trump Foundation and Trump Organization stories were mostly ignored by the broadcast news programs in favor of coverage of Donald Trump's Dr. Oz stunt.

Trump Jr. Reveals The Real Reason His Father Won't Release His Tax Returns
September 17, 2016 - 9:00am

For months, the official talking point of the Trump campaign has been that Donald Trump would be happy to release his tax returns but cannot because they are under audit.

This explanation is a lie for a couple of different reasons. First, being subject to an audit does not prevent Trump from releasing his tax returns. (From a legal perspective, it makes it less risky.) Second, most of Trump's tax returns are not under audit. We know this because the Trump campaign released a letter confirming that all of his tax returns from 2008 and earlier are not under audit.

Still, this is the official explanation. His running mate Mike Pence said it. His campaign manager said it. Trump himself has said it repeatedly. In January, Trump described his tax returns as "all approved and very beautiful" and pledged to release them soon without even mentioning the audit.

But in an interview with the Pittsburgh-Tribune Review published on Wednesday night, Donald Trump Jr. revealed a completely different, and more accurate explanation.

Trump Jr. didn't mention the audit but said that his father would not release his tax returns during the election because it would create a distraction and people would have a lot of questions.

When asked why his father has not released his tax returns as presidential candidates have traditionally done, Trump Jr. said, "Because he's got a 12,000-page tax return that would create financial auditors out of every person in the country asking questions that would detract from his main message."

The fact that Trump's tax returns would be a subject of discussion is precisely why they should be released. Among other things, his tax returns would provide a clearer picture of the many conflicts between a Trump administration and his business interests.

Every major presidential candidate for the last 40 years, except Trump, has released their tax returns.

Arguably, Trump's returns are the most consequential. Most candidates have long careers in government, making their tax returns quite simple since government service largely precludes complex financial entanglements. Trump, however, has a been involved in intricate financial dealings for decades.

His returns would shed light on the true extent of his charitable giving, whether he took aggressive measures to avoid paying taxes and provide a more accurate picture of his real income.

These are questions, according to Donald Trump Jr., that he doesn't want answered during the campaign.

Mark Cuban Offers $10 Million To Charity If Trump Can Explain His Own Policies
September 17, 2016 - 8:00am

Many people are saying Donald Trump's proposed policies are light on specifics and better suited to 140-character tweets. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is one of those people.

On Friday, Cuban challenged Trump to a four-hour interview concerning the candidate's policies and their substance, offering to donate $10 million to a charity of Trump's choosing if he accepted.

The summons comes after the GOP presidential nominee threw a tantrum on Fox Business Friday morning. When host Maria Bartiromo asked Trump about Cuban's prediction that the markets would tank should he win the presidency, Trump fell back on his classic rebuttal: He called Cuban stupid.

"Well, I know Mark and you know, the problem with Mark, he is not smart enough to understand what we are doing," Trump said. "He's really not smart enough, in my opinion, to really understand what's going on."

Earth to Donald Trump, Mark Cuban actually earned his billions with his brain, he is a tech expert and very smart, oh and did I forget one of the sharks on the tv show shark tank. They do not put idiots on the show, they only have smart people on. And unlike Trump, he actually earned his money, he did not have his daddy give it to him.

And btw Trump, if Cuban is an idiot and you are the smart guy, then you will do the interview and take the $10 million, and show him who the real smart guy is, right?

Trump added that Cuban used to send him so many different tweets, but they've since tapered off.

"I'm just, I'll have to send you all of the Mark Cuban tweets and conversations," he added. "But Mark is not (I really believe) not smart enough to understand what's going on."

In response, Cuban hopped on Twitter and invited Trump to a four-hour interview, offering the candidate a chance to substantiate his policies:

@realDonaldTrump $10mm to the charity of YOUR choice if you let ME interview you for 4 hrs on YOUR policies and their substance.

-- Mark Cuban (@mcuban) September 16, 2016

Of course, there are some ground rules: "you cant mention the Clintons or discuss anything other than the details and facts of your plans," said Cuban, "and no one else is in the room to help. Just me, you and a broadcast crew."

Cuban even said that Trump could keep the money.

"If you need it," Cuban tweeted, "I'll write you the check and you can keep the money rather than give it to charity."

And you can bet Trump will never do it, and O'Reilly will never say a word about any of it. Because Trump is a racist clown who has no clue what his policies are, because someone else wrote them and is in charge of telling him what they are.

Fox Business Lies About Economic Data While Saying Obama Is Lying
September 17, 2016 - 7:00am

The Panelists Ignored The Entire Bush Administration And The Great Recession, all caused by Bush, not Obama.

A Fox Business panel put their spin on the latest round of positive economic indicators. The host and guests misleadingly framed median income data to omit the economic calamities of the Bush administration while accusing President Obama of "cherry-picking the time frame and playing with the numbers" related to other examples of economic improvement.

On the September 14 edition of Fox Business Varney & Co., host Stuart Varney and guests Elizabeth MacDonald and Tammy Bruce slammed President Obama for defending his economic legacy during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania.

The segment began with Varney and MacDonald lamenting that new median household income data released yesterday by the Census Bureau is still below the peak back in 1999, with MacDonald mockingly adding, "You're nearly as rich as you were 17 years ago."

Varney complained that Obama was cherry-picking data to claim his administration has created nearly 15 million net new jobs, and MacDonald added, "He's not factoring in 2009, so he's playing with the numbers."

MacDonald further claimed that a majority of net new jobs during the Obama administration have been in low-paying fast-food or health sector industries. Bruce concluded the segment by lamenting the administration's so-called spin and theater while citing evidence from outside sources that she claimed contradicts the significant increase in median household income from 2014 to 2015.

The complaint that Obama is not factoring in 2009 is particularly telling, given that the segment began with Varney and MacDonald ignoring all of the reasons that median incomes remained lower in 2015 than at their 1999 peak.

The reason Obama did not count 2009 is because all those job losses were caused by Bush, the Obama economic policies did not kick in until almost February of 2010, after a long hard fight with the Republicans in Congress to get them passed. Funny how the biased right-wing panel failed to mention any of that.

What happened between 1999 and 2015 to cause this income stagnation? The answer is simple: two recessions, both of which occurred during the Bush administrations and neither of which was Obama's fault.

Contrary to Varney's biased and dishonest claim, President Obama was not cherry-picking data to prop up his economic legacy. He simply counted it from the time his economic policies were put in place, and once they were the economy got much better and jobs started coming back.

Even Fox's complaint about shifting the time frame on net job creation carries little weight. CNNMoney explained last January that the president is basing his calculation on net jobs created since the low point of his presidency. He does not include 2009, because the economy the president inherited that year was rocked by the Bush recession and it took time for the Obama administration's policies to take effect.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the Obama administration has overseen the creation of 15.1 million private sector jobs since that indicator bottomed out in February 2010 and 10.9 million private sector jobs overall since he took office in January 2009.

The Census report showed major improvements in the poverty rate and the health care insurance rate and revealed broadly shared income gains across all racial and ethnic groups and by workers at every level of income.

The gender wage gap narrowed slightly, with women earning roughly 80 percent as much as men in 2015, up from 79 percent the year before. The Census deemed that increase not to be statistically significant, and more work remains to be done to achieve equal pay, but the latest data still reveal the narrowest pay gap in history.

Meanwhile, the year-to-year median income increase of 5.2 percent represented the largest single-year increase since record-keeping began in 1967, according to The New York Times.

Fox News and Fox Business have a long history of cherry-picking data to frame the Obama administration and progressive economic policies in the worst possible light.

They also ignore the fact that the economy and jobs always do better under Democratic Presidents than it does under Republican Presidents.

The economy continues to improve as I type this despite their dishonest and biased protests.

Crowley Claims Trump Is A Young 70 & Clinton Is An Old 68
September 16, 2016 - 10:00am

Now this is classic conservative nonsense, the crazy right-wing nut Monica Crowley claimed Trump is a young 70, but Clinton is old at 68. Yes, she really said that, and they keep putting her on the air, because of course that is what Fox News does.

MONICA CROWLEY: There's a difference between biological age and physiological age. Mrs. Clinton is going to be 69-years-old in a couple of weeks. Donald Trump just turned 70. But the overall perception is that Donald Trump is a young 70, and Mrs. Clinton is a relatively old 68, 69, in terms of physiology.

I think those questions are legitimiate, and the idea that perhaps Mrs. Clinton is not being entirely straightforward with voters on the true nature of her condition is a legitimate issue both for Donald Trump to raise, for the media to raise, and for voters to raise.

Trump Lies About Ford And The Right Wing Media Swears To It
September 16, 2016 - 9:00am

Trump lied about Ford and of course his friend Bill O'Reilly and the rest of the dishonest right-wing media repeated the lie.

Donald Trump told audience members at the Economic Club of New York that "Ford has announced just yesterday that they're moving their small car production facilities to Mexico."

Bill O'Reilly: Trump Plans To Threaten Ford "And The Others Who Are Moving Jobs Out."

O'Reilly also claimed that Trump's economic policy plans were supply side and included threatening "Ford and the others who are moving jobs out" of the United States:
BILL O'REILLY (HOST): It's a supply-side plan like Reagan, right?

MARIA BARTIROMO: Well, it's tax cuts.

O'REILLY: Cut corporate taxes, individual taxes and then threaten Ford and the others who are moving jobs out.
CNN Trump Surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes: Ford Is Moving Jobs "Out Of Detroit To Mexico."

Fox Business Lou Dobbs: Trump "Tore Into Ford's Choice To Move Small Car Manufacturing To Mexico."

And now the facts:

Ford CEO Mark Fields: Zero Jobs Will Leave Michigan During Transition. Ford Motors CEO Mark Fields told CNN's Poppy Harlow that Trump's claim that Ford is sending jobs to Mexico is absolutely not true and that zero jobs will be outsourced from Michigan.

Fields said Ford would replace small car manufacturing in Michigan with two very exciting new products so not one job will be lost:

POPPY HARLOW: So it is not true that Ford will be, quote, "firing all of its employees in the United States?" Will Ford cut any U.S. jobs as a result of this move? One? Any single one?

MARK FIELDS: Absolutely not. Zero. And what we announced is that we'll be moving our focus out of Michigan so that we can compete more financially in that particular segment. But at the same time -- and that is an agreement we have with the UAW. And what we'll be doing is we'll be replacing those products with two very exciting new products so not one job will be lost. And most of our investment is here in the U.S. and that is the way it is going to continue to be.

New York Attorney General Opens Probe Of Trump Foundation
September 16, 2016 - 8:00am

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said on Tuesday he had opened an inquiry into the Donald J. Trump Foundation to ensure the Republican presidential nominee's charity was complying with state laws governing nonprofits.

Schneiderman sued the real estate mogul and his now defunct Trump University for fraud in 2013, seeking $40 million in restitution plus penalties and other costs.

In a CNN interview on Tuesday, Schneiderman said his office had now brought Trump's charitable foundation under scrutiny.

"My interest in this issue really is in my capacity as regulator of nonprofits in New York state. And we have been concerned that the Trump Foundation may have engaged in some impropriety from that point of view," he said.

O'Reilly Whitewashes Scandal About The Trump Foundation
September 16, 2016 - 7:00am

O'Reilly says the Trump foundation did nothing wrong, and he does not know why they are being looked at. Even though Trump's history of charity is especially bizarre. As with so much else about the self-proclaimed billionaire, Trump talks big about his generosity but can't or won't go into specifics.

Investigations by journalists into Trump's family charity, the Donald J Trump Foundation, have turned up little in the way of recent donations from the candidate's own pocket, and uncovered one case of an illegal gift to a politician who at the time was weighing whether or not to sue Trump University for fraud.

The Trump Foundation has allegedly engaged in what's called "self-dealing," or using a charity's money for personal gain, which is against IRS rules. For instance, the foundation spent $20,000 on a giant portrait of Trump himself, and $12,000 on Tim Tebow memorabilia.

But of course O'Reilly never mentioned any of that or reported on it.

And then there's the alleged bribe the Trump Foundation paid to Florida attorney general Pam Bondi. This was a $25,000 donation that the foundation made in 2013 to a Bondi-aligned PAC, which was problematic for a couple reasons. First, charities can't give to PACs-Trump's campaign said that the charity had given the money to the PAC by mistake, then screwed up again by telling the IRS the money had gone to a different group (whoops!).

When this came to light this year, Trump paid the IRS a $2,500 penalty and reimbursed the foundation for the $25,000 gift. Second, just days after that gift, Bondi reportedly decided not to join a lawsuit against Trump University filed by New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman.

Speaking of Schneiderman, in 2014, the Trump Foundation gave $100,000 to Citizens United, a conservative group that was then suing the New York AG over his efforts to get them to disclose their donor list.

Citizens United said the gift wasn't related to the lawsuit, but a Schneiderman spokesperson didn't agree, telling Yahoo News, "Funding a meritless lawsuit against this office would be nothing new for someone like Donald Trump, who has filed baseless ethics complaints, planted bogus stories, and tweeted a steady stream of incoherent insults just to make himself feel better for being exposed as the fraud he clearly is."

When BuzzFeed News looked into Trump's charitable giving in June, campaign spokesperson Hope Hicks told them, "He makes contributions personally, and there's no way for you to know or understand what those gifts are or when they are made."

Even though there is a way to know what those gifts are-Trump could just release his tax returns, which he has refused to do. (Trump claims he can't release them because he's under audit, though Richard Nixon showed his returns to the public while being audited. This week, VICE News filed a lawsuit with the IRS seeking to gain access to the audits of Trump's returns.)

And O'Reilly does not report any of this, or any of the details, all he does is use his biased right-wing show to claim Trump is innocent, and nobody should bother to look into what he is doing with his bogus foundation. O'Reilly is just a Trump stooge and he proves it every night, look at how he covered the story, it's laughable, and not even close to actual journalism, where both sides of the story and facts are reported and talked about.

The whole segment was two Republicans lying and spinning for Trump, with no Democratic guest, or anyone to give the counterpoint, or details, or things called facts.

Partial transcript:

BILL OREILLY (HOST): But Trump, he did accept money from other people who donated to him and he put it in his foundation. They knew it was going in the foundation. Same thing with Hillary and Bill Clinton. Same thing. You donated to the Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Foundation doled the money out. So what's the difference here?

OREILLY: But I don't understand the controversy. Because if the Clinton Foundation gets money from a guy in Kazakhstan and then gives it to somebody in Haiti, the Haitian people don't know who the guy is in Kazakhstan is. Isn't it the same thing?

ERIC SHAWN: Yeah, I guess it is.

OREILLY: Ok alright? So I don't get the big scandal. This is not a partisan deal.

OREILLY: I have to tell you I have looked at this case and nothing is going to come of this, this Florida case. And the other one, you know, I think it's to be fair, should be very upfront about your foundations. All right? If you are given other people's money, you should tell people this isn't my personal money coming to you. This is a guy in Kazakhstan named Rudy, okay, who once knew Marco Polo and then he gave money to me.

O'Reilly Breaks Own Rule & Cuts To Live Trump Rally
September 15, 2016 - 11:00am

O'Reilly says he is fair and balanced and that he does not show live speeches by political candidates. Then he cut to a live Trump rally, but not when it's a Clinton rally. Proving once again he is biased for Trump, by breaking his own rules.

Bill O'Reilly: "You Should Know That Donald Trump Is Very Cooperative With The Factor So It's Only Fair We Give Him Consideration When He Holds An Event."

Partial transcript:

BILL O'REILLY (HOST): A footnote our policy on rallies and speeches is fluid, depending on the day what's being said. You should know that Donald Trump is very cooperative with the Factor so it's only fair we give him consideration when he holds an event. We are still waiting for Hillary Clinton to consent to an interview. If she does something notable, however, we'll carry it, no matter if she comes in or not. And we do hope to see Secretary Clinton on the Factor soon.

Colin Powell & Condi Rice Agree Benghazi Is A Stupid Witch Hunt
September 15, 2016 - 10:00am

This alone tells you the entire so-called Banghazi scandal is nothing but a partisan/political witch hunt, that O'Reilly and all the Republicans support. And of course O'Reilly has ignored this story and not reported one word about it.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell called the events surrounding and following the attack on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya "a stupid witch hunt," saying that fault partially lies with the US ambassador who was killed in the attack, according to his personal emails seen by BuzzFeed News.

"Benghazi is a stupid witch hunt. Basic fault falls on a courageous ambassador who thoughts Libyans now love me and I am ok in this very vulnerable place," Powell wrote in a December 2015 email exchange with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice about US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, who died in the 2012 incident.

Hillary Clinton was secretary of state during the attack, which was the subject of a special congressional committee and remains an issue in the current presidential campaign.

"But blame also rests on his leaders and supports back here. Pat Kennedy, Intel community, DS and yes HRC" -- which is short for Hillary Clinton, added Powell, who served under former President George W. Bush.

"Completely agree," Rice responds, adding, "Let me know when you're in town and we'll have that glass of wine (or two)."

The website obtained Powell's emails.

O'Reilly Lied About Defending Roger Ailes From Sexual Harassment Charges
September 15, 2016 - 9:00am

On the Today show Bill O'Reilly falsely claimed he did not previously comment about the sexual harassment allegations against former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes.

Ailes was forced to resign in July following sexual harassment allegations by former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson and at least 25 other women. 21st Century Fox has since reached a $20 million settlement with Carlson.

Discussing Ailes departure on NBC's Today, O'Reilly claimed in July he had only made comments "about what kind of a boss Roger Ailes was, not about the case," adding, "I don't know anything about the case, OK?"

In fact, during a previous interview with NBC's Seth Meyers, O'Reilly compared Carlson's allegations to a "frivolous lawsuit," and complained about the fact we live in an "out of control tabloid society" where "every famous, powerful, or wealthy person is a target," and said, "I stand behind Roger 100 percent."

As The Washington Post's Erik Wemple previously noted, Ailes and O'Reilly have a history of defending each other from scandals. When there were allegations that O'Reilly "either embellished or told falsehoods or outright lied about various reporting exploits," Ailes issued a statement saying he "and all senior management are in full support of Bill O'Reilly."

O'Reilly was also not asked about sexual harassment allegations from former Fox host Andrea Tantaros. From the September 13 edition of NBC's Today.

SAVANNAH GUTHRIE (CO-HOST): We have to ask you about what's been going on at Fox News. Obviously Roger Ailes is no longer there in the wake of these sexual harassment allegations and revelations.

You've been on record saying you support him 100 percent, but have you learned anything in these last few months that makes you change your mind about that?

People like Geraldo Rivera or Greta Van Susteren have said, "In light of what I've learned, I feel differently."

BILL O'REILLY: Well, first of all, my comments were made to Seth Meyers about what kind of a boss Roger Ailes was, not about the case. I don't know anything about the case, OK? Nothing. So he was a good boss, best boss I've ever had, and that's what I said to Seth Meyers.

That's all I've said. And I'm not going to say anything else because I work for this company and I don't really have any insight into anything, so for once in my life I'm going to keep my big mouth shut.

WILLIE GEIST (CO-HOST): Has the culture changed or has your job changed at all since Roger Ailes left? Is it a different place?

O'REILLY: No. We do the exact same thing if you watch the Factor every night, there's been no change. We do what we do. I've been doing it for 20 years.

GEIST: He's so synonymous with that place though, Bill. Does it feel different when you walk in the building there?

O'REILLY: I don't walk in the building a lot. I do a lot of my work in a separate place. And it's a sad situation for everyone involved and that's all I'm going to say.

GUTHRIE: And you keep in touch with him?

O'REILLY: That's -- Roger Ailes was very good to me and I feel very bad for his family, that's it.

And now the truth. Here is O'Reilly talking with Seth Meyers in July:

SETH MEYERS (HOST): Gretchen Carlson, your old colleague at Fox News, has issued some allegations, some sexual harassment allegations, over your boss Roger Ailes. What is your position on this, or what did you think when you heard this?

BILL O'REILLY: Well, I think it's a very sad situation, number one. And I'm just going to say this about it. I've worked for Roger Ailes for 20 years, right. Best boss I've ever had. Straight shooter, always honest with me. And I believe that over the years, he's been in the business for 50 years, 95 percent of the people who have worked for Roger Ailes would say exactly the same thing that I just told you.

In this country, every famous, powerful, or wealthy person is a target. You're a target, I'm a target. Anytime, somebody could come out and sue us, attack us, go to the press, or anything like that. And that's a deplorable situation because I have to have bodyguards. I have to hire bodyguards, physical bodyguards, all right?

Until the United States adopts the British system of civil law, whereby if you file a frivolous lawsuit and you lose, the judge has a right to make you pay all court costs. Until we adopt that very fair proposition, we're going to have this out of control tabloid society that is tremendously destructive. I stand behind Roger 100 percent.

Washington Post Exposes The Fraud Of Trump's Charitable Foundation
September 15, 2016 - 8:00am

Notice that O'Reilly never mentions any of this, because he does not want to make his friend Donald Trump look bad. But when a charity does anything like that with money from liberals O'Reilly is all over it telling people they are a bad charity and you should not donate to them.

Here is a partial transcript from CNN:

BROOKE BALDWIN (HOST): A new report is raising all kinds of questions today about exactly how charitable Donald Trump really is. This is The Washington Post. They took an in-depth look into the Trump Foundation and found virtually all of the contributions made by Donald Trump's foundation philanthropy arm now come from other charities.

On top of that, the report indicates Trump stopped donating to the charity after 2008. David Fahrenthold has been working on this for a couple of months, he is the Washington Post reporter who investigated the Trump Foundation, and joins me now. David, nice to see you. Lots and lots of questions, beginning with, how does this work? I mean, how does a charity like the Trump Foundation, give away other charities' monies and then take the credit?

DAVID FAHRENTHOLD: Well, it's a really unusual situation. I've talked to a lot of people who are experts in the world of nonprofits and they say this basically never happens. If there is -- normally, if you start a foundation, you put your name on it, and you're a famously wealthy person, the expectation is the money in the foundation was originally your money that you gave to the foundation.

And that's how Trump's Foundation started. But about 10 years ago he made a change, and now he doesn't put any money into his own foundation, he takes in others donors money, and he gives it away as the Donald Trump Foundation's money, and the expectation and the assumption among the people who get it is that this is Donald Trump's money, because that's how everybody else does it.

But in fact he's sort of engineered a way to look like he's being charitable without actually spending a dollar out of his own pocket.

BALDWIN: But he said a number of times out on the campaign trail that he has donated millions of dollars to charity. Could you corroborate that?

FAHRENTHOLD: No. So, we looked at the Trump Foundation, where we expected to find evidence of that giving and haven't seen it since 2008. And I’ve looked at a lot of other places, too. Between 2008 and this May, when he gave that $1 million donation to the veterans under a lot of media pressure, in that period from 2008 to this May, I can find one gift from Donald Trump's own pocket.

And that was for less than $10,000 in 2009. And earlier this year he also released a list of what he said were his charitable contribution over the last 10 years -- or last five years. None of that was a donation from his own pocket. Most of it was free rounds of golf given away by his golf courses.

BALDWIN: In terms of foundation itself, the way you describe it, threadbare, skeleton staff, mainly Trump family members who spend about a half hour a week working on the foundation. Tell me more about that.

FAHRENTHOLD: So, Trump started this foundation in 1987. And you think of a foundation, you know, just to put it in the context of, say, the Clinton Foundation. The Clinton Foundation, whatever you think of it, is really big. It has a lot of employees, it has over 2,000 employees, hundreds of millions of dollars come through it every year.

You know, there are obviously questions about how that foundation was run. Trump's foundation by contrast has only ever had, its most money it’s ever had in the bank was about $3 million. And that was after Vince McMahon, the wrestling mogul, gave Trump a bunch of money a few years ago. So, now it has about $1.3 million in the bank. And there’s no staff, there's no paid staff.

The board of directors is four Trumps, Donald, Donald junior, Ivanka, Eric, and one Trump Foundation -- Trump Organization staffer. So it's basically -- it exists basically on paper. Its gifts -- you know, other big charitable donors give away for the same causes year after year. They give lots of money to their alma mater, or to a particular research cause they believe in.

Trump's gifts don't seem to have that pattern. He gives sort of sporadically, a little bit here, a little bit there, mostly to people who do business, charities that do business at his club in Florida or to people that he sort of meets socially.

BALDWIN: And then, of course, all of this, as I'm listening to you and you read your piece in The Washington Post, therein lies the question, well then if he just releases his tax returns, we would know what's the true story.

O'Reilly Defends Voter ID Laws: Every African-American I Know Has An ID
September 14, 2016 - 10:00am

The biased Republican Bill O'Reilly has no problem with voter I.D. laws because according to him every African-American he knows has an I.D. So how many would that be, one or two. And he is the guy who says you can not use one or two examples of something to prove anything, he says you have to look at the stats, not personal opinions about how many blacks you know.

Speaking Tuesday night on The O'Reilly Factor on Fox News, O'Reilly lauded the Supreme Court's decision not to act in an Ohio case that removed the state's Golden Week in which citizens could register and participate in early voting on the same day.

Supporting the ridiculous Republican passed law. That denies people the right to register and vote on the same day, making it harder for some people to vote, which is what the Republicans and O'Reilly want, because the more people that vote the less chances the Republicans have to win.

In comments posted online, O'Reilly claimed there "never has been" any evidence of voter disenfranchisement from these restrictions and reiterated his support for stricter voter I.D. laws:

"You have to show an I.D., you know, and then, 'oh, no. You can't do that. Oh, no, no, no. Then African-Americans won't' - I'm saying to myself, 'every African-American I know has an I.D.' And not only that, the states that want that will send you an I.D. They'll come to your house with the I.D. and ice cream. They'll give you ice cream with the I.D."

So in O'Reillyworld all blacks have an I.D. and they come to your house with ice cream to give you one if you do not have one. Which is not only a ridiculous statement, it's crazy.

Supporters of voter I.D. laws, all Republicans btw, claim they are needed to combat voter fraud. But a study of more than 1 billion votes showed just 31 cases of voter fraud.

According to the Washington Post, another study found that voter ID laws decreased turnout among Democrats, especially black and Latino voters.

Five Lies The Media Needs To Stop Letting Trump Get Away With
September 14, 2016 - 9:00am

Here is a fact: Donald Trump is one of the most dishonest people we have ever seen run for president. He is constantly allowed to repeat blatant lies that the media knows are lies, but when they are interviewing him they never call him out on any of them.

Here are five proven lies Trump keeps repeating over and over:

1) Trump says he opposed the Iraq War from the start: No, he didn't. This is not a matter of opinion, there is actual audio evidence of Trump giving an interview with Howard Stern where he said he supported George W. Bush's push to send troops into Iraq.

2) Trump says he opposed removing Gaddafi from power in Libya: No, he didn't. This time we have video evidence from Trump's own blog where he said these exact words:
TRUMP: It's horrible what's going on; it has to be stopped. We should do on a humanitarian basis, immediately go into Libya, knock this guy out very quickly, very surgically, very effectively, and save the lives.
Trump continues to insist that one of the reasons why Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be president is because she supported the regime change in Libya -- even though he is on video supporting the same exact thing, along with almost everyone else in America at the time. Clinton was not the only person who supported it, pretty much everyone did, Republicans and Democrats.

3) This is one of Trump's biggest lies, he says he can not release his tax returns because they're being audited: Even though the IRS has said that his audit has absolutely nothing to do with his ability to release his tax returns.

4) Trump says President Obama founded ISIS, because it was his decision to pull American troops out of Iraq: First, ISIS began in 2004, well before Barack Obama even became president. He took office in January of 2009.

And yes, our troops did leave Iraq during his administration -- that part is true. But what Trump never mentions is that deadline for the U.S. to be out of Iraq was actually set by George W. Bush and the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) he signed with the Iraqi government setting the date that our troops would be out of the Middle Eastern nation. Dick Cheney is even on video calling Bush's SOFA agreement with Iraq proof that the war had been a success.

5) Trump also says "We should target the families of terrorits, do a hell of a lot more than waterboarding, and we should have taken the oil from Iraq." And while those are not actual lies -- they are fricking war crimes.

I am sick and tired of Trump sitting there, flat-out admitting that he would commit war crimes if elected president, and nobody interviewing him when he says these things calls him out on it.

He even spoke about taking the oil from Iraq for several minutes during the Commander-in-Chief forum and never once did Matt Lauer even attempt to point out that what he was suggesting he would have done would be a war crime.

And that is five of the most absurd lies and statements I often see Trump repeat that the media never challenges him on.

Obama Gives O'Reilly And Trump A Reality Check On The Economy
September 14, 2016 - 8:00am

While campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia, President Obama destroyed every Republican economic argument for electing Donald Trump in 90 seconds.

The President said this:

In fact, some of you may have saw there was a new report out just today showing last year across every age, every race in America incomes rose, and the poverty rate fell. In fact, the typical household income of Americans rose by twenty-eight hundred dollars which is the single biggest one-year increase on record.

We lifted 3.5 million people out of poverty. That's the largest one-year drop in poverty since 1968. The uninsured rate is the lowest it's been since they kept records. The pay gap between men and women shrank to the lowest level ever.

Now, let's fact it, Republicans don't like to hear good news right now, but it's important just to understand this is a big deal. More Americans are working. More have health insurance, incomes are rising, poverty is falling, and gas is two dollars a gallon.

I didn't even. Thanks for reminding me. Gas is two dollars a gallon. Thanks, Obama.

President Obama just wiped the floor with Donald Trump's gloom and doom economic argument. If you listen to Trump, the American economy is a disaster, but the Obama stormed Philadelphia and told the American people the real story.

Republicans and their nominee don't have a leg to stand on when it comes to the economy, as President Obama demonstrated why he is one of the greatest living politicians in America today by completely wiping the floor with Donald Trump.

Colin Powell Slams Trump As A Disgrace In Newly Uncovered Emails
September 14, 2016 - 7:00am

It appears that former Secretary of State Colin Powell, a Republican, isn't the biggest fan of Donald Trump, according to emails accessed by Buzzfeed News.

In the emails, which Buzzfeed reports were sent from Powell to journalist and ex-aide Emily Miller, the retired four-star general called the GOP nominee a national disgrace and international pariah.

The report:

The remarks came in a June 17, 2016, email to Emily Miller, a journalist who was once Powell's aide. In that same email Powell also said Trump "is in the process of destroying himself, no need for Dems to attack him. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is calibrating his position again."

The website - which has reported, but not confirmed, ties to Russian intelligence services - obtained Powell's emails. It may be the latest example of a Russian entity potentially trying to influence the US presidential election - in July, the FBI said it believed Russia was behind the hack of the Democratic National Committee's internal emails right before they party's convention.

In the emails seen by Buzzfeed News, Powell also slammed Trump for his role in perpetuating the birther myth about Barack Obama's citizenship and legitimacy as president.

"Yup, the whole birther movement was racist," the former Secretary of State wrote in an email last month.

Of his comments, Powell told Buzzfeed News, "I'm not denying it."

According to the internet news platform, Powell also repeated his stance that "there is a certain level of intolerance in parts of the Republican Party," in an email from May of this year.

Powell had previously expressed that sentiment prior to the presidential election of 2012, but it's unbelievable just how far the Republican Party has come in proving him right by nominating Donald Trump, a man who has built an entire candidacy on racial resentment.

Powell has yet to officially endorse a candidate for president, but it's pretty clear that he will not be supporting Donald Trump.

O'Reilly Now Ignoring High Obama Job Approval Rating
September 13, 2016 - 9:00am

Here is more proof Bill O'Reilly is nothing but a biased right-wing joke of a journalist. About a year ago the Obama job approval numbers had a drop, it went down to 45 percent. And Bill O'Reilly was all over it, reporting on it almost every night, and saying it proves that Obama is a bad president who is doing a bad job.

Which ignored the fact that all Presidents have a drop in their approval ratings at some point. In fact, the average job approval rating for elected presidents in their 31st quarter is 47 percent. Funny how O'Reilly never mentions that.

Here is another fact O'Reilly never mentions, the average job approval rating for all the Presidents from 1938 to 2016 is only 53 percent.

With only months remaining in his second term, President Barack Obama's job approval has reached its highest level since July 2009 as the American people are giving him credit for a presidency well done.

The Washington Post reported this on the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll:

The ABC poll found 58 percent of Americans overall approve of President Obama's job performance, the highest since July 2009 and continuing the positive movement since December when he stood at 45 percent.

Obama is set to leave office riding a wave of popularity and appreciation that is both hard earned and well deserved. But not with O'Reilly, he does not even mention it. O'Reilly suddenly stopped reporting on the Obama job approval numbers, as soon as they went back up to over 50 percent.

And since then O'Reilly has not reported on them one time, he just ignores it. But when it was below 50 percent for a short time he reported it almost every night.

O'Reilly and the right call Reagan our greatest President, and Obama the worst, even though he has higher numbers than Reagan.

Obama's Gallup rating April 25-May 1, 2016: 51 percent.
Reagan's Gallup rating May 2-May 8, 1988: 50 percent.

And Bill Clinton was at 60 percent in September of 2000.

O'Reilly ignores all these numbers to cherry pick the one short time Obama had a job approval rating drop, and slam him for it, saying it was proof Obama is a bad President. While ignoring his average, and ignoring his current high numbers.

O'Reilly took a one time drop (in eight years) that did not last very long, and then ignored the other 7.5 years of job ratings.

This is what O'Reilly does, and it proves his bias.

Larry King Laughs At The Idea Trump Didn't Know He Was On Russian TV
September 13, 2016 - 8:00am

Larry King is rebutting Donald Trump's attempts to distance himself from an interview that aired on Russian television after a Trump campaign spokeswoman claimed that Trump mistakenly believed he was being interviewed for King's podcast without knowing King's show would air on Russia Today's network.

In an interview with Erin Burnett, Larry King stated, "If Donald said he thought it was a podcast, that stretches it a little because he just did my podcast." King continued, adding "I did not make the arrangements for him to be on the show, my producers talked to his people, and they made the arrangements."

ERIN BURNETT (HOST): The Trump campaign claims it had no idea that that interview was airing on a Russian network.

So have you had a chance to speak to Donald Trump since this interview, or your producers to speak to his campaign?

LARRY KING: No, I have not, no one's called me. I mean, I'm friends with Donald, I'm friends with Hillary. I know a lot of people for a lot of years. I never say who I'm going to vote for. I'm always fair.

We were doing an interview, it was supposed to be for ten minutes and right at the end of ten minutes it stopped. I never got to say goodbye, I don't know why I stopped so abruptly.

But if Donald said he thought it was a podcast, that stretches it a little because he just did my podcast. I did not make the arrangements for him to be on the show. My producers talked to his people, and they made the arrangements. So I never know what was said to him except he was doing my TV show.

BURNETT: Now, is there any chance that they wouldn't have known that this was airing on R.T.? I mean, given, as you know we're saying it's the main distributor.

KING: I have no idea. You're asking me to go through their heads. I have no idea.

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Proof The O'Reilly Factor is Biased Against Barack Obama
O'Reilly said he is a non-partisan Independent, who is fair to both sides, and that he has been fair to Barack Obama. To check that claim I did a 3 month study of the Factor, it started on August 1st, 2008, and ran until October 31st, 2008. I watched the Factor every night and counted the negative and positive comments for Obama and McCain.

Visit the web page I set up, and you will see the stunning bias from O'Reilly and his mostly Republican guests against Barack Obama. Then you will see there is no doubt Bill O'Reilly is a dishonest and biased Conservative. This study is conclusive proof that O'Reilly is in the tank for John McCain.

Visit The Web Page Below to See The 3 Month Factor Bias Study:

Proof O'Reilly Lied About The Balance on His Show
O'Reilly claims the factor is balanced, and that he personally makes sure every week he has an equal number of Republican and Democrat guests. This is a bold faced lie, and I can prove it. I put together a web page that shows the guest list from the factor for the last 2 weeks. Read it and you will see with your own eyes that Bill O'Reilly is lying when he says the factor is balanced.

And remember that we are 3 weeks before a major Presidential election, or the Republican bias numbers would be worse than it is normally. O'Reilly is actually having more Democrats on than he usually does, and the balance is still not even close. If we were not so close to an election it would be a lot worse.

Visit The Web Page Below to See The Lies About The Factor Balance:

O'Reilly Sucks Investigation: Dishonesty, Deception, And Bias By Bill O'Reilly
O'Reilly claims there are no Republicans or Conservative groups that rival George Soros. O'Reilly said the top three conservative tax-exempt foundations are totally dwarfed by Soros and the radical Ford Foundation. And that they have 15 times more the assets. George Soros net worth is $8.5 billion, the Ford Foundation has a net worth of $13 billion. But the seven billionaires who donate to Newt Gingrich and other right-wing causes have a combined net worth of $34.8 billion dollars.

Somehow O'Reilly claims that Soros and the Ford Foundation have 15 times more the assets than anyone on the right. When the seven billionaires alone who give money to Newt, have roughly $14 billion more than Soros and the Ford Foundation combined.

Visit the web page below to see the massive money O'Reilly has ignored from the right:

(( Right-Wing Hate Speech Ignored by Bill O'Reilly ))
O'Reilly claims there is no hate on the right, that it's all on the left. But the way he defines hate is ridiculous, if a liberal blog or website writes an article that criticizes George W. Bush (or any Republican) O'Reilly calls it hate. When it's not hate, it's reporting the facts, there is no hate. A great example is when websites like,, etc. criticize O'Reilly he calls it hate, and says they are hate groups who lie about him.

That is a lie, it is not hate, and they are not hate websites. There is real hate on the internet, but O'Reilly does not report it, because most of it is from the right. I have documented this hate in my blog and on a web page, all of it was ignored by Bill O'Reilly, and it was never reported on the Factor.

Visit the web page below to see the massive right-wing hate O'Reilly has ignored: Privacy Policy

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