It’s Official: Free Spin Zone! Bill O’Reilly Has Been Fired By Fox News

free spinsAnd as someone who has wrote about O’Reilly on this website for 17 years, I have to say it is about time. O’Reilly does not deserve a tv news show, he is a fraud, a liar, a con man, and a scammer. His claims of being a non-partisan Independent with a no spin zone were just laughable.

I have 17 years of documented and proven right-wing bias from O’Reilly and the 98% Republican guests he had on his show. He was as big of a biased Republican as Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, or Rush Limbaugh.

The entire hour every night was 98% right-wing propaganda that said all liberals are evil and all Republicans are great. O’Reilly did nothing but slam Obama for 8 years for everything he did, while praising the Republicans, George W. Bush and Donald Trump.

In O’Reillyworld Obama was the devil and Trump is a God. No matter what Obama did O’Reilly slammed him for it as if the RNC had wrote his talking points, and no matter what Trump did O’Reilly defended it and paraised him for being a great President.

From what we can tell it looks like O’Reilly was just a dishonest old right-wing pervert who sexually harassed all the good looking women he came in contact with, and that is what took him down, not all the bias and lies he told on a nightly basis, which is sad. It’s sad because he was allowed to spew out all his lies, but that is what we have with free speech.

I am sad to say this and happy, but I will be shutting this website down on April 30th. I think I did a service to the country by documenting the bias and lies from O’Reilly, yes I also have a bias, as everyone does, but I was not on tv saying I am a non-partisan Independent with a spin free zone.

And even with my bias against Republicans, it does not disprove what I reported, I documented the bias, the hypocrisy, the double standards, and the lies from O’Reilly, with his own transcripts and video.

In closing, I would like to say Bill O’Reilly is one big jerk, and people like him are what gives the media a bad name, but we will all be better off with him off the air. I also want to point out that he was a massive coward, he came off as some kind of tough guy, but even after asking multiple times to be a guest on his show to debate him he never said yes, in fact, he would never even reply to my e-mails.

Bill O’Reilly was afraid to have me on his show, because he knew I would be prepared with examples of his bias, his hypocrisy, his double standards, and his lies. So I hope he actually retires and goes away, America does not need propagandists like him lying to the American people.

New Bill O’Reilly Accuser Says He Called Her Hot Chocolate


hot no deposit free spinsBill O’Reilly used to leer at an African-American Fox News clerical worker and called her “hot chocolate,” according to attorney Lisa Bloom.

The woman worked for a different broadcaster in 2008 while this was going on, but The O’Reilly Factor host’s office was near her desk.

“He would never talk to her, not even hello, except to grunt at her like a wild boar,” Bloom tells The Hollywood Reporter. “He would leer at her. He would always do this when no one else was around.”

Bloom says she spoke with three witnesses who knew the woman at the time and confirmed she was upset and stressed at the end of each workday. “She’s not asking for any money,” says Bloom. “She just wants everyone to know her story.”

At the time, Bloom says the woman valued her job too much to risk speaking up.

“She was afraid if she told him to knock it off she’d get fired,” Bloom says. “Now that she’s aware this is all in the news, she’s decided to phone in a complaint to the Fox News hotline.”

Bloom is also representing radio personality Wendy Walsh, who says she was forced out of the network after refusing O’Reilly’s advances.

The allegations against O’Reilly follow a flurry of litigation and press involving women who say they were harassed by and-or retaliated against by ousted-CEO Roger Ailes. Gretchen Carlson was the first to sue last summer, and several other women have filed litigation since. Ailes was terminated shortly after Megyn Kelly spoke with Fox investigators about her experience, which she details in her book.

Earlier this month, Bloom sent a letter to the New York State Division of Human Rights asking it to intervene at Fox News and calling the network a “cesspool of sexual harassment, intimidation and retaliation.”

Things Are Not Looking Good For Bill O’Reilly

murdoch casino network empireWith only six days remaining in Bill O’Reilly’s vacation, the pressure on the Murdoch family to decide the embattled commentator’s fate is intensifying. Three sources with knowledge of the discussions said that, while no final decision has been made, the Murdochs are leaning toward announcing that O’Reilly will not return to the air.

The prospect of dumping O’Reilly – once unimaginable – has gained steam this week due in part to street protests outside Fox News headquarters and advertiser boycotts on O’Reilly’s air. One network insider said Fox executives are alarmed by the severity of the ad-revenue decline.

“It’s worse than Glenn Beck,” the insider said, referring to the advertiser revolt that helped derail Beck’s Fox News career in 2011.

The Murdochs are also dealing with a restive workplace. Female Fox News employees are growing increasingly frustrated that the Murdochs have not forcefully confronted the company’s culture of sexual harassment in the wake of removing Roger Ailes.

“Morale is awful,” one Fox female executive told me yesterday, adding that employees are wondering if budgets have been cut to pay for sexual-harassment settlements. “There’s been no word from management to calm the masses.”

Initially, according to sources, Lachlan was aligned with his father, but in recent days he has leaned more in his brother James’s direction. “The three are fighting,” the insider said.

In some ways, deciding O’Reilly’s fate is more complicated than the decision to oust Ailes last summer. O’Reilly is Fox’s highest-rated host and the linchpin of the prime-time schedule, so his removal could have immediate effects on the network’s ratings.

And btw, the Wall Street Journal, that is owned by Rupert Murdoch had this as a headline on Tuesday.

Fox Is Preparing to Cut Ties With Bill O’Reilly

By Joe Flint
April 18, 2017 9:50 p.m. ET

Fox News is preparing to cut ties with its biggest star, Bill O’Reilly, according to people close to the situation.

The Washington Times and Matt Drudge are also saying O’Reilly will be fired.

With Mr. O’Reilly, so many shoes have dropped that he’s looking like Imelda Marcos. Just two weeks ago, The New York Times reported that Fox paid out $13 million to five women who accused the bombastic bloviator of sexual harassment. O’Reilly told The Times that he settled only to avoid hurting his family.

Well, that isn’t what an innocent man would do. Accuse me of sexual harassment and we’re going all the way to the Supreme Court if we have to. I’m not paying a dime if I’m not guilty. Only guilty people pay out settlements, which are better known by this term: hush money.

Matt Drudge also sees the end coming, writing this:

“O’Reilly has had tremendous run. Very few in the business get to decide when and how things end. Media is most brutal of all industries,” Drudge tweeted out minutes after the hot chocolate story hit the web.

Drudge is right, except Billy isn’t exactly deciding when and how things end, although he can’t be surprised – after his despicable actions – when the hammer comes down.

Nationwide Tax Day Marches Demand Trump Releases His Tax Returns


bonus slotsTens of thousands of activists demonstrated in cities across the country on Saturday — the date when Americans taxes are normally due — to demand the release of President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

The largest marches took place in New York City and Washington, D.C. Some 100 other cities hosted smaller marches.

Protest organizers estimated that over 25,000 people attended the rally in Washington, D.C., and 20,000 people participated in New York City.

Together, the rallies across the country were among the largest anti-Trump demonstrations since the Women’s March drew millions of people into the streets on Jan. 21.

“Trump says only the media cares about this taxes & bonuses. Today, we’ve proved him wrong. It’s time for Trump to come clean, so we know who he’s really working for,” said Working Families Party national membership director Nelini Stamp, a keynote speaker at the New York City, in a statement following the march.

And btw folks, Trump could care less, in fact, he tweeted that all the people who protested should be investigated, which is un-American.

In Washington, D.C., the march began with a rally at the U.S. Capitol followed by a parade down Pennsylvania Avenue, past the Internal Revenue Service headquarters and the Trump International Hotel — where protesters chanted shame in unison.

The rally at times played the role of an all-purpose demonstration against Trump, replete with derisive condemnations of the president — including references to alleged collusion of staff members from his presidential campaign with the Russian government.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.), the ranking member on the House Financial Services Committee, gave one of the most impassioned speeches at the U.S. Capitol. Waters, who has become a leading voice of opposition to Trump, vowed to impeach the president for his contemptible actions, as she led the crowd in a chant of impeach 45.

“I have laryngitis. But the only way I would not have been here with you today is if they cut my throat and stopped me from talking,” she declared. “If he thinks he can get away with playing king, he’s got another thing coming!”

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), the ranking member on the Senate Finance Committee, declared during his speech, “We are taking the gloves off to say knock off the secrecy Mr. President and publicly release your own tax returns!”

Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) was another leading Democrat to address the D.C. crowd, along with several policy experts and progressive leaders.

The rallies also featured Donny the Tax March Chicken, an inflatable chicken made to resemble Trump. The gag is intended to mock Trump for being too chicken to reveal his tax returns.

Trump is the first president in four decades who has not released his tax returns or comparable financial information. The practice became a tradition when former President Richard Nixon released his returns after he was audited.

In January, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway insisted that Trump would never release his returns, arguing that his election proved that “people didn’t care” about it. And as usual, she is clueless, just as the clown Trump is. Because all the polls say a majority want him to release his tax returns.

Trump’s critics believe his refusal to disclose his tax returns is a sign that he has something to hide. Questions about his motives have led to speculation that they contain evidence of either major tax avoidance or financial ties to figures close to the Russian government.

The FBI confirmed in March that it is investigating Trump associates for their possible ties to Russia, raising the possibility that the president’s allies participated in the alleged Russian interference efforts in some capacity.