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The O'Reilly Sucks Blog

Senator Bernie Sanders Schools O'Reilly About Clinton & Reality
By: Steve - April 19, 2015 - 11:00am

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) rolled through all of Bill O'Reilly's attempts to split the left while knocking down his attempts to use him for right-wing propaganda purposes.

Sanders didn't bat an eye when O'Reilly began the interview by trying various techniques to get him to say something negative about Hillary Clinton. Sanders was aggressive and seized the interview from O'Reilly. He forced O'Dummy to pivot away from his usual blustering attacks and towards a friendly softer tone. Sanders even got O'Reilly to admit that he agrees with him on some issues like money in politics.

O'Reilly made a joke that Sanders has no chance to be President (if he runs) unless he makes O'Reilly his Vice President pick. Which was not funny, and nobody laughed at it.

What really stuck out was Sander's ability to shift O'Reilly and the interview anywhere he wanted it to go. It's rare that a guest on the Factor is more aggressive than the host, but the senator from Vermont was aggressive without being combative. The segment never turned into a scream fest. In fact, Sanders handled O'Reilly fairly easily by keeping the tone civil and not falling for the loaded and biased questions he was trying to lead him with.

Sanders was able to successfully take apart O'Reilly and his right-wing talking points by weeding through the bias that most of the questions were based on. Sanders took on O'Reilly and showed him what a strong liberal looks and sounds like.

O'Reilly tried to rely on his gimmick of being the voice for the folks, but it never worked when confronted with an authentic voice that actually works for ordinary Americans, as Bernie Sanders does.

The lesson for any member of the left who appears on the Factor (or any show on Fox News) is that it is important to be aggressive while not taking the questions at face value.

The political motivation for Sanders to appear on Fox News is that he is trying to rally grassroots support on all sides for his potential presidential campaign.

Sanders was not going to be used to divide the left ahead of 2016, no matter what tactics O'Reilly used. In fact, it was O'Reilly who ended up bending to the will of Sanders. He did not let O'Reilly control the interview and spin his views, he took control and made O'Reilly listen to him.

Gay GOP Group Banned From Western Conservative Summit
By: Steve - April 19, 2015 - 10:00am

The Log Cabin Republicans have found themselves in the news again after being barred from the Western Conservative Summit.

Like every other organization who wishes to have a presence at the June event in Denver, Colo., the pro-gay GOP group paid the $250 fee to apply for a sponsored table. But according to the Denver Post, the Log Cabin group later received a message from the Centennial Institute (the Colorado Christian University-affiliated sponsor of the summit) informing them that they cannot officially participate as a "partner, exhibitor, or advertiser."

Why? Because the group's "worldview and policy agenda are fundamentally at odds with what Colorado Christian University stands for, so it's just not a fit," read the Institute's note. "I'm sorry it has to be that way."

Think about that for a minute folks, these are Republican voters who vote for all the Republicans that run for office, and yet, they are not allowed to be involved in the Western Conservative Summit, simply because they are gay.

Then they tell them that members of the pro-gay group are still free to buy tickets and attend the event. "They'll take our money, but want us in the closet," responded Michael Carr, an official with the state's chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans.

"Did we notify a GOP group advocating same-sex marriage that their members are welcome as individuals but they're not eligible organizationally as an exhibit partner?" the Centennial Institute wrote on Facebook. "Yes, because CCU as sponsor of the Summit has a biblical position opposite to theirs that we're duty bound to uphold."

The 2015 Western Conservative Summit will be held June 26-28 in Denver. Main speakers include possible presidential candidates Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI), Dr. Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, Carly Fiorina, Rick Perry, and Rick Santorum.

And O'Reilly does not say a word about any of this, while slamming Democrats who complain about religious laws that let corporations discriminate against gay people. While at the very same time Republicans are using religion to ban gays from their own political meetings.

It's total hypocrisy and a double standard, but O'Reilly stays silent because he agrees with them. In O'Reillyworld it's ok for Republicans to pass laws that make it legal to discriminate against gays, but when Democrats complain he slams them, as he says nothing about the Republicans banning their own voters from a political meeting simply because they are gay.

Republicans Are Almost The Same As Muslims
By: Steve - April 18, 2015 - 11:30am

Note To Tea Party Idiots: This Is What You Got For Voting Republican
By: Steve - April 18, 2015 - 11:00am

I can almost guarantee you this new tax cut for the ultra wealthy will not help one person who is in the Tea Party that helped to vote the Republicans back to power in the House and the Senate. How many Tea Party voters are in the top 0.2% on income earners, I would bet none.

GOP Candidates Shocked About Real Journalists Asking Them Questions
By: Steve - April 18, 2015 - 10:00am

Most of the time Republicans avoid the real press, instead they go on Fox and spin out their talking points with no hard questions. They've remained distant from what they commonly refer to as the so-called "Liberal Media" or what Sarah Palin likes to call, "The Lame Stream Media."Which is just in reality the real media with no conservative bias, that they call the liberal media.

They opt for a friendlier FOX News that barely qualifies as the media in any real sense, lobbing softball questions, coached answers, and never asking any follow-up questions.

Recently though, GOP presidential candidates have started to wander out of their self-congratulatory echo chamber to brave the supposed adversarial reporters they see as the enemy.

It's a so-called enemy armed with real questions and who expect, of all things, answers to those questions -- a scenario most of the GOP are not only ill prepared and ill-equipped for, but seem almost shocked that they weren't asked onto the show to spin and expound on their latest talking point.

It gets a little dangerous for the GOP candidates and a little comical for the rest of us when the media actually questions the rhetoric and propaganda put out to the otherwise ignorant and uninformed.

It's easy to claim that Obamacare is a job killer, that you're for the middle class, that there's a war on Christians, that gays have declared Jihad, or that we need to take your country back when the person sitting across from you is nodding their head in agreement, spewing the same lies and BS day in and day out. As with Bill O'Reilly and everyone alse at FOX.

It's an entirely different scenario when an actual journalist presents you with facts and statistics proving you wrong. Then they have no idea what to do, except attack the person who is pointing out their lies with the crazy liberal bias claims.

We had one hell of a show when Romney ran against Obama in 2012 and the entire FOX echo chamber sat in disbelief when Romney was crushed. There was no preparation for that result. Romney was so sure that he would win he had not even prepared a concession speech. Karl Rove was so stunned on the night of the election and remained that way for days having to be reminded, several times, by Megyn Kelly that Obama won.

Then we had Ted Cruz, earlier this month Cruz showed up on CNBC with John Harwood and was called out for several statements he made that were lies.

Harwood, during the one-on-one with Cruz brought up one comment in particular that Cruz made during a speech in March about taking the "110,000 agents at the IRS" and putting them on the southern border.

"They've only got 25,000 agents," Harwood said. "You've talked about the job-killing nature of Obamacare. We're adding jobs at a very healthy clip right now. Why shouldn't somebody listen to you and say, 'The guy'll just say anything -- doesn't have to be true'?"

Cruz then lashed out at the media, because that's another good idea, saying, "There is a game that is played by left-wing editorial writers. It's this new species of yellow journalism called politi-fact. That particular stat is in a joke I used. So, they're literally fact-checking a joke. I say that explicitly tongue in cheek."

Cruz defended himself, saying he was just making a joke. A joke that no on laughed at and no one got. Is that where we are now? Where politicians running for the highest office can excuse their gross misrepresentations by claiming that they were, "just kidding?"

Which is what I call the O'Reilly comeback, when caught saying something that is wrong or a lie just say you were making a joke. That is what O'Reilly does all the time. When he is caught saying something wrong or racist he just says he was making a joke. But when a Democrat does the very same thing and they say it was a joke, O'Reilly says that is no excuse. Showing his hypocrisy and his double standards.

Rand Paul has also shown his adversity to being questioned, going beyond righteous indignation to on-air tantrums. During a Today Show interview Savannah Guthrie asked Paul, "You've had views in the past on foreign policy that are somewhat unorthodox, but you seem to have changed over the years. You once said Iran was not a threat, but now you say it is. You once proposed ending foreign aid to Israel. You now support it, at least for the time being, and you once offered to drastically cut defense spending and now you want to increase it sixteen percent, so I just wonder if you've mellowed out?"

Paul went into full meltdown and tantrum, berating Guthrie. Guthrie then pointed out specific examples of Paul changing positions and flip-flopping in every direction on every issue because he is trying to make himself an acceptable candidate to Republican primary voters. Guthrie asked Paul, during the friendliest morning show, if his positions had changed. She was giving him a chance to explain away inconsistencies, not brow beating him.

Paul, rather than take the opportunity to clarify his position and explain to prospective voters where he stands, instead demonstrated his inability to answer simple questions. He chose to lecture Guthrie, a former White House correspondent and accomplished journalist, in an obviously sexist way, begging the question if he would have addressed a male reporter in the same way, which of course he would not, because on later shows with male interviewers who asked the same things he did not berate them.

Marco Rubio is next on the chopping block, having announced his bid earlier this week. If he decides to venture out into the world of Cruz's mythical "yellow journalism" he may be asked about his past scandals like double-billing flights or misuse of party credit cards; or why he flip-flopped on immigration reform; how he used to believe in climate change and God forbid, science.

Maybe he'll be asked why he thinks his ideas to defeat ISIS differ from Obama's sound exactly like them. The one that may be of most interest though, is that Rubio is not the son of Cuban exiles as his Senate bio claims.

According to a Rubio biography due out in June by Washington Post reporter Manuel Roig-Franzia, Rubio's grandfather Pedro Victor Garcia was an illegal immigrant to the United States. Disillusioned by his financial prospects, Garcia reportedly left the United States for Cuba two weeks after Fidel Castro took power in 1959.

He flew back to the States two years later without a visa...and was booked by a US immigration official, who stated: "You do not appear to me to be clearly and beyond a doubt entitled to enter the United States." Garcia was ordered deported, but instead he hung out illegally in Miami, resurfacing in 1967 to petition for permanent residency. Even though Garcia had been in the US since 1962, "The form he filled out then states that he had been a Cuban refugee since February 1965."

Maybe that was a joke too? Maybe it was misinterpreted or taken out of context? We hear that a lot too. Even in this day of constant video, recordings, and 24-hour news, Republican politicians seem to find a way to weasel out of what they actually said or wrote.

The level of false indignation, arrogance and accusatory tone many of these candidates seem to think they can take with the press is no surprise. The Press is there to hold politicians accountable for what they say. In many cases, particularly with those on the right, many of it is fabricated, exaggerated and misinterpreted.

When they're called on it they lash out like spoiled children caught in a lie. They throw tantrums, whine that they've been treated unfairly, and sulk. Hopefully reporters and journalist will continue to call politicians out in an effort to hold them accountable for what comes out of their mouths.

And btw, O'Reilly says nothing about all these softball interviews of GOP candidates on Fox, but when Democratic candidates get a softball interview on MSNBC he cry's foul and screams bloody murder.

The GOP is so used to softball FOX interviews that offer them a national stage to say whatever they want with no push-back. If the little resistance to their BS we've seen in the last few weeks is any indication of what's to come, it should make for an entertaining campaign season.

Rand Paul Tells White Republicans Democrats Have Failed Minorities
By: Steve - April 17, 2015 - 11:00am

Over the weekend Rand Paul gave a speech in Nevada saying that the Democratic Party has failed minorities, while speaking to a crowd that was 99% white and Republican. So I guess he is saying they should vote Republican, even though if the Republicans had total control of the government they would stop all payments of everything to all minorities.

Which would be insane, it would be like voting to have all government benefits to minorities stopped, and minorities would be crazy to do that.

The problem is obvious. Rand Paul is telling a crowd that is almost all white that the Democratic Party has failed minorities. Now is a good time to point out that Rand is selling himself as the candidate that can attract minorities and young voters. What was missing from the crowd in his speech today? Minorities and young voters.

It's like O'Reilly telling blacks how to live, from an old, white, rich, Republican who is opposed to everything that benefits them. And if a black guy tells O'Reilly or a Republican how to live he flips out and tells them to mind their own business.

The mainstream media is even helping Rand Paul, even though O'Reilly claims they are all liberals, they are doing their best to sell Rand Paul as a legitimate candidate, just like they tried to sell Ted Cruz as a legitimate candidate after he jumped into the 2016 presidential race.

This is part of the favorable coverage that all of the Republican presidential candidates have been getting since the 2012 election cycle.

Rand Paul is telling white Republicans what they want to hear about Democrats and minorities. If this is Paul's version of attracting minority voters, it's not going to end well.

The Republican solution for minorities is the same as it is for the rest of the country that isn't rich. You are on your own pal.

Paul disguises his corporate agenda with talk of liberty and freedom. A right-wing white candidate was talking to right-wing white voters about how the opposition party has failed minority voters, which is the perfect example of everything that is wrong with the Republican Party.

Instead of actually supporting policies the minorities support, they run their propaganda past them and hope they buy it, when that same tactic has failed them for 50 years, because 97% of minorities vote Democratic, and that will never change until they change their positions on the issues, propaganda does not work, and yet they keep trying it over and over.

O'Reilly Spins Out More Right-Wing Garbage About Being Fair To Hillary
By: Steve - April 17, 2015 - 10:00am

O'Reilly said this Monday night:
O'REILLY: This country is in trouble, economically and overseas. While the left will never admit that, it's true. And whoever the next president is, is going to inherit one big mess. The jihadists are threatening millions of people. Iran is close to having a nuclear weapon.

Working Americans are still struggling to make money in the marketplace and our traditional American values are under siege nearly everywhere. If you're a Christian or a white man in the U.S.A. it's open season on you. Therefore Hillary Clinton has an advantage.

She can run a general campaign, 'first woman in the White House' and 'I'm going to help you!' by increasing the entitlement society. It will take a very articulate and tough-minded Republican to defeat her.

One final thing, we at The Factor, as I said, we're going to be fair to Hillary Clinton. But we're going to be tough, as we are on all political candidates. I don't think gender matters one bit. And if this war on women business is resurrected we'll have something to say about it.
Wow, so many lies. Where do I start.

1) O'Reilly said the economy is in trouble and the left will never admit it. Well, this is real simple, the economy is not in trouble, it's doing great, jobs are up, unemployment is down, and the stock market is setting new record highs all the time.

The left will not admit the economy is in trouble, because it is not in trouble, in fact, nobody will admit the economy is in trouble. Only right-wing loons that can not admit the truth think it is, nobody else does, because the economy is doing great.

2) O'Reilly said Christian white men are open season and under attack. This is just laughable, and even John Stossel said O'Reilly was a big cry baby for saying that. White men are not under attack, from anyone. The people under attack are blacks who keep getting killed by cops for having a tail light out.

3) O'Reilly said he would be fair to Hillary. Then he did an entire show slamming her with 99% Republican guests. One Democratic guest was on the entire show and they were on with a Republican, so they barely got a word in. O'Reilly has never been fair to Hillary, or any Democrat, and never will be because he is a biased Republican.

An e-mailer even nailed him on it, saying this:

David Kelly, Louisville, CO: "Hey, Bill, no fair-minded person believes you will be fair to Hillary Clinton. You attacked her last night and implied that you would have something to say if she got mixed up with websites you dislike. Was that a threat?"

4) I have done studies where I watched the Factor every night for 3 months before the election, and counted how many negative things were said about the Democrat running for President, and the Republican. In every one O'Reilly has 10 to 1 negative to positive for the Democrat, while having the exact opposite for the Republican, with 10 to 1 positive to negative.

It's a joke, so when he says he will be fair to Hillary he is lying, and I will prove it.

Leaked Document From Mayor to Cops: Your Paycheck Depends on How Many Tickets You Write
By: Steve - April 16, 2015 - 11:30am

And of course the so-called journalist Bill O'Reilly never reported a word about this story, nothing.

Edmundson, MO -- While police and their supporters continue to insist that police are simply out there keeping our streets safe, an internal document sent from the Edmundson Mayor John Gwaltney implies otherwise. The letter, which was included with the paychecks of the town's police officers, spells out in very plain terms their actual role in the community - extorting money for the state.

In the document obtained by ThinkProgress, the mayor is careful to point out that the town does not have quotas. He states that he only wants "good tickets" written but adds that he is still very disappointed that the Department had been extorting fewer people. Gwaltney goes on to threaten the officers bank accounts, stating;

"The tickets that you write do add to the revenue on which the P.D. budget is established and will directly affect pay adjustments at budget time."

He doesn't stop with their pay either, the mayor then goes on to imply that the officers benefits may be in danger, should they not get their ticket production up by budget time.

"It has always been the desire of myself and the Board to provide a safe and pleasant work place with good compensation and benefits for everyone. However, our ability to continue doing this is being compromised by your work slow down. I realize that your work production records are directly effected by many extenuating circumstances and those factors are always accounted for as your work records are reviewed by myself and human resources," the mayor warns.

One fifth of Edmundson's population is below poverty level, and the town collects 35% of its revenue from tickets and fines.

While departments will usually deny quotas exist, more and more police have been admitting to their existence, despite the careful wording to leave enough wiggle room for plausible deniability.

Just last week there was a story about a cop who admitted to the use of quotas and was captured on video.

"This is the last day of the month. I get every stat I need just off of you guys," says the officer as he begins his rights violating confession.

"So you guys gotta make quota, huh?" asks the detained teen.

"We don't have a quota. We have expectations. And what that means is, you will make so many arrests a month, you should write so many tickets a month, and you should haul so many dumbasses to jail a month. If we're gonna pay you $100,000 a year, we should expect something back from you, shouldn't we?" says the officer.

When the man replies, 'yes' that he understands what the officer just said, the cop then asks, "Would you like to be part of my quota tonight?"

The young man then asks the cop, "On what grounds would you arrest me?"

To which the cop replies, "'On what grounds?' Oh, I don't know, I'll think of something. How about aiding and abetting reckless driving?"

There is no money in solving murders and rape cases, but pursuing victimless crimes such as minor traffic violations and catching a kid with a joint provide a steady stream of revenue for the city. Protect and serve, or stalk and extort? Perhaps it is time to change that motto.

Biased Krauthammer Predicts Hillary Will Lose To Republican In 2016
By: Steve - April 16, 2015 - 11:00am

What a shocker, not. The biased right-wing hack who works for Fox News is predicting Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic primary and then lose to the Republican running against her.

His evidence, he said so, he has no evidence, and in fact he was wrong in the last presidential election, just as Karl Rove was. Here is what he said.

Krauthammer said she'll be "easily beaten" if Republicans put forth a dynamic candidate. He said she'll lose in part due to her "glaring inauthenticity," explaining that Americans become "instantly fatigued" when they hear her parse words.

Which is total nonsense and nothing but right-wing propaganda, because everyone but Republicans like Hillary and they will all vote for her, something Krauthammer totally lies about.

Clinton has also been in politics longer than anyone else in the field, Krauthammer noted, explaining that the country wants renewal.

Now let me translate that, what he really meant was REPUBLICANS want renewal. The rest of the country is going to vote for Hillary, and not some far-right loon in the Republican party.

Krauthammer said that the former secretary of state will "hands down" win the Democratic nomination.

"It won't be a coronation, it'll be a worship service," he said.

And now some actual evidence that Krauthammer is wrong. Hillary is beating every single Republican they might run against her in the polls, by 10 or more points. Now my opinion, she will beat whoever they run, and be the first woman President in the history of America.

Krauthammer will eat his words and be proven wrong again.

Obama Slams Republicans For Un-American Tactics On Foreign Policy
By: Steve - April 16, 2015 - 10:00am

Over the weekend, President Obama called out Mitch McConnell, John McCain, and all the Senate Republicans who are actively trying to sabotage his foreign policy on the world stage.

And btw, you can bet the farm if Democrats did this to a Republican President O'Reilly would call for them to be tried for treason, or sedition at the least. But when Republicans do it to a Democratic President, not only does O'Reilly not call for them to be tried for treason or sedition, he defended them and said it was no big deal.

Obama said this:
Last comment I'm going to make on this. When I hear some, like Senator McCain recently, suggest that our Secretary of State, John Kerry, who served in the United States Senate, a Vietnam veteran, who's provided exemplary service to this nation, is somehow less trustworthy in the interpretation of what's in a political agreement than the Supreme Leader of Iran -- that's an indication of the degree to which partisanship has crossed all boundaries.

And we're seeing this again and again. We saw it with the letter by the 47 senators who communicated directly to the Supreme Leader of Iran -- the person that they say can't be trusted at all -- warning him not to trust the United States government.

We have Mitch McConnell trying to tell the world, oh, don't have confidence in the U.S. government's abilities to fulfill any climate change pledge that we might make.

And now we have a senator suggesting that our Secretary of State is purposely misinterpreting the deal and giving the Supreme Leader of Iran the benefit of the doubt in the interpretations.

That's not how we're supposed to run foreign policy, regardless of who's President or Secretary of State. We can have arguments, and there are legitimate arguments to be had.

I understand why people might be mistrustful of Iran. I understand why people might oppose the deal -- although the reason is not because this is a bad deal per se, but they just don't trust any deal with Iran, and may prefer to take a military approach to it.

But when you start getting to the point where you are actively communicating that the United States government and our Secretary of State is somehow spinning presentations in a negotiation with a foreign power, particularly one that you say is your enemy, that's a problem. It needs to stop.
The President directly called out the Majority Leader of the Senate and the 47 Republican senators who signed the letter to Iran for actively trying to undermine his foreign policy.

President Obama is 100% correct. This does need to stop, but it won't because in part the Republican tactics are trying to ruin American foreign policy ahead of the 2016 presidential election. Republicans have shattered the rule that partisan politics stop at the U.S. border.

Republicans think that their path to the White House in 2016 is to sabotage American foreign policy. President Obama is standing up and exposing what the opposition is trying to do. But Obama is not sitting back and taking it. The message to McConnell, McCain, and others is that this president is going to finish out his time in office on the attack.

Stossel Calls O'Reilly 10 Foot Cry Baby About War On Religion
By: Steve - April 15, 2015 - 10:00am

Stossel: "Christians Aren't Being Killed" In America "And They're Not Going To Be"

To which the insane O'Reilly said "not yet." Making him a total far-right religious nut, as Stossel said Christians are 85% of the country so you won, but O'Reilly still defended his insane war on religion propaganda.

Then the fool said they are killing christians with words, which is also insane.

Here is the video:

People Who Got Iraq Wrong Now Want Us To Believe Them On Iran
By: Steve - April 14, 2015 - 10:00am

I guess they think we will forget they got it all wrong on Iraq. Including O'Reilly, who supported the Iraq war 100% and said he thought they had WMD's. O'Reilly even lies that nobody did not believe it, when there were many people saying it, including Scott Ritter and many more.

WASHINGTON -- Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) doesn't have to think very hard to remember what happened after he visited Iraq in 2002, before Congress voted for a war to destroy Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction.

"I became ‘Baghdad Jim," McDermott said this week. "That was during a campaign year. People came up on my lawn and wrote Baghdad Jim on my yard signs."

What McDermott had done to earn that was to say during an interview from Iraq's capital with ABC News George Stephanopolous, his opinion that President George W. Bush's administration was dummying up the case for war.

"I think the president would mislead the American people," McDermott said, sparking a firestorm of criticism back home, where he was labeled disgraceful and accused of slander by war-supporting pundits.

Of course, in one of history's more humbling lessons, McDermott turned out to be right -- not just about the quality of the case being made for war, but also about the potentially destabilizing impact of a poorly considered military intervention.

Americans responded to the Iraq war failures, in part, by electing President Barack Obama, who argued for a different, more diplomatic approach to global challenges.

Yet, more than 13 years after the Bush White House and Congress chose their ill-fated course, many of those same leaders are again insisting on a more bellicose approach, arguing against Obama's diplomatic endeavors in Iran, and taking steps that may undermine nuclear negotiations.

McDermott remembers well the arguments made by the same people back then.

"There is a principle of communication which is very well known, and has been documented in a variety of different ways. But it comes down to, if you can make people afraid, you can make them do anything," McDermott said. "And these warmongers are fearmongers, and they are creating as much fear in the American people as possible."

And a comparison with today's rhetoric finds many of the same people making similar cases with exactly the same certitude they displayed before being proven wrong about Iraq.

Rep. Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), current chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, complained in 2002 that a policy of "hoping Hussein can be contained" had allowed Iraq to become "one giant WMD factory" that threatened the entire Middle East and America.

One of the most credible, effective proponents of war in 2002 was Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), the former Vietnam prisoner of war who lost to President George W. Bush in the 2000 Republican primaries.

McCain argued that continuing a policy of deterrence against Iraq "would condemn Saddam's neighbors to perpetual instability. And once Iraq's nuclear ambitions are realized, no serious person could expect the Iraqi threat to diminish."

He also confidently predicted: "I am very certain that this military engagement will not be very difficult."

McCain's longtime ally, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), then a member of the House, declared that attacking Iraq was "long overdue" and that "when the smoke clears, the Iraqi people will taste freedom for the first time in decades."

McCain and Graham are hardly unique. Pick just about any lawmaker who voted for the war in 2002, and they are likely to be making arguments of a similar tenor now. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) argued strongly for a pre-emptive approach against Saddam, saying then that the risks of the more diplomatic strategy were "simply unacceptable."

For Jim McDermott, who was insulted when he was right, it's a case of deja vu all over again, especially when he hears Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) suggest the United States could carry out a few days of bombing to take care of Iran, or when one of the lead architects of the Iraq War, former Vice President Dick Cheney, says the Iran talks convince him that Obama is "the worst president we ever had."

"My response to that would be Dick Cheney is the worst president we ever had," McDermott said.

McDermott recalled. "Shock and awe -- that worked for about 60 days, and then we had 14 years of what we got now. Fourteen going on 30."

He had some advice for the hawks limbering up their wings for a new battle. "If we launch off into another one in Iran, we simply are out of our political minds. We're just not making sense," McDermott said. "We have the biggest military in the world, $660 billion, and we're fighting on every floor, and we don't have control of anything. We thought we'd won Iraq, we backed out, and now we're back in."

Regarding Iran, McDermott noted that there are decades of history that give Iran reason to mistrust America, including the CIA's overthrow of democratically elected leader Mohammad Mossadeq in 1953, which led to decades of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi's repressive regime.

"Nobody remembers what we did to those people, but they remember,' McDermott said. "They haven't forgotten what we did by putting the shah in, and what that did to Iran and its national treasure.

"You listen to a guy like Cheney and you say yourself, 'Man, have you ever read a book?'" McDermott said, suggesting the hawks might benefit by looking past raw fear and ideology, and taking a longer view. "When you look at the situation, you just say to yourself, they're not thinking clearly about what's going on here."

Fox Host: I Didn't See A Black Man Killed By A White Cop
By: Steve - April 13, 2015 - 10:00am

Racism seems to be a subject where many people on the right are unable to be realistic or rational about much of anything.

Enter Fox News Greg Gutfeld, who said some of the most ignorant and delusional nonsense I have heard yet concerning the killing of Walter Scott by the now fired and charged with murder police officer Michael Slager in South Carolina.

And this loon is a regular on the O'Reilly Factor every week, who is also a fill-in host for O'Reilly once in a while.

During The Five, Gutfeld claimed he didn't see a "black man killed by a white cop," he just saw one man kill another man. "I saw a man shoot another man in the back."

But his reasoning for that statement was even more ridiculous, he also said this. "I saw an actual act. You can't theorize -- you can't come up with hypotheticals -- you actually see that," he continued, talking about the video of the shooting.

"Unlike talking heads like us, or activists, the camera sees more than color. The camera captures the actual incident that, in my view, cannot be justified." He also went on to say that "cameras, unlike people, aren't biased" while advocating that we need cameras basically everywhere.

And btw folks, a retired FBI agent recently said that from what he saw in the video no matter what happened, the officer was not justified to shoot an unarmed man in the back who was running away from him and no danger to anyone else, over a simple traffic stop. He said the cop was wrong, that he should be charged with murder, and predicted he would be found guilty.

Yes, the Fox News host actually tried to turn a shooting that seems to have at least some sort of racial implications into something that justifies massive surveillance programs, while denying that race had anything to do with the shooting itself. And what the hell does "the camera see more than color" even mean?

The camera showed an African-American man being gunned down in cold blood by a white police officer as he was running away in a state that where racism is still fairly prevalent. After all, let's not forget that South Carolina was the first state to secede from the Union during the Civil War; it supported segregation; and opposed interracial marriage -- so let's not pretend like the state has been a beacon of racial acceptance throughout our history.

As I have said before, racism is extremely hard to prove. While this video clearly shows a black man being gunned down in cold blood, it's not as if the shooter is ever going to admit that Scott's race had anything to do with it.

I have seen people on the right claim the Ku Klux Klan is not a "hate group" or "racist" saying they're just promoting "European Americans."

We have all seen a lot of racism, even my Father who I loved to death was racist, and yet I have met very few people who actually think they're racists, let alone admit to it. I even have some racist friends, who say terrible things about blacks and use the n-word all the time, but I ignore it and do not say anything to them.

When you're dealing with that kind of ignorance, it's practically impossible to have any semblance of a rational discussion. But Gutfeld kept to the typical Fox News and conservative rhetoric that no matter what the circumstances, racism clearly had nothing to do with it.

Ted Cruz Mad That People Keep Pointing Out His Lies
By: Steve - April 12, 2015 - 11:00am

Sounds like someone I know, yes, Bill O'Reilly. Who does the very same thing, when someone points out his lies he gets mad and attacks them as dishonest. When he is the dishonest one and they are simply doing honest journalism. It's a diversion trick, attack the attacker and make them out to be the bad guy.

It's hard for me to understand how Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) can be so ridiculous and wrong about so many things, and yet there are still millions of Americans who support and believe him.I guess it shows how partisan bias is blind, when you agree with someone you believe what you want to believe, and ignore everything you don't want to believe.

I guess that's what happens when people care more about listening to someone who tells them what they want to hear instead of what's actually true.

It's been well documented that Cruz is easily one of the most dishonest people we have in Congress. His entire political life is based on a fictitious reality that only exists in his mind and those who support him. After all, this is the guy who feverishly pushed for a government shutdown, telling conservatives it could be successful, when absolutely nobody with any common sense saw any scenario where anything Cruz was pushing for was going to happen.

A lot of members of his own party even called him out for working up conservative voters with lies they knew were impossible to fulfill. Including the Republican Congressman Peter King from New York, who said he was a clown. And Republicans never slam another Republican, unless he really screwed up and is making them all look bad.

If a recent interview Cruz did with John Harwood is any indication, it seems the Republican senator isn't the biggest fan of fact-checking sites such as Politifact using his exact words against him. After mentioning several claims Cruz has made, especially one recently about sending 125k IRS agents to the border (there are only 25k in total) and "Obamacare" killing jobs, when it added jobs, Hardwood asked, "Why shouldn't somebody listen to you and say, 'The guy'll just say anything, doesn't have to be true?'"

"There is a game that is played by left-wing editorial writers," Cruz said. "It's this new species of yellow journalism called Politifact. Colloquially I was referring to all the employees as agents. That particular stat is in a joke I used. So, they're literally fact-checking a joke. I say that explicitly tongue in cheek."

Discounting the fact that Politifact is non-partisan and they also fact-check Democrats as much as they do Republicans, and he also ignores the fact that even other Republicans and conservative news sources say he is lying on some things.

Cruz sounds exactly like O'Reilly, when he is caught in a lie he slams the reporter and claims it is a big liberal plan to make him look bad, even though what they reported is true, and non-liberal sources also reported the same thing. And neither one of them ever prove the reporter wrong, they just attack them as liberals with an agenda, while not proving what they reported is not true.

Cruz is saying the non-partisan Politifact is "a left-wing editorial" filled with yellow journalism because Cruz seems immune to saying anything truthful. Oh, but his misinformation and lies are okay, because if he ever gets called out on something ridiculous he's said -- he was just joking. When he made the claim about sending "125k IRS agents to the border" a few weeks ago, he wasn't kidding. He later found out we only have 25k IRS agents in total, so he tried to cover up his mistake by saying he was just joking, but if you watch the tape you can see he was not joking.

This isn’t the first time Cruz has whined because Politifact continues to point out the fact that he seems unable to be honest about much of anything.

Cruz has proven time and time again that he does not care how wrong he is, or how much he lies, because he's well aware that the voters to which he's appealing to are not concerned with the truth -- they just want someone to tell them what they want to hear, no matter how inaccurate it is.

And that's exactly what Ted Cruz does. He has joined club Bill O'Reilly, and they both do the very same thing. In fact, I would not be shocked if I found out O'Reilly advised him on how to do it, attack the attacker and use diversion tricks, that is what O'Reilly does when he gets caught lying.

Maher: Scott Shooting Shows Police Problem More Than Few Bad Apples
By: Steve - April 11, 2015 - 11:00am

Friday night Bill Maher tackled the tragic shooting of Walter Scott and said it's pretty clear that there is a problem with police culture and it needs to change.

What disturbed Maher most about the video of Officer Michael Slager shooting Scott is how "routine and nonchalant" it feels. Fareed Zakaria brought up under-reported stats on these kind of shootings, while Christina Bellantoni talked about how cameras on phones have helped the conversation in so many ways.

Maher and Ross Douthat went back and forth a little about a new Republican focus on criminal justice reform. Maher said the right "definitely thinks racism is over in America" and brought up the issue of gun culture, before saying that police culture needs to change.

He acknowledged the idea that a lot of cops are good, but seeing the Scott video made it very clear that it's not just a few bad apples, "there's something wrong with the whole barrel."

Pew Poll Proves O'Reilly Wrong That America Is A Center-Right Country
By: Steve - April 11, 2015 - 10:00am

And of course, O'Reilly never said a word about it, because he does not want you to know the truth, he wants you to believe his right-wing propaganda that America is a center right country, so here are the facts.

Pew Research dug deep into the long term trends on party affiliation and found that more demographic groups lean Democratic than Republican, and more Americans lean towards supporting Democrats.

Pew found that Republicans are just who they are often thought to be. Mormons (+48) and Evangelical Christians (+46) were the heaviest skewing Republican groups followed by white Southerns (+21), white men with some or no college education (+21), white voters (+9), and voters age 69-86 (+4).

The demographic groups that tilt Democratic include Blacks (+69), Asians (+42), religiously unaffiliated (+36), postgraduate women (+35), Jewish (+30), Hispanics (+30), millennials (+16).

According to Pew, more Americans lean Democratic than Republican:
Most of those who identify as independents lean toward a party. And in many respects, partisan leaners have attitudes that are similar to those of partisans -- they just prefer not to identify with a party.

The balance of leaned partisan affiliation has changed little in recent years: 48% identify with the Democratic Party or lean Democratic, while 39% identify as Republicans or lean toward the GOP. Democrats have led in leaned party identification among the public for most of the past two decades.
One of the reasons why Republicans have lost five of the last six popular votes in presidential elections is that more Americans lean towards supporting the Democratic Party.

Something O'Reilly ignores and never reports on. He claims America is a center-right country, while Democrats are winning the popular vote in almost every Presidential election now, which is the most important election where most people vote.

The media and Republicans like to perpetuate the myth that America is a conservative nation, but the reality is that America is a lot more liberal than conservatives care to admit.

Pew examined data from 1992-2014, and the result confirms that the Democratic Party is more diverse than the GOP.

The key demographics for Republicans are centered around evangelicals, Mormons, whites, Southerners, men, and older Americans. This group is more likely to care about beliefs and social issues over economics and pocketbook politics.

With Democrats emphasizing middle-class economics and populist ideas, it is not surprising that they hold a built-in advantage with much of the national electorate.

One of the byproducts of the Republicans Great Recession under Bush is that the country has moved left. And now most voters oppose the Republican agenda of trickle-down economics and tax cuts for the wealthy.

And btw, here is something else O'Reilly never mentions. America is moving left more and more every year, and if Republicans don't come with it, they are going to a regional party that gets left behind.

CIA Head: Critics Of Iran Deal Disingenuous On The Facts
By: Steve - April 10, 2015 - 10:00am

Many critics of the Iran deal last week, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have said that the deal does not block Iran's path to obtain a nuclear bomb, but instead paves it.

But the CIA Director John Brennan spoke about the deal Tuesday at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and responded to that particular criticism from Netanyahu and others.

Brennan said this:
"The individuals who say that this deal provides a pathway for Iran to a bomb are being wholly disingenuous, if they know the facts and understand what is required for a program. I certainly am pleasantly surprised that the Iranians have agreed to so much here."
He also said critics should not be trying to dismantle the deal by making unrealistic demands, saying this: "You're not going to get the Iranians to just totally dismantle everything and say, 'OK, we're not going to pursue any type of nuclear capability from a peaceful perspective.'"

And those are the facts, not the right-wing propaganda you get from the Republicans who would not tell you the truth if you paid them.

O'Reilly Was Dishonest About Stats Covering Police Shootings
By: Steve - April 9, 2015 - 11:00am

Bill O'Reilly cited debunked statistics to claim that more white than black Americans are killed by police officers in the wake of the fatal South Carolina police shooting of an unarmed black man.

While at the same time doing an unfair and unbalanced segment on the story, with a biased guest who agreed with him, and not having a counter guest to present the other side of the story. Not once did either one of them mention the police lied when they said it was self-defense. O'Reilly made the story about racial tensions instead of making it about a dishonest cop who lied.

He actually implied the protestors were wrong to complain, and slammed people like Al Sharpton for speaking out about it, even though we know the cop lied and will be charged with murder. O'Reilly did admit the cop was wrong to kill the guy and that he will most likely be convicted, but the rest of it was right-wing spin and defending the cops, while citing cherry-picked and debunked stats about police shootings.

A police officer was charged with murder in the shooting death of an unarmed black man in North Charleston, South Carolina on April 7, as reported by The New York Times. The Times noted that "the shooting came on the heels of high-profile instances of police officers' using lethal force in New York, Cleveland, Ferguson, Mo., and elsewhere. The deaths have set off a national debate over whether the police are too quick to use force, particularly in cases involving black men."

On the April 8th O'Reilly Factor, Bill O'Reilly condemned the South Carolina shooting, but used the opportunity to claim that "police shootings of black Americans" have fallen "70 percent in the last 40, 50 years," concluding that the statistics show "they're way, way down."

O'Reilly cited the statistic to claim that "there doesn't seem to be, as some people would have you believe, that police are trying to hunt down young black men and take their lives."

Which is a joke, because nobody says they are. The problem is there are some white cops who seem to be trigger happy to shoot blacks for anything, white not shooting whites for the same things. Then they lie about it and cover it up, and usually get away with it, except in this case where it was on tape and the cop was caught lying.

O'Reilly's statistics were debunked months ago when he initially cited them to claim that more white Americans are killed in police shootings than black Americans. Politifact called O'Reilly's claim "mostly false," noting that he relied on "shaky" statistics that fail to "paint a complete picture" due to a lack of comprehensive national data on fatal shootings by police officers.

And O'Reilly's statistics do not account for the disproportionate number of unarmed black Americans killed by police in the United States. As FiveThirtyEight wrote:
In 2014 and March of 2015, Mapping Police Violence counted 297 people killed by police around the country who were unarmed. Of those people, 117 were African-American, 167 were not, and the project couldn't identify race for 13.

That means 41 percent of unarmed people killed by police during that time in the database (with an identified race) were African-American, far out of proportion in a country that was 14 percent African-American in 2013.
What O'Reilly fails to do is measue the stats against the percent of blacks in America, that is where his argument falls apart. According to the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice (CJCJ), African Americans are the second "racial group most likely to be killed by law enforcement," following Native Americans.

The CJCJ said this: African Americans are 13 percent of the population, but they are victims in 26 percent of police shootings. Law enforcement kills African Americans at 2.8 times the rate of white non-Latinos, and 4.3 times the rate of Asians.

That is the stat O'Reilly should have used, because it shows the actual truth, but he did not use that stat, because he is a biased hack who does not want you to know the truth. Blacks are 13 percent of the population, but they are shot 26 percent of the time, which shows they are shot far more than whites. But O'Reilly used a stat to say whites are shot more than blacks, which is ridiculous, when you factor in the percentage of blacks in the population.

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Proof The O'Reilly Factor is Biased Against Barack Obama
O'Reilly said he is a non-partisan Independent, who is fair to both sides, and that he has been fair to Barack Obama. To check that claim I did a 3 month study of the Factor, it started on August 1st, 2008, and ran until October 31st, 2008. I watched the Factor every night and counted the negative and positive comments for Obama and McCain.

Visit the web page I set up, and you will see the stunning bias from O'Reilly and his mostly Republican guests against Barack Obama. Then you will see there is no doubt Bill O'Reilly is a dishonest and biased Conservative. This study is conclusive proof that O'Reilly is in the tank for John McCain.

Visit The Web Page Below to See The 3 Month Factor Bias Study:

Proof O'Reilly Lied About The Balance on His Show
O'Reilly claims the factor is balanced, and that he personally makes sure every week he has an equal number of Republican and Democrat guests. This is a bold faced lie, and I can prove it. I put together a web page that shows the guest list from the factor for the last 2 weeks. Read it and you will see with your own eyes that Bill O'Reilly is lying when he says the factor is balanced.

And remember that we are 3 weeks before a major Presidential election, or the Republican bias numbers would be worse than it is normally. O'Reilly is actually having more Democrats on than he usually does, and the balance is still not even close. If we were not so close to an election it would be a lot worse.

Visit The Web Page Below to See The Lies About The Factor Balance:

O'Reilly Sucks Investigation: Dishonesty, Deception, And Bias By Bill O'Reilly
O'Reilly claims there are no Republicans or Conservative groups that rival George Soros. O'Reilly said the top three conservative tax-exempt foundations are totally dwarfed by Soros and the radical Ford Foundation. And that they have 15 times more the assets. George Soros net worth is $8.5 billion, the Ford Foundation has a net worth of $13 billion. But the seven billionaires who donate to Newt Gingrich and other right-wing causes have a combined net worth of $34.8 billion dollars.

Somehow O'Reilly claims that Soros and the Ford Foundation have 15 times more the assets than anyone on the right. When the seven billionaires alone who give money to Newt, have roughly $14 billion more than Soros and the Ford Foundation combined.

Visit the web page below to see the massive money O'Reilly has ignored from the right:

(( Right-Wing Hate Speech Ignored by Bill O'Reilly ))
O'Reilly claims there is no hate on the right, that it's all on the left. But the way he defines hate is ridiculous, if a liberal blog or website writes an article that criticizes George W. Bush (or any Republican) O'Reilly calls it hate. When it's not hate, it's reporting the facts, there is no hate. A great example is when websites like,, etc. criticize O'Reilly he calls it hate, and says they are hate groups who lie about him.

That is a lie, it is not hate, and they are not hate websites. There is real hate on the internet, but O'Reilly does not report it, because most of it is from the right. I have documented this hate in my blog and on a web page, all of it was ignored by Bill O'Reilly, and it was never reported on the Factor.

Visit the web page below to see the massive right-wing hate O'Reilly has ignored: Privacy Policy

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