News Panel Laughs At Trump Supporters Trying To Defend Free Games & Golf Trips

free slot gamesNow this was funny, Trump and other Republicans (including Bill O’Reilly) used to slam Obama every time he played Golf games, over and over, then on top of that Trump said if he was the President he would never spend taxpayer money playing Golf, he said he would be too busy doing the job of president.

Now Trump is Golfing almost every weekend, and spending 50 times more than Obama did doing it, but the Trump supporters still defend it. Except for O’Reilly, he just ignores it and never says a word about it.

In Donald Trump’s first 81 days in office, he has spent 21 of them at his Mar-a-Lago resort at a total cost to taxpayers of around $21.6 million — just on those trips.

During President Obama’s eight years in office, taxpayers spent $97 million on extracurricular expenses for himself and his family. That means we’re on pace to spend more on Trump’s extracurricular expenses in the first 365 days of his administration than we did during Obama’s entire 8 years in office.

Being that Republicans like to champion themselves the party of fiscal responsibility, while Trump, himself, frequently attacked Obama for playing golf, you would think this outrageous hypocrisy would be indefensible, right?

Wrong ! The Trump administration and his supporters are laughably trying to defend this hypocritical behavior and the outrageous amount of money taxpayers are paying so that Trump can spend roughly one-fourth of his time playing free games.

This was the topic on CNN that saw Don Lemon and two other panelists bursting into laughter at Trump supporters Ben Ferguson and Kayleigh McEnany desperately trying to spin this glaring contradiction from the Trump, the GOP, and the conservative media.

“We crunched the numbers and found that president has spent six weekends and a total of 21 days at Mar-a-Lago, the total cost of those trips around $21.6 million,” Lemon stated.

“Just for pure numbers sake, in the first 81 days of office, President Obama went to the golf course course zero times,” panelist Bakari Sellers added. “Let’s talk about the fiscal accountability or lack thereof and the fact is Trump is on a pace to spend more money traveling in his first year.”

Lemon when on to say that after all the things Trump said about Obama going golfing, if you “don’t see the hypocrisy in that, then you don’t want to see it, you’re blind.”

While the CNN host gave Ferguson and McEnany chances to defend Trump, both did everything they could to talk about anything but golf. After McEnany comically tried to claim that liberals have been hypocritical about Syria, as Lemon mockingly reminding her that the topic was about his golf trips, Ferguson went on to claim that Trump’s using these trips as tools to build relationships with other world leaders.

“He can’t do that in D.C., Camp David?” Lemon said, clearly trying to hold back laughter.

This prompted Ferguson to then claim that the choice of a Florida location is about better weather, at which point Lemon sarcastically quipped that “your golf clubs don’t work in the cold,” before reminding him that the temperatures were in the 50’s in D.C. this weekend.

“You never criticize, we show the tape of the president being hypocritical and you go, ‘no he’s not.'” Lemon stated. “You can’t even acknowledge it and you have no credibility when you do that.”

If you can watch the clip, I would suggest that you do. There were moments you could tell that even Ferguson and McEnany were trying not to laugh at the fact that they knew there wasn’t a credible defense for this glaring hypocrisy.

It’s probably not a professional look to have a panel discussion filled with frequent laughter, but even I was laughing at the completely absurd ways Ferguson and McEnany were trying to defend Trump.

As Don Lemon stated, anyone still defending Donald Trump, especially now, has lost any and all credibility. Not that they really had much to begin with if they were gullible enough to ever support and defend this unqualified clown who is now in the White House.