Monday - 8-27-01, Today the CBO released the updated budget numbers that show Bush will take 9 billion from soc. sec. in 2001, 2 billion in 2002, 18 billion in 2003, and 3 billion in 2004. So what does O'Reilly cover ?
The powerball lottery, Gary Condit, Porn 101 classes, and crop circles. This is a classic case of O'Reilly and Fox News covering for George W. Bush. I would bet my life that if the President was a Democrat who broke a campaign promise to stay out of the Social Security Trust Fund O'Reilly would do a whole hour on the CBO numbers.

Missed Tuesdays show.

Wednesday - 8-29-01, O'Reilly said no more condit/levy stories so what does he do, a condit/levy story, a woman jumping off a bridge, a bee attack, roger clinton, talked to unibombers brother, and the U.N. conference on racism.
Basic Boring show with no real news and no budget, no abm treaty news, no cbo numbers news, as usual o'reilly covers for Bush by not reporting the real news. Like I said before if there is not positive news on Bush or the congress or the economy o'reilly just dont report it. The unabomber ? who cares about a 5 year old story. Where is the real news o'reilly ? That bee attack story sure was some hard hitting journalism. NOT !

Thursday - 8-30-01, O'Reilly is a joke, Once again (after promising to stop condit coverage) he leads off with talking points about gary condit then does 2 full segments on condit/levy. He said it was new developments, Bulls_ _t. The title of the story was "Is Condit damaging the nation" huh ? Tommorrow Bill will have condit causing the economic slowdown or maybe world hunger. So much for not doing any more condit stories.
O'Reilly also covered the Nicolay Soltys story, Bill covers a story thats been on all three 24/7 news channels all day and all night then says it is drama you wont want to miss. huh ? Earth to Bill the drama was on all day and all night.
Then he did the little league over age kid story with steak shapiro, enough said.
This was the best one of the night, O'Reilly does a story titled "Will The Stock Market Crash" huh ? Earth to Bill, it crashed 3 months ago. What planet has he been on ?
Finally we had a 3 year old shark story that Bill did for inside edition, it showed Bill and a shark guy fishing for sharks. huh ? Hey Bill that journalism degree really paid off for this show didn't it ? NOT !

Friday - 8-31-01, Tonights show was a repeat, same old crap. Blame the democrats for everything blah, blah, blah. Of course o'reilly did not tell the viewers it was a repeat, I knew because I remember watching it before. If you broadcast a repeat and dont tell the viewers aint that spin ? Most honest tv shows have the guts to tell the viewers when a show is a repeat, oops sorry I mentioned honesty and o'reilly in the same sentence. I promise it will never happen again. "we report - you decide"