Monday - 9-10-01, Talking Points, Personal accountability - More B.S from O'Reilly trying to shove his morals down someone else's throat. Bill wanted to know where the outrage was over the high school kids stripper party. There is none, what is wrong with a few high school kids drinking and smoking pot and seeing a naked woman in their own home with their parents permission ? Get a grip O'Reilly, The world has evolved and you are stuck in 1950. Stop trying to impose your moral standards on everyone, this is america. If the kids parents want to hire a stripper what business is it of yours ? Republicans like O'Reilly crack me up, they preach morals and pro life crap and personal accountability then cry about a party with a stripper. Get over it, do some real news, you are wasting tv time on this crap that is meaningless and you cant do anything about it anyway.
Campus Chaos - O'Reilly crying about college kids who got drunk and had some fun. Oh my god the world is going to end because a few drunk college kids started a fire and vandalized a few cars. NOT !
Costas/Blimpbaugh - Of course O'Reilly backed Rush Blimpbaugh, DUH ! They talked about Blimpbaugh mocking black people. Here is the good part, O'Reilly said to costas that if Blimpbaugh mocked white people then he must mock black people or it's reverse racism. What, Does this fool actually think before he says this crap ? I never heard such crap in my life, Somehow in O'Reillys warped mind he thought up a way to try to defend Rush Blimpbaugh for racist mocking of blacks. He also asked Costas if Rush pandered to the far-right ? DUH ! Listen to his insane biased moronic looney tune radio show for 2 minutes and you will see Rush not only panders to the far right he is proud of it. O'Reilly should be fired for dumbness.
Marilyn Monroe - Who cares, Not even worth writing about. Old boring re-hashed over-done waste of time crap. Where is the hard hitting journalistic analysis Billy Boy ?
Mexican Amnesty - 67% of the american people say no amnesty. How hard is that to understand, Republicans are usually 100% for enforcing the letter of the law. So how come they want to make 3 million illegals legal ? Political reason maybe, DUH ! These republicans have so many double standards that I lost track of what they are for and what they are against. One day they are for something and the next day they are not for it. Talk about flip flopping on issues, If Bush and the republicans flip-flopped any more they would be accused of running the government by the polls, lol. Which they clearly try to make us believe they care about the working people, Yeah Right (He said with a wink and a nod) They preach moderate then practice right-wing. It's called lying.......

Tuesday - 9-11-01, No Review Due to the terrorist attack on the world trade center and the pentagon. It's time to drop some laser guided 2000 pounders on bin ladens terrorist camps, We should have taken this bozo out a long long time ago. If Bush ever does anything he should take out bin laden.

Wednesday - 9-12-01, No review because O'Reilly did a terrorist show. I would like to say that when O'Reilly does straight news shows like this one on terrorism he does a hell of a good job. The problem is when he does his regular shows he trys to impose his conservative 1950 morals, his biased partisan viewpoints, his right-wing spin, and his insane personal opinions on the whole country. If he would do all his shows as straight news and equally represent both democratic and republican viewpoints fairly he could truly have a good show that everyone could watch. Instead he spins the right-wing talking points and the conservative agenda, He uses unfair debating tactics and biased studies from conservative based groups to back up his viewpoints. It's sad that he cant get past the partisan spin and just do a news show. There you go Bill I just gave you a good review, don't get used to it because in about a week I will go right back to slapping you around like the republican you are.

Thursday - 9-13-01, Another terrorist show, I have to say that only 2 days after the worst attack on american people in the history of our country O'Reilly is already resorting to the partisan blame game. Tonight O'Reilly blamed clinton for the terrorist attack, O'reilly you sir are Biased Unpatriotic Scum. Mr. Clinton was prohibited by law from going after Bin Laden. A president can't just go into a foreign country and grab someone, american soldiers will die trying it, would you go do it ? You also need permission, you need congress to agree, you need support from the people and the foreign governments etc. etc. etc. To blame Mr. Clinton for the terrorist attack is dumb and partisan and just wrong. This is the time for all americans to unite and put the partisan hats away. When we have turned afghanistan into a parking lot and killed Bin Laden then you can go back to blaming clinton for all the worlds problems you dumb ass loser.

Bill O'Reilly Blames Clinton For The Terrorist Attacks
Read This For The Facts on How O'Reilly is Wrong

Friday - 9-14-01, No Review because of terrorist attack. I do have a few thoughts about O'Reillys tactics on his regular shows.
Here is a couple standard O'Reilly tactics:
He will cover a political issue and invite one republican and one democrat on to debate it. Then he gives a long-winded speech with his opinion on the topic then he almost always goes to the republican first for his/her opinion. He lets the republican talk with no interruption and then goes to the democrat and says "what say you Mr./Mrs. Democrat" then if the democrat disagrees with O'Reilly he/she barely gets 15 words out and O'Reilly interrupts him/her.
Then Bill will say "well thats your opinion" implying that they have not studied the issue or that they are uninformed etc. But when the republican agrees with Bill he never ever says "well thats your opinion" how is it just an opinion if you disagree with Bill but if you agree with him it's more than just an opinion.
Either way it's a 2 on 1 with Bill and a republican against the one democrat.
Another tactic is when O'Reilly says to a guest something from a study or a report or some kind of stats, it's a scam. Bill gets some bogus report that is biased and then cites it as fact, His stats are almost always from a conservative group or from a corporate study. Then he will say "I have the report right in front of me" yeah a biased one sided report paid for by a corporation or done by a conservative group. Plus you can find a study or a report and twist the conclusions of that report by only reporting the stats you like and the ones that agree with your position.
Bill finds a study or report then he cherry picks the numbers or statements that back up his opinion and he leaves out the ones that dont. He cited the study telling people that drilling in ANWR would create 700,000 jobs and supply oil for years. What he dont tell you is that study is 11 years old and was done by The American Petroleum Institute. He also dont tell you what the democrats or the environmentalists say about it. It's called biased, unfair, republican debating tactics. I could go on but thats enough for now.
Read the link below for the truth, not the O'Reilly right-wing spin.

Bush Has Some Very Shaky Figures on ANWR Drilling