Monday - 9-3-01, Repeat, same old crap. blame democrats for everything, taxes too high, his dad was poor, liberals are evil, blah, blah, blah.

Tuesday - 9-4-01, In the talking points O'Reilly spewed a bunch of crap about poor people who dont get good attorneys, he said this:

It is true that if you are poor, and can't afford a good lawyer, your odds of going to prison skyrocket. But you know what? Tough. Don't do the crime! Poverty is a terrible thing. But millions fight their way out of it, legally! If you are a poor criminal, you know what awaits you. So too bad. Society does not have a responsibility to provide top notch legal representation at taxpayer expense.

Read this article Bill then tell me innocent people dont go to jail:

Questionable testimony sends crime lab chemist back to court

I guess in his world if you do a crime you dont deserve a good attorney. And this from the guy who is for the "working man" with bill on their side they dont need enemies. Earth to O'Reilly, you are innocent until proven guilty. If a poor person cant get a good attorney the government just might send an innocent person to jail. If the person has a bad attorney it's not a fair trial, I guess in Bills world fairness is a meaningless word.
O'Reilly trashed the ACLU again then when the guy accused Bill of hating the ACLU (which he does) he spun the answer and said he never gives his opinion on them. He dont have to we know he hates the ACLU because he attacks almost every case they get involved in. How dumb does he think people are ?
He talked about NAMBLA again, get off it Bill. dont you realize every time you talk about those losers you just give them more publicity ? Where is the real news Bill ?
He had juan williams on to talk about slavery reperations, what a joke, juan williams is supposed to be a democrat yet he goes on O'Reilly and agrees with everything Bill says. juan should switch to republican, he is not a real democrat.
Finally he talked about Janet Reno vs Jeb Bush, he has a republican on and asks him if Reno can win, lol. The republican said no and Bill agreed, what a shocker. Duh !
Boring, bad, lame, show. Great job of covering for Bush and the republicans Bill. Does the republican party pay you to not report the actual news ?

Wednesday - 9-5-01, Talking Points - Bill thinks an underage girl should not have an abortion without telling her parents. I actually agree with Bill (waiting for lightning to strike) Yes I said I agree with Bill.
Mexican amnesty - Bill says do not give blanket amnesty to those illegal 3 million mexicans. I agree with Bill again (Has hell froze over) ?
More nambla crap - Bill thinks the aclu shoud not defend them, While I disagree with men having sex with underage boys or girls if we dont defend people with web sites there will be a lot of new prisoners. Did Billy Boy forget we have free speech ? If I read a web site that talks about sex with minors and then I have sex with a minor how is that the web sites fault ? Dont republicans preach personal accountability, Why is this guy not accountable for his actions ?
Another condit story - Bill must have forgot he said no more condit stories.
Bill had Donna Brazile on to talk about an Al Gore run in 2004, he said Al Gore and John Kerry and John edwards are all the same guy. Not in my world, John Kerry is a great american who would get my vote for President in a heartbeat. They are 3 different people and to call them the same is an insult.
More crap about Ann Heche - Who gives a rats ass about ann heche ?
Bill finally had the man from on to talk about their story about fox news and Bill, wow he is only 3 months late. That story is dead right and Bill hardly let the guy get a word in because he was afraid the guy would prove it on his show. O'Reilly said fox news is not a right-wing news network and neither is he. HUH ? Earth to Bill yes it is and yes you are.
Hey Billy Boy, Most of the news shows today covered congress going back in session, the shrinking budget surplus, the UN racism meeting, Missle defense, Bush, The economy, etc. etc. etc. Where is your news ? Hell I could do a TV show and run cover for Bush and the republicans and do it without a journalism degree. Hillary said if it was a movie it would be called "Honey I Shrunk The Budget" now that was funny.
The best one tonight was in an e-mail letter to Bill, One of his kool-aid drinking worshippers said they should allow cloning and clone 52 Bill O'Reillys "One For Each State" Earth to kool-aid drinking O'Reilly worshippers ( We Have 50 States Not 52 ) rotflmfao.......If this shows the intelligence of his viewers be afraid be very afraid. NOT !

Thursday - 9-6-01, Talking Points - Bill finally talked about the economy, Of course his answer is a captiol gains tax cut. Yes he wants to cut taxes even more for rich people. How does he sleep at night ?
Bill talked about the Bush administration stonewalling on campaign finance - Holy sh_t Bill finally found a topic he could hammer bush on. It's a miracle. Then Bill takes a segment about Bush stonewalling on campaign finance and turns it into a clinton bashing segment. Did you expect anything less ?
Another condit story - so much for never doing another condit story. Bill and Bush have one thing in common, they both lie !
Stripper party for high school kids - Booze, Pot, and a stripper, sounds like a good party to me. O'Reilly is an old foolish prude, let the kids have some good clean fun you old gimmer. Why does O'Reilly try to impose his moral values on other people ? Who made him god ? Shut up already with the morality lectures Bill, All you do is waste tv time and nobody cares what you think about someone else's moral values. Bill wants the parents to do 30 days in jail, What nonsense.
Bill Kristol on Bush, spin, spin, spin, spin, spin, segment over
Clint Eastwood Disability Lawsuit - He talked to mark foley (R - FL.) and Clint Eastwood. Bill played this topic fair for a change, He actually sided against the business owner (Clint Eastwood) on the 90 day notice before filing the lawsuit. Maybe all that hate mail he must get has sunk in on him. Why do I think it was spin for his critics ?
More Ann Heche crap - Shut up already.
How is it republicans like Bill preach privacy and personal accountability etc. etc. then try to impose their moral standards and views on other people ?
Take abortion as an example, I believe a woman has the right to do whatever she wants with her body. I dont tell anyone what to do with their life or their body because I believe in total freedom and 100% free speech. Republicans think they have the right to tell people what to do with their lives and their bodys. I say, shut up losers and worry about your own life and your own body. !

This Topic was not on tonight's show but I felt like talking about it and it's my web site so I will, lol.
Bill's flawed fantasy opinions on pot smoking and drugs, shut up Bill. Millions and Millions of people smoke pot, you cant stop it, you will never stop it. The drug war is a joke, when millions of people can get a plant that can be grown in closets, basements, attics, houses, outside, everywhere you will never ever stop it as long as the people want it. Shut up on drugs, you are clueless. I could leave my house right now and get any drug I want if I have the money, In fact it's easier to get drugs now than it was 30 years ago before the drug war even started. 70% of all high school kids said they have access to drugs in school even when the school has a zero tolerence policy. I believe pot should be legal but coke and other hard drugs should stay illegal, why only pot you say ?
Because pot can be grown anywhere and you will never stop it and it's not even close to as bad as drinking and drinking is legal. Can you imagine how much money we would make and save if pot was legal and taxed ? It boggles the mind. Plus The drug war has been a massive failure and will never work. Talk about wasting money, Add up what we have spent in 30 years on a failed policy trying to stop pot smoking ?
And yes I speak from personal experience, I smoked pot every day for 20 years from 1975 to 1995. Look at me now, I taught myself HTML and TABLES and some javascript, I am the webmaster of 3 web sites and I am smarter than Bill O'Reilly. My brain works fine, my IQ is 125 and I can learn anything I put my mind to. I also drink a rum and coke or two a week so I know drinking is 10 times worse than smoking pot. How is that for no-spin Billy Boy ?

Friday - 9-7-01, Another repeat. Funny how Bill seems to take a lot of days off since all the negative press has come out about Bush and his Administration. Coincidence, I think not. Well if Bill can take a day off so can I, lol.