Conclusive Proof The Freepers Rigged a Poll

I am a registered member of yet I was not sent this poll, they released the poll on 1-17-02 and I did not get to take it. It looks like zogby is now rigging his polls. I did not get it and I am registered there to be a poll taker. I know 6 or 8 other democrats who have told me they did not get that poll either. You can register to be an official zogby poll taker, I registered about a year ago and used to get his polls about once or twice a month by e-mail. Now I do not get them anymore, they stopped coming about 2 months ago.

Here is the url to it:

Released: January 17, 2002

Are you proud or ashamed to have George W. Bush as President of the United States?

Proud - 81.5%
Ashamed - 8.1%
Not Sure - 10.4%

The above poll was taken by registered poll takers only. There is also a poll on the front page of their web site that anyone can take, you do not have to be registered with to take this poll. This is the poll the freepers have rigged.

I did a screen capture of the poll earlier and put it on my web site:

Earlier at 1:23pm cst. it was 54% ashamed and 41% proud with a total of 1600 votes for all 3 categories, now it's 39% ashamed and 57% proud. The freepers have got a hold of it, they are cheating on it by deleting their cookies and multiple voting.

Here are the current numbers from 9:00am the next day:

Proud - 17773 or 60%
Ashamed - 11503 or 39%
Not Sure - 118 or 0%
Total Votes - 29394

Yet the registered members zogby poll has bush at 81% proud while the front page poll at only has him at 60% and thats even after the freepers rigged it. So how accurate is the zogby members internet poll that has 81% proud ? I hate to say it but it looks like zogby is even rigging his member taken internet polls. In my opinion this is unamerican.

The front page poll has been freeped, that means they rigged it and here is the proof.

It is now 3:00pm and it reads 61% Proud and 35% Ashamed, the vote count for PROUD has went up by 1800 votes in 1.5 hours. Before the freepers found this poll the total votes for proud and ashamed and not sure was 1600. That means the freepers voted 1800 times for PROUD in 1.5 hours, yet it was there all day until 1:23 pm and the TOTAL votes for both proud and ashamed was 1600 for all day. During that 1.5 hours the ashamed votes only went up by 167 votes.

It looks like they must have 20 or 30 or who knows how many freepers rigging that poll.

They are voting then deleting their cookies then voting again and they sit there for hours doing it. They have mailing lists of wackos who spend all day rigging polls by voting again and again.

Here are a few examples of the posts they made about this poll at, for anyone that dont know what freeped and bumped means, it means to rig the poll and to make a new post so it stays at the top of the message board. Then they send it out to mailing lists and ping list and who knows what all they do. Then boatloads of freepers go to the poll and sit there and cheat on it by voting with netscape for their browser and deleting the cookie from zogby then voting again. They sit there and vote 50 times each, so 10 freepers can add 500 votes by cheating/rigging these polls in as little as 1.5 hours. Imagine what 50 freepers could do ?

Here are copies of the posts they made and the url to see for yourself:

Here are some examples of their message board postings from about the zogby front page poll:

Webmaster: Look at these 2 posts, one person says they reported for poll rigging then in the very next post the freeper admits to deleting his cookies and voting. They are the ones who are rigging the poll then they complain to the media about people at doing it when the people are not rigging anything the freepers are. These people have no brains.

To: CoryLund

"FREEPERS: I've already contacted news organizations to tell them that I beleive Zogby may be rigged by insiders or Bush-haters like DU. I asked them to look into this!"

I hope Fox was one of the news organizations you contacted. I hope they DO look into it, and I hope the DU gets into serious trouble for it. Sombody is running some sort of script, definitely.

31 posted on 1/23/02 11:34 AM Pacific by cake_crumb
To: LoanPalm

Deleted my cookies and voted.

Overall, is President George W. Bush a positive or a negative role model?
Positive 23 % 839 votes
Negative 77 % 2798 votes
Not sure 0 % 14 votes
Total: 3651 votes

32 posted on 1/23/02 11:38 AM Pacific by Salvation
Freep This Poll

Posted on 1/22/02 12:37 PM Pacific by N2Gems

Half way down on the left.
To: Sabertooth

shotgun ping time

4 posted on 1/22/02 12:43 PM Pacific by Texaggie79
To: N2Gems

Freeped and bumped ~

6 posted on 1/22/02 12:52 PM Pacific by occam's chainsaw
To: occam's chainsaw

Freeped and Bumped again! We need to get to work on this one.

7 posted on 1/22/02 12:55 PM Pacific by DelmarvaMike
To: N2Gems

Freeped and sent to my email list!

9 posted on 1/22/02 12:57 PM Pacific by FreeperJr.
To: Texaggie79

You can vote repeatedly.

21 posted on 1/22/02 1:06 PM Pacific by DallasDeb

Note From The Webmaster: People at have also voted on this poll, the difference is the democrats are not rigging the poll. They only vote one time and do not use the delete cookie trick. the proof is the fact that the PROUD votes went up by 1800 votes in a 1.5 hour period while the ASHAMED votes only went up by 167 votes in that same 1.5 hour period. If democrats were rigging that poll there would have been a hell of a lot more votes than 167 in 1.5 hours. Also does not have mailing lists or bump lists or ping list. We vote one time and leave, the freepers vote multiple times and tell others to do the same.

To: N2Gems

Freeped! (: >>Hope everyone has sent this to every one in their address book. The DU idiots will do anthing to kill the perception of a "favored" president. Any other polls we should know about?

35 posted on 1/22/02 1:24 PM Pacific by CoryLund

Note From The Webmaster: Notice the above post, the freepers call the people idiots when they are the ones rigging this poll. If they are so right about bush then why do they have to rig this poll to get the results they want ? They rig a poll then they post how proud they are to have cheated a poll. Is this unamerican ? I think so, people are not supposed to rig polls.

To: Texaggie79

Freeped five times!

49 posted on 1/22/02 1:39 PM Pacific by Jacvin
To: 68-69TonkinGulfYatchClub

Making sure you got pinged for this. The new list is a mixed bag. It is nice to be able to ping everyone at once but you can't see who is on the list.

50 posted on 1/22/02 1:40 PM Pacific by farmfriend
To: Shift_Master

When both sides cheat, what is the point of having a poll?

The point is that we can beat the Libs at their own game. Also, these polls can get widely reported and influence public opinion. The ones that embarass the Right are almost guaranteed to see the evening news. Therefore, a solid defense includes ensuring that there are few polls that are skewed against us. Besides, there are plenty of polls (most in fact) that are wise to the 'cookie game', and are a fair fight... but we usually win by an even larger FReeping margin on those! ;^)

205 posted on 1/23/02 5:18 AM Pacific by Teacher317

Note From The Webmaster: Both sides are not cheating, only the freepers are. The link to the poll was put up at and etc. where 150,000 democrats visit a day. a lot of them voted on the poll and voted only one time, at there are no mailing lists or ping lists or bump lists or people who are using the cookie trick. The freepers are the only ones who do this. Notice this: 205 posted - the freepers made 205 posts on this poll yet the vote count for PROUD is now 17655. that means they voted 16655 times in a very short time, up until 1:23pm the total vote count for both was 1600.

To: BJClinton, JulieRNR21, LadyGOP, nutmeg, rintense, summer, OneidaM, KLT, cool guy, doug from uplan

"I love the smell of FReeping in the morning" Smells pretty darn good in the afternoon with 58% proud and 38% ashamed, but it still could use more help.

53 posted on 1/22/02 1:45 PM Pacific by StarFan
To: N2Gems

"Don't freep till you see the blacks and whites of their polls".

Keep bumping for the night shift!


58 posted on 1/22/02 1:55 PM Pacific by MinuteGal
To: N2Gems

It's good to see democracy in action!

70 posted on 1/22/02 3:01 PM Pacific by Prodigal Son

Note From The Webmaster: These people cheat on a poll and call it democracy. They are an insult to democracy and an insult to america.

To: CoryLund

Yeah, we usually OWN these things, multiple-voting or not!

104 posted on 1/22/02 6:08 PM Pacific by Teacher317
To: Teacher317

Tools>Internet Options>Security>Custom Level>Cookies-Disable

You will be logged out of FR.

106 posted on 1/22/02 6:16 PM Pacific by PhilDragoo
To: demkicker

Oh, we can vote more than once? I'm new at this! Is that fair?

108 posted on 1/22/02 6:18 PM Pacific by Wordsmith

Note From The Webmaster: What is this ? An honest freeper ? Probably not for long.

To: N2Gems

Come on y'all!!! Turn off your cookies and lend a hand!!

I can't do this all by myself. We've had a net gain of over 800 vote since I started.

126 posted on 1/22/02 6:49 PM Pacific by LoanPalm
To: Texaggie79

Got it to 49%. Someone else's turn.

127 posted on 1/22/02 6:50 PM Pacific by AUsome Joy
To: pattycake

We're back in the lead. That's a net 1300 vote move in less than 20 minutes.

Pour it on.

130 posted on 1/22/02 6:54 PM Pacific by LoanPalm
To: Salvation;All

We're NOT locked out.

If you don't use Cookie Washer, Close the Zogby window ( I open them up in a new window.) Find the Zogby cookie in your Temp folder and delete it. Reopen the Zogby window. Vote again. I just did.

DARN!! We need more FReepers!! Positive 24 % 365 votes Negative 76 % 1145 votes

21 posted on 1/23/02 10:53 AM Pacific by cake_crumb

Webmaster: You get the picture ? They are rigging the poll. Now I challenge you to find a 205 post thread at on rigging this poll. I posted the url to the poll and the last time I looked it had about 14 replies, it was not even on the 1st page anymore because almost nobody replied to it. The freepers have 205 replies plus their mailing lists and their bump lists and their ping lists etc. These freepers put 17000 votes on this poll in less than a day, They even say to let the night shift take over freeping the poll. They rig these polls in shifts, at there are no day shifts or night shifts or any shifts because we dont rig polls. It is currently 9:00am the next day and the total vote count is 29339 votes. Yesterday at 5:00pm cst the total vote count was about 3000. At 1:23pm yesterday the total vote count was 1600. We had 11500 democrats vote one time each by going to the poll from numerous web sites who linked to the poll including the CNN message boards who also posted the url to the poll, I would guess the 200 to 300 freepers voted around 17000 times by using the multiple voting cookie trick when it was only linked from one web site called