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CNN Names & E-Mail Addresses:

You can't e-mail them through an @cnn address, you have to use the stupid feedback page that uses one of those lame javascript pop up windows. Go to the web page listed below and you will see what to do. Note to CNN, set it up like MSNBC does it so you can just e-mail the people directly, the javascript feedback function is a hassle. Page

CNBC Names & E-Mail Addresses:

Today's Business
Squawk Box
Market Watch
Power Lunch
Power Lunch (Questions for Guests)
Street Signs
Market Wrap
Business Center
America Now
Market Week with Maria Bartiromo
Hardball with Chris Matthews

MSNBC Names & E-Mail Addresses:

News (including U.S. News, International News, Politics, Crime, Science, Environment and Local News) [email protected]

Newsweek Contact Page
Letters to the Editor
Weekend Today
Nightly News with Tom Brokaw
Dateline NBC
Meet The Press With Tim Russert
Imus in the Morning
The Abrams Report
Hardball with Chris Matthews
The News with Brian Williams
Alan Keyes is Making No Sense

If you want to comment about something on MSNBC TV that you saw during the day or that doesn’t pertain to a particular show, click here: [email protected]

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I did not include the FOX News e-mail addresses or contacts because they are bought and paid for by the Bush white house and the RNC so why bother. If you want to fire off an e-mail telling them what a biased network they have you can find all their e-mail addresses here: Page