The List: Biased Conservatives in The Media
These Partisan News People Are Lying to You

12-24-01 -- Todays media is very conservative and getting more conservative all the time. The sad part of todays media is not what you see in the media but what you dont see, anyone with a computer and access to the internet knows that the mainstream media ignores a lot of real news stories to spend endless hours reporting on Gary Condit and shark attacks or the current 24/7 coverage of the war on terrorism. It's like all news stopped except for war news or coverage of the president reading a book to the poor kids he dont care about.

Every day it is getting harder and harder to get the hard news from mainstream american tv news outlets, millions of people are boycotting the mainstream media for the internet news such as the NY, the,, and the web sites because these news sources report all the news not just the news the biased corporate owned media outlets want you to see.

What most people dont know is that a lot of the so-called fair and balanced news people on tv, radio and in print are staunch conservatives. They claim to be impartial and objective yet they write for conservative web sites and newspapers, they also support virtually every conservative policy the republican party has. Ask yourself why Ronald Reagan tossed "The Fairness Doctrine" out ? So the wealthy republicans could start buying up all the media outlets and flood the tv, radio and print newspapers, tv stations etc. with the conservative view and know they would not have to give equal time to democratic views. We should all write our senators and congressman and demand the fairness doctrine be re-instated so the news can be truly fair and balanced.

The sad part is that they are guilty of non-disclosure, they are what I call "Closet Conservatives" they want you to trust them and believe them yet they lie to you about being a conservative. Ever hear of "we report you decide" and "fair and balanced" it's a myth. The truth is you cant claim to be fair and balanced when 99.9% of your employees are conservatives and the owner of the station is a conservative and a former speech writer for a republican president.

They do not disclose to the people what their political ideaology is, they are constantly introduced as syndicated columnist or from etc. What they dont tell you is that they are conservative syndicated columnists or that stands for conservative news service. They dont want you to know they are conservatives because then their lie will be exposed and you will not be so quick to believe their so-called impartial objective reporting.

I am going to list all the known conservatives in the media, it will include TV, Radio and Print conservative writers, tv hosts, op-ed writers, pundits, pollsters etc. Any time you see one of these names in a newspaper article or an op-ed piece or on TV or on a Radio show remember that they are known conservatives who put their right-wing spin on everything they say. They used biased studies and stats from mostly conservative groups or think tanks. Almost everything they say or write is biased to the right, a lot of it comes from the RNC talking points or right-wing sources etc.

Neal Boortz (R, P, TV)

Frank Luntz - Republican pollster
Kelly Ann Fitzpatrick - Republican pollster
Pat Buchanan (TV, P)
Robert Novak (TV, P)
William Buckley (TV, P)
Cal Thomas (P)
All of Fox News
Most of CNN
Most of MSNBC
Paul Gigot (TV, P)
Pat Robertson (TV)
Jerry Falewell (TV)
John Gibson (TV)
Charles Krauthammer (P)
John Leo (P)
James J. Kilpatrick (P)
Ben Wattenberg (TV, P)
Armstrong Williams (TV, R, P)
Thomas Sowell (P)
Fred Barnes (TV)
G. Gordon Liddy (R)
Michael Reagan (R)
James Dobson (R)
James Pinkerton (P)
Suzanne Fields (P)
Bob Grant (R)
George Will (TV, P)
Rush Limbaugh (R)
William Safire (P)
William Kristol (TV)
Bay Buchanan (TV)
John McLaughlin (TV)
Oliver North (TV, R)
Kate O'Beirne (TV)
Linda Chavez (P)
Tony Snow (TV, P)
James Glassman (TV, P)
Robert Bartley (P)
Mona Charen (P)
Laura Ingraham (TV)
John Stossel (TV)
Ken Hamblin (R)
Michael Barone (P)
Maggie Gallagher (P)
Sean Hannity (TV, R)
Bill O'Reilly (TV)
R. Emmett Tyrrell (P)
Tucker Carlson (TV)
Ann Coulter (TV, P)
Brit Hume (TV)
Chris Matthews (TV)
Don Imus (TV, R)
Brent Bozell (TV, P)
Larry Elder (TV, P, R)
Jonah Goldberg (TV, P)
Jack Kemp (TV, P)
Larry Kudlow (TV, P)
Michelle Malkin (TV, P)
Debbie Schlussel (TV, P)
Doug Bandow (P)
Bruce Bartlett (P)
Linda Bowles (P)
Steve Chapman (P)
Don Feder (P)
Federalist Weekend (P)
Edwin J. Feulner (P)
Frank J. Gaffney, Jr (P)
Paul Greenberg (P)
Michael Kelly (P)
Ross Mackenzie (P)
John McCaslin (P)
Brian McNicoll (P)
Joel Mowbray (P)
Bill Murchison (P)
Marvin Olasky (P)
Kathleen Parker (P)
Paul Craig Roberts (P)
Debra Saunders (P)
Phyllis Schlafly (P)
Amity Shlaes (P)
Jacob Sullum (P)
Mark Tapscott (P)
Rich Tucker (P)
Walter Williams (P)

*(TV = television, P = print, R = radio)