Bush Administration Violates States' Rights
Don't Republicans Preach FOR States Rights ?

12-25-01 -- Source: http://www.startribune.com/stories/462/905262.html

Note From The Webmaster: All we hear from the republicans is get the federal government out of our states and let the governors run their own state. UNLESS, the republicans in the federal government dont agree with state laws that are passed then they want to step in and over-rule those laws. I would bet the farm that if a state passed a law letting everyone carry a gun big brother Ashcroft and Bush would not over-rule that state law. Republicans are scum, they preach for states rights then get in power and over-rule states rights because they dont agree with the laws the states passed. This is outrageous, yet the conservative media barely says a word about it.

Gov. Jesse Ventura expressed disappointment at the Bush Justice Department's challenge to states' rights.

In an interview with Salon.com published Monday, Ventura said he's less worried the federal government might be trampling on civil rights in its pursuit of terrorist suspects than he is that states' rights are being violated in certain cases, such as one involving physician-assisted suicide.

``At a time of war, we're all going to pay a price,'' Ventura said. ``We're all going to lose certain freedoms as a result of the safety that needs to be put in place.''

But he added he's disturbed by Attorney General John Ashcroft's challenge of Oregon's physician-assisted suicide law. Oregon voters twice approved the law, but Ashcroft issued an order Nov. 6 barring it. Oregon is fighting in court to block the order.

``I'm more worried about what Ashcroft is doing with the assisted suicide in Oregon than I am with these perpetrators,'' Ventura said.

He said the medicinal use of marijuana is another issue where the federal government has stepped on states' toes. Seven states have passed laws approving the use of marijuana in medicine, but federal law prohibits the sale of marijuana for any purpose.

Ventura added, ``When you have states' people passing these laws saying `This is what we want,' and the heavy hand of the federal government comes in and says, `We don't care what your citizens said. We are the boss,' that troubles me a lot more.''

The governor said President Bush is disappointing him on the issue. ``He came in and told all of us governors that he was going to (follow) a federalism of giving powers back to the states, and yet it doesn't seem that that's happening at all,'' Ventura said. ``In fact, it seems the opposite is taking place.''

On a separate matter, Ventura said he didn't believe school children must be required to recite the Pledge of Allegiance to demonstrate patriotism.

``If you look at the young people who are over defending our freedom right now, every last one of them didn't have to do a mandatory Pledge of Allegiance, did they?'' he said. ``And yet they're still over there, aren't they?''

He said patriotism comes from the heart. ``You don't have to sit and recite certain things en masse to prove you have patriotism for the freedom of our country,'' Ventura said.