The Top 10 Republican Spinisms
Read This to See What real Spin is All About

11-30-2001 -

1) Spin is the house republicans stalling the airline security bill for 3 weeks because they were against making baggage screeners federal employees. Then after the polls show 75% of the people are for federal baggage screeners they instantly change their mind and vote for federal baggage screeners. Then Bush and the house republicans go on tv and take credit for passing an airline security bill.

2) Spin is the house republicans blocking the economic stimulus bill from passing because only 80% of it is going to the corporations and the wealthy. Then going on tv and accusing the democrats of holding up the stimulus bill because they want it to go where it would actually stimulate the economy.

3) Spin is telling the people we need to do away with the ABM treaty because it's out-dated and useless to us now. When the truth is that you just want to test a bogus missle defense system that cant and wont work so your friends with defense contracts will get richer. Does the Carlyle group ring a bell ? Hmmmmm, it seems Poppy Bush and the Carlyle group own defense contracts with the federal government, can you spell MAJOR conflict of interest ?

4) Spin is killing the ergonomics workplace saftey bill after 10 years of study claiming it is a bad bill Then saying you need to study it more before you come out with a good bill, only to never mention it again or want to.

5) Spin is being pro-death penalty yet pro-life at the same time. Then go on tv and claim pro-choice people are sinners and bad and they will go to hell for killing a life while at the same time you are FOR the death penalty and killing people who are already born.

6) Spin is running for President as a moderate compassionate conservative who will be bi-partisan and unite america. Then do the exact opposite 2 seconds after you get sworn in on January - 20 - 2001 and piss off the whole usa and the world with your far right knucklehead policies.

7) Spin is taking all the credit for getting the red cross to give out all the money for 9-11 when only 1 million people watch your show in a country of 300 million people. When the truth is that you might have had a 10% (if that) impact on the red cross giving out all the money.

8) Spin is supporting every republican issue and every republican policy except for the death penalty and global warming and claiming to be an independent. When the truth is the only reason you dont support the death penalty is because you think life with no parole in alaska eating bread and water doing hard labor is worse than the death penalty. Then pretending to believe in global warming so you can say " hey I believe in global warming" every time an honest person accuses you of being a conservative.

9) Spin is killing the 10 parts per billion clinton water standards that were set to take effect saying 10 parts per billion is too low and too costly for cities and states and needed to be studied more. When the truth is the whole usa was for reducing the standard from 50 parts per billion to 10 parts per billion. Then changing your mind after the people jumped your ass and suddenly deciding the 10 parts per billion is a fine standard.

10) Spin is telling the american people your news network is fair and balanced and the news network the people trust and we report-you decide and having only republican hosts and guests and pundits and experts and right-wing groups and then having 2 token democrats (3 with geraldo) so you can say "we are not a conservative news network". When the truth is the whole network is one big right-wing propaganda machine that never reports any negative stories about any republicans while at the same time covering every slightly ugly story about every democrat on the planet. If a democrat has a mistress who disappears it is covered 24/7 for months on end, yet an intern dies of head wounds in a big time future superstar republicans office after the police reported no visable wounds and the future superstar republican suddenly decides to retire from a promising career and it does not even get 1 minute of coverage on Fox.

I could have done 20 but I figured 10 was enough to prove my point, lol.