The Banner Exchange Program

UPDATE - 1-22-04 -- I now have 5 websites signed up for the banner exchange program.

Program Details: I will host all the banners on my server and charge a small fee for running the program and hosting the banners etc. That fee is $10 a month or $100 a year.

The banners must be 468x60, no animated banners. They should be 12k in file size, or less. We want the banners to load as fast as possible, so the smaller the file size the better. If you don't already have a banner like this I can make one for you.

Here is an example of the type of banner I am looking for, the banner below is only 6k in file size.

The fee to join is $10 a month or $100 a year, but you can pay by the month if you want to, plus you also save $20 by paying a year at a time.

You can pay through paypal, they do accept credit cards. You can also donate personal check, money order, or cashiers check. The sooner I get your payment, the sooner you will be added to the program. Just click the paypal button below:

Don't have paypal, snail mail your payment to the name and address below:

Steve Senti
5701 N. Terrace Ct. #1
Peoria Heights, IL.

Once you have made your payment e-mail me with your website url and your banner. Include your 468x60 banner as an attachment. The banners should be in .gif format, but .jpg is ok as long as it is 12k or less in file size. If you want me to make you a banner let me know when you e-mail me. I will add the banners to the script then post it here for you to copy and add to your front page. The body part of the script must be put at the top center of your front page. I will check your website once in a while to make sure it is at the top of the front page.

The script automatically rotates banners in a random starting order and then changes to a new banner every 5 seconds. Each time the page loads it starts with a random banner, then it shows all the banners in the script every 5 seconds. Each one is clickable to your website as your banner is showing. So everyone will get the same number of banner views.

E-mail me or post on the message board in the O'Reilly-Sucks forum, and let me know if you want to join the program. As of right now there are 6 websites in the program, I will go up to 10, so if you still want to join you better hurry before someone beats you to it.

[email protected]

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