O'Reilly Lied About How Many Liberals Watch The Factor

Whenever someone says to Bill that the Factor has mostly conservative viewers and Bill is a conservative he will say that his show gets an equal blance of conservatives and liberals. Guess what, that is a lie. Yes I said lie, the Factor does not get an equal amount of conservatives and liberal viewers. You are now thinking how do I know this, here is the answer to that question.

The Pew Research center did a media study in June of 2002, it is called:

Public's News Habits Little Changed by September 11.
Americans Lack Background to Follow International News

Introduction and Summary:

Now before you dismiss this study as some far left BS, read the actual report, they do not trash FOX news or claim it is some far right propaganda machine for Bush as I would have. In fact it is an objective and fair study that only reports the hard facts.

They even found that more liberals watch FOX than watch CNN, which I find hard to believe myself, they also downplay the conservative bias of FOX, here is a quote from their findings.

The audience for the Fox News Channel is somewhat more conservative than for other TV news outlets, but not dramatically so. Nearly half of Fox viewers identify themselves as conservatives (46%), while 32% are moderates and 18% are liberals. The audience for CNN, Fox's main rival, is more evenly split between conservatives and moderates (40%, 38%) and includes roughly the same proportion of liberals (16%).

In Section I: Watching, Reading and Listening to the News we find this:

Ideological Profiles of News Audiences

For all the controversy over Fox News Channel's supposed ideological leanings, its audience is only slightly more conservative than the national average. Nearly half (46%) of regular viewers of Fox describe themselves as conservatives, while 18% describe themselves as liberal. By comparison, CNN's regular audience is 40% conservative and 16% liberal.

The ideological gaps are more significant when it comes to particular programming on these and other news sources. In the regular audience for the O'Reilly Factor conservatives outnumber liberals by 56%-5%. The ideological profile of those who regularly listen to Rush Limbaugh and religious programming on the radio is even more heavily conservative.

Largely because the television news audience is dominated by older people (who tend to be more conservative), the profile of nearly every television news source is slightly more conservative than the national average. Fox News and the more business-oriented CNBC have the most conservative audiences, while the audience for the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer is, if anything, slightly more liberal than the national average.

The only news-oriented media that has a decidedly liberal profile is the readership of literary magazines such as the New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly and Harper's Magazine. Fully 45% of people who regularly read these magazines identify themselves as liberal, two-and-a-half times the national average. Weekly news magazines like Time and Newsweek appeal to readers across the ideological spectrum, while business magazines have a more conservative appeal. Political magazines like the Weekly Standard and the New Republic, not surprisingly, appeal to people at both ends of the ideological spectrum, but are less popular among political moderates.

Section I: Watching, Reading and Listening to the News:

Take a look at this little quote:

In the regular audience for the O'Reilly Factor conservatives outnumber liberals by 56%-5%.

There you have it, conservatives - 56% and Liberals - 5%, quite a difference from the lie O'Reilly spewed out. He wants you to believe an equal number of liberals watch his show as conservatives. The facts show otherwise, this is just another example of how O'Reilly lies and spins information to fit his agenda or his position on an issue.

Here are the numbers:

Audience Ideology Profile -

Regularly watch read or listen to:

The O'Reilly Factor -

Conservatives - 56%
Liberals - 5%
Moderates - 36%

Rush Libmaugh -

Conservatives - 72%
Liberals - 6%
Moderates - 18%

The full chart can also be found here:

Only 5% of liberals watch the factor, and only 6% of liberals listen to Rush Limbaugh. These two numbers pretty much prove that Rush and O'Reilly are conservatives who virtually get the same number of liberals who watch or listen to their shows.

Yet O'Reilly wants you to believe his show is not conservative, this is total spin, it is not 100% conservative, but it is at least 85 to 90 percent conservative. That is why only 56% of conservatives watch the factor while 72% listen to Rush. The factor is clearly a conservative show, just not as conservative as Rush Limbaugh's show.

What Bill does is add the moderates to the liberal and claim the show has 41% democrats to 56% republicans. This is total spin, some of those moderates (if not most) are republicans. So you can not just add them to the democrat list. The study broke it down to conservative, moderate, and liberal. The full truth is 56% of conservatives watch the factor, yet only 5% of liberals do. That is not an equal balance as O'Reilly claims, it is a clear bias and just more proof he spins and lies all the time.

For Bill to deny he is a conservative, and deny his show is conservative, is to deny reality, and the ultimate spin from the so-called no spin zone.