Keith-O Nails Bill-0 - War on Christmas & Worst Person in The World

  • 12-17-07 -- OLBERMANN: Bill O declares victory on his war on sanity. Sorry, war on Christmas. Probably, just forgetting that he already declared victory a week ago.


    BILL O'REILLY, TV HOST: The far Left secular progressive community is furious, furious, I tell you about, losing the war on Christmas. We won.


    OLBERMANN: Bill, you sound like Don Quixote. Nice job on defeating the windmills, Sparky.

    As Bill-O rejoins the ranks of the Don Quixote's, merry mission accomplished. The war on Christmas has been won for the second time in two weeks. Now, why is Bill praising Hitler's foreign minister?

    During a factor segment about Bill O's war on Christmas fetish he said a very regrettable remark in which he complimented one of the Nazis hanged for war crimes in 1946.

    A twofer tonight from the Frank Burns of news: declares victory-again-in the war on Christmas. One in his brain. And he says the Nazi leader who sent French and Hungarian Jews to the death camps, quote, "made good points."

    OLBERMANN: Bill O'Reilly claims to be a crusader for Christmas but, in reality, his true concern is not Jesus Christ whose biblical revelations he indicated on the air were made "what, 5,000 years ago?"

    A neat trick even for him, considering he is said to have been alive 2,000 years ago. Nor is O'Reilly's focus Santa really nor even Frosty the Snowman. More like a straw man of the war on Christmas.

    And now, on our third story on the COUNTDOWN, Bill O. declares victory-again. And racks up yet another win against the secular progressives-that preceding by 24 hours O'Reilly giving a pass to Barnes and Noble on the Christmas fran-because that company sells his book.

    But, first, the victory dance--O'Reilly two nights ago, reveling in his righteousness:
    "No joy in S. P. Ville. The far-left secular progressive community is furious-furious, I tell you, about losing the war on Christmas."
    Ooh! Who cares? Who is fighting this on either side except you and your anti-Semitic friends?

    He then gave examples of his great victory:
    "In Wisconsin, the state assembly has voted to restore the name of the Christmas tree to the Christmas tree." S. P.s had changed it to the "holiday tree." On Capitol Hill, the House voted yesterday 372 to nine to recognize the importance of the Christmas tradition and to condemn bigotry against Christmas."
    O?Reilly then called out the nine lawmakers who voted against the resolution. More on that in a moment.
    "So all over the country, the sights and sounds of Christmas are on display, few department stores are telling employees not to say 'merry Christmas', and the Taliban-like oppression of the holiday has largely ceased."
    Ease up, Colonel Burns.

    The Taliban used to cut off the fingers of women wearing nail polish. When you hear of somebody doing that here, then you can invoke the Taliban.

    And, just for good measure, Bill O. then compared a critic, a writer from the "Philadelphia Daily News", to other great religion-haters of the ages:
    "Joseph Stalin, Mao, and Fidel salute you."
    And he finished up by declaring that:
    "The fact is, reporting on Christmas is one of the most important things we've done." Now, give an allelluia-have done. "The bottom line is this: we won."
    But, just one day later, a focus on the family fellow trying to tell Bill O. that Barnes and Noble was intentionally removing the word Christmas and using that holiday theme.

    O'Reilly suddenly switched gears, uttering the genius line, "They sell a lot of books at Barnes and Noble."

    No kidding. And, when the guests suggested people should spend their money in a place that's not scared to wish you a merry Christmas, O'Reilly replied, "I think a lot of people feel the same way. Which is why we reversed the trend. But I'm not going to come down hard on Barnes and Noble."

    That doesn't even scratch the surface of O'Reilly's war on sanity. Since he already declared victory a week ago.

    Since the long history of his reportage on this war, including one delusion after another like the false claim that the Plano Independent School District in Texas two years ago had told students they could not wear red and green because they were Christmas colors. Never happened.

    Worst Person in The World -

    But, our winner, Bill O.

    Honestly, they're stacking up like planes at all theaters at rush hour. Going nuts over Tim Robins against because he appeared for John Edwards in Iowa.

    Now, Bernard Goldberg even says to Bill, "Robins is a bright guy. I think, he made a couple of good points." Then, Jane Hall said Robins' criticism of media oversimplification of the Democratic race, quote, "I think is valid."

    Whereupon, the Frank Burns of news replies, "But Von Ribbentropp, in the Nazi hierarchy made valid points, Jane."

    OK, skip the Nazi reference part in comparing Robins to Ribbentropp and it was just Ribbentropp--he made up the 'Von' part. The news here is, Von Ribbentropp made valid points?

    Hitler's foreign minister, the guy who convinced France and Hungary and much of Eastern Europe to deport their Jews to the German death camps. The man who was hanged for his war crimes. That Ribbentropp?

    Ribbentropp made valid points, Bill?

    Do you want to name one of them? Until then, what? Should you just assume what we should just assume--everything that was ever said by Ribbentropp in the Nazi hierarchy, you approved?

    Idiot! Bill O'Reilly, today's "Worst Person in the World".

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