Miracle Alert: Billy Actually Reported on Hate at FreeRepublic.com

  • 8-1-07 -- FreeRepublic.com has been online for 11 years spewing their right-wing hate, yet last night was the first time their website was ever mentioned on the O'Reilly factor.

    Billy found some hate quotes on their site and reported them, but he had a spokesman from freerepublic.com on to explain them. Yet when he attacked DailyKos he did not invite a spokesman on to explain their comments.

    He did not even touch the thousands of offensive and hateful captions they put on pics of liberals like Hillary etc, or how they do the freeper pings to rig online polls or any of that dishonest activity.

    And freerepublic.com has been online since 1996 saying and doing that crap, yet it is the first time Billy has ever reported anything on their website, or even mentioned their name. And the one report he did on freerepublic.com is nothing compared to what he has done to DailyKos for 2 weeks now.

    Not to mention we all know Billy only reported on freerepublic.com because he was being flooded with e-mails telling him about hate on the right and how he is ignoring it.

    I made a big posting here yesterday morning showing some right-wing hate at freerepublic.com on Hillary, and i said if Billy had an ounce of journalistic honesty he would report on it. Then low and behold he does a report on them that very same day, what a coincidence, lol.

    JimRob from freerepublic claims Billy took the quotes out of context, and he says they were statements made in articles posted, not comments made by members of freerepublic. Which is what Billy screams bloody murder about when he claims people do it to him. Except usually when they do it to Billy it was not taken out of context, he just says they did.

    The members of freerepublic.com are claiming that O'Reilly attempted to use what might turn out to be one post in a million to paint the entire site as a hate site and their posters as racists.

    Which is exactly what Billy did to DailyKos, he cherry picked 1 or 2 comments (out of millions of comments) made in the free speech comments section of the site and tried to claim they represent the views of the blog owners. When they are comments made by visitors to the site, not the blog owners. It is disingenuous and dishonest reporting, you can not cherry pick comments from visitors in the free speech comments section to a website and claim they represent the views of the site owner(s).

    I do have to say that the comments Billy used were nothing compared to what I have seen posted at freerepublic.com over the years. I used to visit their website once or twice a week to see what they were saying, and I have seen hundreds of things posted there that were far worse than what Billy reported last night. I reported on this at freerepublic.com in 2001, yet not a word about it from Billy, or anyone at FOX news.

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    And I could fill a phone book with examples of vile and offensive profanity filled comments Republicans have made in the past forums I had, and in the hate mail I get. None of that is ever mentioned by O'Reilly, just read my hate mail pages on the website and the forums and you will see some big time hate, far worse than anything posted at DailyKos. Yet Billy calls Kos a hate site, when freerepublic.com and the Republicans who send me hate mail are 10 times worse than anything said at Kos.

    One last thing, it is important to note that Billy does not tell you there is a very big difference between the freerepublic.com message boards, and the DailyKos Blog.

    At freerepublic.com you have to register a username to post new topics or reply to topics posted by other members. All postings and replies are made by members of freerepublic.com, you can see the number of postings they have made and it shows how long they have posted there. It is a giant message board, not a blog.

    DailyKos is a blog, and you do not have to register a username and become a member to post comments. The members of the blog post articles and usually add a one or two paragraph personal opinion to what the article is about. Then visitors to the blog click the comments link and leave a comment, they are not members of DailyKos, and you can leave a comment as anonymous if you want to. The comments are free speech made by people who visit the blog, and the blog does not censor or edit those comments.

    That is a big difference that Billy never disclosed, one website is a message board with monitors called moderators, and registered members who post and reply to the postings. The other website is a blog with a free speech comments program that lets any visitor to the site leave a comment. So if you have a long time member of a message board website who has 1000 postings, or more, and they were caught making offensive comments, you can bet they have done it in the past and they were not banned and had their account deleted.

    That shows that the owner of the website and the moderators basically support what that person has been saying. But when you have a blog with a free speech comments section where anyone on the internet can leave a comment. That does not imply the blog owners support what was said, it just shows they believe in free speech. And that is a big difference between the two websites that Billy did not disclose or discuss.

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