O'Reilly Supported Illegal Voting by Republicans

  • 3-31-08 -- Before Super Tuesday 2 when the Democrat primary was held in Ohio and Texas Rush Limbaugh started Operation Chaos, he told Republicans to vote for Hillary Clinton in Democratic primaries, and it was very effective. It doubled Republican turnout in Ohio and Texas, boosting Clinton and prolonging the Democratic race. But in Ohio, it was also very illegal.

    Ohio law requires that citizens genuinely support a political party in order to vote in its primary. To change parties for a primary, a citizen must pledge, under the penalty of election falsification, that he or she is affiliated with the party and "supports" its principles. Lying on the pledge is a felony, punishable by up to a year in jail and a $2,500 fine. The law also stipulates that poll workers have a "duty" to challenge voters who are "not a member of the political party whose ballot the person desires to vote."
    In Cuyahoga, Ohio's largest county, 16,000 Republicans switched parties for the primary last month. Several did so in bad faith, without truly changing parties, according to newspaper interviews and Internet postings. The Cuyahoga Board of Elections recently voted to investigate the matter; a report is expected on March 31.

    Despite the massive crossover voting, however, prosecutions are considered unlikely. A spokesperson for Ohio's Attorney General told Alternet that it is "very hard to prosecute" crossover voting cases, since the crime depends on proving a voter's motive on Election Day.

    Limbaugh's motives, however, have been perfectly clear from the start. "I'm asking people to cross over, and if they can stomach it and I know it's a difficult thing to do, vote for Clinton," Limbaugh said before the Ohio primary. The goal, he explained, was to ensure Barack Obama was "bloodied up politically" and to extend the Democratic primary "soap opera."
    Bill O'Reilly commented on what Rush was doing, on his radio show, his tv show, and the Brit Hume election coverage show. All the political experts know that Rush Limbaugh did it because he thinks Hillary will be easier to beat than Obama, as all the polls show. But O'Reilly downplayed it, and labeled it a simple "sabotage play" and not only did not condemn it as electioneering, or speak out against it, O'Reilly told Brit Hume that he found it amusing.

    So we have Rush telling voters to break the law, and O'Reilly says nothing, except that he finds it amusing. Now imagine what O'Reilly would say if Keith Olbermann told Democrats to vote in a Republican primary and break the law. O'Reilly would do a week of shows on it and call for Keith to be put in jail. But when a Republican does it, he basically supports it, and calls it amusing.

    Hey Billy, violating federal election laws is not amusing, it's a crime, and you supported it. You and your good buddy Rush both supported it and encouraged it. You and Rush, and anyone who illegally voted should be put in jail.

    It's funny how O'Reilly and the Republicans claim to be the law and order party, O'Reilly even does a legal segment almost nightly, and he has even said ALL laws have to be enforced or you have chaos. Then his Republican friends break laws and he laughs it off, or even defends it, but if a Democrat gets a parking ticket O'Reilly reports it and wants them punished.

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