O'Reilly Caught Lying About Barack Obama

  • 10-31-07 -- Once again www.oreilly-sucks.com has caught Billy lying about a Democratic candidate for President. On the 10-29-07 GMA show Billy said Barack Obama can not win the Democratic primary because he does not go on real news shows like the factor and GMA.

    How do people watch this all spin zone, almost nothing Billy says is true, pretty much every word from his mouth is either right-wing spin or flat out lies. Here is what he said, in his own words.
    SAWYER: So can Obama, this week, turn it around? Does he have another round in him?

    O'REILLY: Of course not! He's a -- this is ridiculous. What is his poll, 18 percent? Look, Obama -- and I told him this, face to face -- Tyra Banks ain't gonna get you elected, OK? You gotta go on the Factor, you gotta go on GMA and answer the questions. What has he been doing for six months? I guess he's been at Club Med. I haven't seen him. Have you seen him?
    And now for the facts, Robin Roberts interviewed Barack Obama on the 8-27-07 broadcast of Good Morning America. She asked him about New Orleans, FEMA, Hillary Clinton, and his run for president. You can get that information with a simple google search, or a lexus search, or by going to media matters website, they have the transcript of the interview.

    Yet Billy said Obama has never been on GMA, when he was just on the show 2 months ago. And why in the hell would he ever go on the factor when all the factor viewers are Republicans who are never going to vote for him, and all Billy and FOX do is trash him. Neither Billy or anyone at FOX ever say anything good about Obama, everything they report is negative, so why would anyone in his right mind do a show on a cable news network that does nothing but spin lies about him.

    Now to mention O'Reilly is usually wrong on his political predictions, he said Hillary would lose her senate race against Rick Lazio by more than 10 points, and that she could never win an election in New York, she won by 13 points. Billy also said John Kerry would never win the Democratic primary in 2004, then Kerry won. So if you count on O'Reilly for political predictions you will be very disappointed.

    When Billy makes predictions, he says what he wants to happen, not what really could happen. That's why he is usually wrong, because he lets his partisan Republican bias influence his prediction.

    Billy reminds me of Lou Holtz, he is a Norte Dame loyalist, so he predicts a Norte Dame win no matter who they play, then they lose every game and Lou still picks them the next week. Billy does the same thing, he is a Republican loyalist, so he always picks a Republican to win, then they lose and he still picks more Republicans to win. Because he can not put his personal bias aside and give an un-biased opinion.

    And he calls that the no spin zone, when it's clear to anyone with half a working brain that it's pretty much and all spin zone, and every issue discussed is Bill O'Reilly's right-wing spin on that issue.

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