OReilly-Sucks Message Board Rules

This message board is an informational message board, it has a few SPECIFIC topics, those topics are Bill O'Reilly, George W. Bush, The Republicans in Congress (including the RNC), and the Media. Postings that are clearly spam, and clearly made by republican trolls who try to flood the board with crap will be deleted.

If you are not a Liberal Democrat, or a Liberal Independent, do not post on the O'Reilly sucks board. If you want a debate, or you want to post about something besides the topics listed above, you should do it on some other message board. I basically put this board here to do current updates on O'Reilly without having to put them on a web page. It is not a debate board, it is the O'Reilly sucks board, if you want a debate go find one on a public message board.

People claim I am afraid to debate them, nothing could be further from the truth. I just do not have time to waste debating right-wing morons who use Rush, Hannity, and O'Reilly as their sources.

Do not post entire articles from other websites. Instead, post 3 or 4 paragraphs from the article, then include the url source link to the article. If you post the full text of an article it will be deleted, if you post an article without the url source link, it will be deleted.

Do not register negative democratic nic-names, those postings will be deleted instantly. Nic-names like dems-suck, demosuck, webmastersucks, youallsuck, etc. are un-acceptable nics here. Why waste your time registering a nic like that when it will be deleted ?

You can only register one nic, multiple nics are not allowed. This prevents right-wing trolls from pretending to be 5 different people, which they do all the time. If you are caught posting under more than one nic, all your postings will be deleted.

Your Freedom to Leave

All visitors to the to the O'Reilly Really Sucks message board are here voluntarily. Nobody is forcing you to post on this message board. This is the place for the Liberals who want to have an intelligent and respectful discussion about Bill O'Reilly, George W. Bush, the republican party, and the media.

If you don't like this message board, or the members who post here, or the way this message board is run, then I strongly suggest you exercise your right to leave. If I decide you are an off topic troll, I reserve the right to delete all your postings.

Note: The owner (Steve Senti) of www.oreilly-sucks.com does post on the oreilly-sucks board once in a while as (Stewert). I decide what stays on the board, and what gets deleted.