Fox News Host Admits He Has A Bias Against Democrats


And of course Bill O’Reilly and Bernie Goldberg have not said a word about it, even though they both do a weekly media bias segment on the O’Reilly Factor. A segment where they claim to be non-partisan Independent who judge the media fairly, then they spend the entire segment crying about so-called liberal media bias, while almost never talking about conservative media bias at Fox News.

It’s actually laughable, you have two conservatives (and no liberals) doing what they claim is a non-partisan media bias segment, where the two conservatives give their biased opinion of what they see as liberal bias, when in reality to them any reporting that does not have a right-wing bias is liberal bias to them. It’s what they see, not reality. And they never talk about right-wing bias at Fox or any other conservative news sources. In fact, O’Reilly even denies there is right-wing bias at Fox, which is just ridiculous.

So Stuart Varney basically admitted he has a bias for Trump and against Obama when the bad jobs report came out for March. And then after admitting he has a bias, he still refused to blame Trump for the bad jobs report, even though they blamed Obama when it was not great, including Trump, who has been silent, but when the February report came out and it was pretty good, Trump took credit for it, even though he had nothing to do with it because it was only a month after Obama left office.

Fox Business host Stuart Varney admitted on air to a clear double standard on how he and Fox cover the monthly jobs report for presidents of different political parties. Less than an hour after a disappointing jobs report was released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Varney revealed that if a similarly weak report had been published under President Barack Obama, he would have castigated the president as a failure — something he admittedly wouldn’t do to President Donald Trump.

On April 7, the BLS reported that the economy added just 98,000 jobs in March while the unemployment dropped slightly to 4.5 percent. The report also revised down the number of jobs created in January and February by 38,000. Though the improved unemployment rate is the lowest in 10 years, the number of new jobs created was far lower than the 175,000 jobs economists expected for the month.

Less than an hour after the report was announced, Varney called it a very weak jobs report but refused to lay blame on Trump. Varney admitted that, had this report come out during the Obama administration, “we would be all over them for the failure of the president’s economic policy.”

Varney repeatedly downplayed positive economic indicators during the Obama administration. Just one year ago, he tried to spin the March 2016 jobs report by questioning the quality of the 215,000 new jobs created. Months earlier, he had claimed that 292,000 new jobs created in December 2015 were modest by historical standards, even though it was one of the strongest reports of the entire year and showed nearly three times the number of jobs shown in the March 2017 report.

Varney’s momentary break of character shines a light on his network’s fair and balanced charade, but the spectacle has been on full display since Trump took office. Fox News praised a solid January jobs report as fantastic news, and wrongly credited Trump for creating jobs that actually predated his inauguration.

A month later, Fox personalities, including Varney, lauded a solid February jobs report as proof that Trump is simply winning everywhere and held it up as evidence of the beginnings, of a potential Trump Economic Era.

The rest of Fox News reported that the same jobs report Varney described as weak would stand as part of the most successful day of Trump’s presidency.

Partial transcript:

STUART VARNEY (HOST): Look, if we’d have had 98,000 new jobs in any month during the Obama administration, we would be all over them.


VARNEY: Failure of the president. Failure of the president’s economic policy. Okay? Why shouldn’t I say that now about Mr. Trump?

JOHN LONSKI: Well go ahead.

VARNEY: No, I’m not gonna do that.