O'Reilly Spins California Illegal Immigrant Driver's License Bill

by Steve Senti and Tim Rogan

On September 15 O'reilly was once again ranting about California Governor Gray Davis signing legislation that will give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants. He believes it will weaken security and to spin his point O'reilly had a Sheriff from San Bernadino county on the show saying that this will hurt national security and further weaken border security. However, he did not have, nor mention, that in fact many law enforcement agencies supported the bill because they believe it will strengthen security because law enforcement agencies have access to DMV records. This bill actually documents illegals that the government can not currently track. I believe a comment was made "how would you like Osama Bil Laden" to have a driver's license, I say, great at least we would know where he was and we could actually get him.

Here is a link to the bill:


Ask yourself this question; Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton supports the legislation, so how come O'Reilly did not have him on the show, or some other law enforcement officer who supports the bill. I have learned that most of the california policeman support this bill, yet O'Reilly spins the issue to make you believe they don't. And he leaves out all the facts I publish below. If a policeman pulled an immigrant over in a traffic stop, would you rather he have a traceable license, or have nothing. The truth is 99.999% of these people just want to work in America, they are here, so why not document them and license them.

Here are a few things O'Reilly did not tell you, so much for the no-spin zone. BTW this bill is for mexicans etc. who come into california illegally. How many mexican terrorists have ever attacked the US, none. They just want a job, so they come to America from mexico. O'Reilly throws out the red herring by making it a terrorist issue, it's not. Instead of calling the factor a no-spin zone, it should be called the all-spin zone.


Bill revisits licenses for illegal immigrants

By Ed Fletcher -- Bee Capitol Bureau

-- Proponents of the measure, including Latino groups and union leaders, said immigrants need driver's licenses to get to work, school and medical care.

-- Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton recently announced his support for the legislation.

-- "When people decide to break the law, they can and should be punished. But when we prevent people from obeying the law, we place them and ourselves at risk," Bratton said in a statement.

-- LAPD spokesman Jack Richter said Tuesday that the bill was "common-sense legislation" that would help police identify criminals and make the roads safer.

-- A revised bill allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses would require all California motorists to submit to a high-tech fingerprint scan and could double the fee for new applicants.

-- Supporters said the new fingerprint requirement is intended to ensure that all drivers are who they say they are.

-- Davis rejected a similar measure last year, sparking angry and loud opposition from immigrant-rights groups and the Latino Legislative Caucus. The Democratic governor said at the time that he wanted to sign the measure but some details had to be worked out.

-- On Tuesday, a Davis official said the proposed fingerprinting provisions helped bring the governor and key members of the law-enforcement community on board.

-- The proposed amendment would require all applicants seeking or renewing a driver's license to submit a fingerprint that would be electronically checked on the spot to ensure the print doesn't belong to someone else. Currently, fingerprints are not immediately verified for authenticity. The change would take effect Jan. 1, 2004.

-- Besides photographs and fingerprints, illegal immigrants would be required to provide their addresses, a physical description of themselves and a federal taxpayer identification number. In addition, immigrants must pass driving and written tests and comply with all other licensing requirements.

NOTE: It was a biased one sided interview with a lot of spin and very little actual information.

Source of quotes: The Sacramento Bee Newspaper, 8-20-2003.