The Real (No Spin) Truth About Global Crossing & Terry McAuliffe

The other night in the factor talking points o'reilly showed his true right-wing bias again. He mentioned Global Crossing and Terry McAuliffe yet he failed to mention George H.W. Bush. Bush Sr. gave a speech to Global Crossing where he made $14 million on $80,000.

Yet when O'Reilly mentions Global Crossing he only links McAuliffe to them when Bush Sr. did pretty much the same thing. Not to mention the Global Crossing CEO GaryWinnick is a trustee with the Bush presidential library, funny how o'reilly just happened to leave all that out.

Here is the documented proof of o'reillys right-wing bias:

Talking Points - 8-13-02 -

First, some nauseating facts. The Global Crossing company is bankrupt, but not before former CEO Gary Winnick took out $734 million after selling his stock when the price was high. Winnick's golfing pal, DNC chief Terry McAuliffe, made about $18 million on Global Crossing stock and sold shortly before its dissent.

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Webmaster: Notice how o'reilly says "DNC chief Terry McAuliffe," implying he made that money when he was the DNC chief. This is untrue, he was not the DNC chief when he made that money and he was not an elected official, he was a private citizen. Notice how he makes the connection to Global Crossing with McAuliffe yet he never says one word about Bush Sr. or John McCain or the fact that Global Crossing gave 45% to the republicans and 55% to the democrats. But McCain was their #1 guy, he got more money from them than anyone in congress.

Now for the part that proves o'reilly is a biased right-wing shill.

In 1998, former President George H.W. Bush gave a speech to a group of Global Crossing executives in Tokyo. In lieu of his $80,000 speaking fee, Bush was given a block of Global Crossing shares that, at the stock's peak, was worth about $14 million.

In 1997, Winnick allowed Terry McAuliffe, a top fund-raiser for President Clinton in 1996 and now chairman of the Democratic National Committee, to buy pre-IPO shares at a special "friends and pols" rate. McAuliffe parlayed $100,000 into a reported $18 million profit.

McAuliffe invested that $100,000 in Global Crossing when the company was just forming. In 2000 he sold his Global Crossing stock for around $18 million. McAuliffe did not hold a position on Global's board, or in the executive suite, and he sold his stock two years before any hint of trouble. His sale was public.


In the 2000 and 2002 campaign cycles, the company split its donations relatively evenly, 55 percent to Democrats and 45 percent to Republicans. Company founder Gary Winnick personally committed $1 million to the Clinton Presidential Library and donated a substantial sum to the Bush Presidential Library Foundation, for which he serves as a trustee.


John McCain of Arizona, is the # 1 congressional beneficiary of Global Crossing. Mr. Campaign Finance "Reform" snapped up $31,000 from Global Crossing employees for his failed presidential campaign in March 1999, AP reported Friday. "That same month, McCain, at the company's urging, asked the Federal Communications Commission to encourage the development of undersea cables for transmitting telecommunications signals."


Webmaster: Yet if you only saw the o'reilly talking points you would think Terry McAuliffe did something wrong and that he was the only guy linked to Global Crossing. When in fact McAuliffe did nothing wrong, has not been investigated and never will be. He made that money as a private citizen 3 years before he became the head of the DNC.

When o'reilly talks about global crossing and mentions Terry McAuliffe made $18 million on $100,000 yet never says a word about George H.W. Bush making $14 million on $80,000 from global crossing stock o'reilly is selling out to the money and to the republican party propaganda. He knows Bush made $14 million on $80,000 in global crossing stock yet he hides that fact.

Terry McAuliffe made that money in 2000 when he sold the stock as a private citizen, he was not the head of the DNC then and not an employee of the company or a board member or a former president of the USA or an elected official. He was a private citizen who got an inside tip from the CEO of the company to buy their stock. You or I would have done the exact same thing because it was 100% legal. In fact if a CEO gave that tip to o'reilly today he would have bought the stock just as terry did because it was legal and not a violation of any laws. Yet o'reilly implies there was something wrong with the deal Terry got but he has no problem with Bush Sr. doing the exact same thing ?

On the other hand Bush Sr. made 14 million on $80,000 from a speech and he was a former president. John McCain is a current senator who got more money from Global Crossing than any other member of congress. McAuliffe was neither, and was never even a politician and made that money in 1997, years before he was made chief of the DNC.

On top of all that the RNC chief Racicot cleared McAuliffe in a statement he made but o'reilly ignored that to imply he did something wrong.


RNC Chief: McAuliffe Clean on Global Crossing

Republican National Committee chairman Marc Racicot gave his Democratic counterpart Terry McAuliffe a clean bill of health Saturday night on one of the Democratic Party's biggest political liabilities - McAuliffe's suspicious involvement with the now collapsed communications giant Global Crossing.

"I've been invited to comment about Terry McAuliffe and his engagement with Global Crossing," Racicot told Fox News Channel's Rita Cosby. "You want to know the truth of the matter - I haven't seen anything that was done that was wrong by Terry McAuliffe. And I refuse to offer comment."



P.S. This is real no spin reporting with all the facts not the biased one sided right-wing propaganda BS you get from O'Reilly and FOX news and CNN and MSNBC. When so-called journalists report this BS as fact and spin the people with lies they should be pulled off the air.