Biased O'Reilly Tells Romney To Call Obama A Socialist
By: Steve - September 13, 2012 - 10:00am

So much for O'Reilly being a non-partisan Independent, he might as well be working for the Romney campaign.

On the Tuesday Factor show he told Romney to call Obama a socialist, even after he has admitted that he does not think Obama is a socialist.

O'Reilly is a biased right-wing hack, who has 95% right-wing guests on and who covers for Romney, while slamming everything Obama does. A couple months ago O'Reilly even said the Republican party should use scare tactics against Obama, after slamming the Democrats for what he called scare tactics using Medicare. And recently he called for Romney to dishonestly blame Obama for high gas prices, even though he has admitted the President is not to blame, the oil speculators are.

It's ridiculous, especially when it comes from a man who claims to be a non-partisan Independent who does not have a dog in the fight, and a no spin zone. O'Reilly is dishonest in his Independent claims, so why should anyone believe anything he says, answer; they should not believe him.

Every word out of his mouth is nothing but his biased right-wing opinion, and he always agrees with the Republicans, as he is constantly slamming Obama and the Democrats with right-wing spin and propaganda.

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