Here Is One Big Problem With Cable News Shows


They put people on the air who flat out lie over and over and over, time after time, and they just keep putting them back on the air, even though they are proven liars and almost everything they say is a lie. Which is why I do not watch a lot of cable news, because they keep using proven liars, who do nothing but lie.

They should warn them after getting caught in a lie, then give them a 2nd chance, then on the 3rd strike you are out and off the network forever. But they do not do that, they just let them lie to the American people over and over and they do not do a damn thing about it.

Now I am not talking about someone who makes a small mistake, like they say 40,000 people were hurt or whatever, and it was actually 38,000, those are actual mistakes. I am talking about paid spin doctors who are only on the air to lie and spin the American people with their dishonest lies and pure propaganda.

If cable news ever wants to get any credibility they need to get rid of the liars. Only about 30% of the people trust what they get from the cable news networks, and I bet it’s even less, some people may trust them when they should not be, especially if you are watching Fox. I would bet 90% of what they report is spin or lies, so they can not be trusted at all.

Another problem is they let Trump get away with his distraction plan, it was nothing but Russia talk and how Trump is doing so bad as President, then Trump bombs Syria with a bogus mission that did almost nothing and they even warned them the bombs were coming, and the media fell for it hook line and sinker, then they report on it 24/7 for 2 weeks.

Then he drops the MOAB on Afghanistan, for the same reason, to distract everyone from his scandals, and the media falls for it. This was done to get the media talking about bombs instead of the FBI and Congress investigating Trump for collusion with Russia.

Those bombings should be reported, for an hour or so, then go back to the real news, do not spend 2 weeks on a bogus bombing story. Malcolm Nance said the 59 bombs were a joke, they told the Russians they were coming so they got everyone and everything moved, it did nothing, and they hit nothing, it was a big scam by the clown President.