1) O'Reilly Falsely Claimed Obama Has Dodged Every Tough Interview
1-4-08 -- O'Reilly claimed that Barack Obama "has dodged every tough interview," adding: "Every one, and is still a contender." O'Reilly did not explain what constitutes a tough interview, but Obama has been interviewed twice on Good Morning America, twice on Meet the Press, once on Face the Nation, and once on This Week.

What O'Reilly means is that Obama has not been on the factor to answer tough questions, and O'Reilly believes that if he does not go on the factor then he has not had a tough interview. In the warped mind of Bill O'Reilly he thinks you have not had a tough interview unless you have one on the factor.

On the October 29, 2007, broadcast of ABC's Good Morning America O'Reilly claimed that he told Obama "face-to-face" that "Tyra Banks ain't gonna get you elected, OK? You gotta go on the Factor, you gotta go on GMA and answer the questions."

To which I would say this to you Bill O'Reilly, he's done pretty good so far without going on the factor. And why would he need to go on the factor, none of your viewers are going to vote for him anyway, so it would be a waste of his time.

Guess what folks, as usual O'Reilly is lying. Obama has already been interviewed two times on Good Morning America -- Robin Roberts interviewed him in New Orleans on August 27, 2007. Obama was interviewed again on Good Morning America on December 20, 2007.

2) O'Reilly Falsely Claimed Obama Has no Specific Policy Plans
2-17-08 -- O'Reilly is saying all we get from Barack Obama are speeches about hope, faith, and charity. Billy says Obama has no specifics on the Economy, Iraq, Iran, Health Care, Pakistan, Foreign Policy, Homeland Security, etc. There is one problem with that, it's all lies.

Senator Obama has been very specific, in many speeches, but especially on his website. On the BarackObama.com issues page is a 64 page (pdf file) policy book you can download. It's called The Blueprint For Change - Obama's Plan For America.


On that issues page Obama gives a summary with his positions on every issue, from Civil Rights, to the Economy, Health Care, Homeland Security, Foreign Policy, Education, etc. Then on each issue summary you can click on a link to another page with specific details about his plan for every issue facing America, and the world.

The truth is, O'Reilly does not report about his specific policy positions. He falsely claims that all Barack Obama talks about is hope and faith, with no specific policy statements. While not telling you he has an issues page on his website with more specifics than you would ever want to read. O'Reilly never mentions the Obama website by name when he reports on Obama, ever, not once.

3) O'Reilly Has Two Republicans on to Spread Obama Plagiarism Lies
2-18-08 -- O'Reilly put two Republican operatives on the factor to say Obama was guilty of plagerism, and every guest does a pre-interview before going on the show, so O'Reilly knew what they were going to say, and put them on anyway.

Karl Rove said Obama was guilty of plagiarism from Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts. Then later in the show O'Reilly had McCain Senior Policy Advisor Nancy Pfotenhauer on, and she said the same thing.

It's all lies. And nothing but right-wing propaganda. Deval Patrick has endorsed Obama, he is an Obama national co-chairman, and the two men are close friends. Patrick told Obama he could use his language, and even gave the text to the Obama speechwriters.

None of that was reported by O'Reilly, instead he knowingly let Karl Rove and the senior McCain advisor put out their right-wing propaganda without disclosing all the facts.

4) O'Reilly Reports on Fainting Spells at Obama Speeches
2-19-08 -- O'Reilly said SOME people say the fainting spells at Obama speeches are staged by the Obama campaign. Then he said there is no evidence to prove it, and that he dont believe it is true.


O'Reilly said he never speculates, and that he only deals in the facts. Yet here he is reporting a story that even he admitted had no evidence, and a story he does not believe is true. O'Reilly hammers any journalist who uses anonymous sources to report a story, and he says it is wrong. Then he says SOME people say the fainting spells at Obama speeches are staged by the Obama campaign.

Who are these (some) people, they are other Republicans who started the lie. That is why they are not named by O'Reilly, because the (some) people are all Republicans. And if they are named everyone will know it is a Republican lie put out by Republican operatives.

5) O'Reilly Ignores Polls Showing Obama Beating McCain
2-26-08 -- In another example of total right-wing bias during the Dennis Miller segment, Billy and Dennis talked about John McCain, and shockingly (NOT) they both had nothing but great things to say about McCain.

Miller said he now likes McCain, and thinks he might have a shot to win in November. O'Reilly agreed and cited a new LA Times poll that has McCain 2 points ahead of Obama. But he failed to mention the margin of error in the poll is + or - 3 points, so Obama could actually be 1 point ahead.

And what's really funny is there are 8 national polls that ask who would win Obama or McCain, and all 8 of them have Obama winning over McCain from 3 to 8 points. O'Reilly cited the 1 poll that has McCain winning, but never said a word about the other 8 polls that have Obama beating McCain.

Those 8 polls with Obama winning by 3 to 8 points have been out for 2 weeks, yet none of them were ever mentioned by Billy on the factor, ever, not once. But as soon as 1 poll comes out with McCain ahead of Obama by 2 points, Billy reports it the very next day.

UPDATE - 3-2-08 -- There are now 11 national polls that have Obama beating McCain from 3 to 12 points, and to this day Bill O'Reilly has not reported any of them, including the FOX News poll that has Obama beating McCain by 4 points.

6) O'Reilly Spins Farrakhan Endorsment of Obama
2-27-08 -- Billy started the show with a talking points on the farrakhan endorsment of Obama and stated that it was no big deal and not really news, plus Obama denounced him and rejected him, case closed right?


Then O'Reilly made the lead story about Obama and Farrakhan, and spent the next 10 minutes talking about what he just said was no big deal, and not really a worthy news story. Not to mention making it the lead story.

The lead story on a news show should actually be an important news story. Then later in the show O'Reilly talked for another 4 minutes about it with Dennis Miller.

This was all done after Obama said he denounced and rejected the endorsment from Farrakhan. But O'Reilly still made it the lead story, and spent half the show talking about a non-story.

7) O'Reilly Says Obama is Clueless About Al Qaeda in Iraq
2-29-08 -- Bill O'Reilly reported on the exchange between John McCain and Barack Obama last night in his Talking Points Memo, and surprise surprise, O'Reilly concluded that Obama was incorrect and "clueless."

O'Reilly said Obama is wrong, and that Al Qaeda was in Iraq before the war. Which is nothing but lies put out by the Republican propaganda machine. In the entire world the only people who claim Al Qaeda was in Iraq before the war, are Republicans who are trying to spin that lie to justify the war, everyone in America, and the rest of the world disagree.

This has been known for years, yet O'Reilly and his right-wing friends keep spewing it out. Numerous sources have determined that the group Al Qaeda in Iraq did not exist prior to the U.S. led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

A profile of the group by the Council on Foreign Relations notes that it wasn't until 2004, when Abu Musab Al Zarqawi vowed obedience to the al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, that the groups Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda in Iraq became linked."

McClatchy Newspapers, citing "U.S. military and intelligence officials," also reported in June 2007 that "the group known as al Qaida in Iraq didn't exist before the U.S. led invasion in 2003, didn't pledge its loyalty to al Qaida leader Osama bin Laden until October 2004 and isn't controlled by bin Laden or his top aides."

The 2006 Senate Intelligence Report established that "no postwar information indicates that Iraq intended to use al-Qaida or any other terrorist group to strike the United States homeland before or during Operation Iraqi Freedom."

In 2004 the 10-member bipartisan 9/11 Commission found No Evidence Connecting Iraq to Al Qaeda, none. From the report: "There is no credible evidence that Saddam Hussein's government in Iraq collaborated with the al Qaeda terrorist network." The report also stated: "The terrorist leader was hostile to Hussein's secular government, and Iraq never responded to requests for help in providing training camps or weapons."

In testimony before the 9/11 commission, CIA and FBI officials said they agreed with the staff report's assessment of the abortive relationship between al Qaeda and Iraq.

8) Poll Bias Attack on Obama by Ignoring The Polls That All Show Him Winning
3-1-08 -- Last week O'Reilly had Dennis Miller on to talk politics etc. During the segment Miller mentioned that a new national poll had McCain 2 points ahead of Obama. Miller cited that poll and claimed that it shows McCain has a chance to beat Obama, O'Reilly agreed.

What they failed to mention is that the LA Times/Bloomberg poll they talked about has a 3 point + or - margin of error. So Obama could actually be one point ahead of McCain in that poll.

But the real bias is in what O'Reilly and Miller did not report. That there are 12 national polls out about the November presidential election, 11 of them have Obama beating McCain by 3 to 12 points. And those 11 polls all have Obama winning over McCain by 3 points, or more than the 3 point + or - margin of error.

The 11 polls that show Obama beating McCain have never been reported by O'Reilly or Dennis Miller. Here are all the current national polls, Obama is beating McCain in all of them but one, and surprise suprise, O'Reilly and Miller only mentioned the one with McCain winning.

Obama vs McCain:

1) RCP - Obama - 47.3% -- McCain - 44% -- Obama + 3.3
2) Rasmussen - Obama - 46% -- McCain - 43% -- Obama + 3.0
3) Time - Obama - 48% -- McCain - 41% -- Obama + 7.0
4) CNN - Obama - 52% -- McCain 44% -- Obama + 8.0
5) Cook/RT - Obama - 45% -- McCain - 42% -- Obama + 3.0
6) ABC/Wash Post - Obama - 49% -- McCain - 46% -- Obama + 3.0
7) AP/Ipsos - Obama - 51% -- McCain - 41% -- Obama + 10.0
8) CBS/NY Times - Obama - 50% -- McCain - 38% -- Obama + 12.0
9) Pew Research - Obama - 50% -- McCain - 43% -- Obama + 7.0
10) Reuters/Zogby - Obama - 47% -- McCain - 40% -- Obama + 7.0
11) FOX News - Obama - 47% -- McCain - - 43% -- Obama + 4.0

12) LA Times/Bloomberg - McCain - 44% -- Obama - 42% -- McCain + 2.0

Talk about bias, even the FOX News poll has Obama beating McCain by 4 points, and O'Reilly still ignores it to report the poll from the LA Times, when it's a poll from the very network he works for.

It shows that O'Reilly has so much bias for John McCain he will cite a poll from what he calls a liberal newspaper,and a paper he hates. While at the same time ignoring the other 11 polls that all have Obama beating McCain, including the poll from the very News Network he works for, now that's bias.

9) O'Reilly Still Reporting Farrakhan Endorsment of Obama Story
3-4-08 -- O'Reilly did another story on the Farrakhan endorsment of Obama. Even though the story died a week ago, he is keeping it alive on the factor. Obama denounced and rejected the Farrakhan endorsement as soon as he was told about it, and the rest of the media stopped covering it at least 4 or 5 days ago.

Yet last night O'Reilly ran a clip of Obama talking about it at the debate from last week, then he had the body language expert comment on Obama.

Later in the show O'Reilly had the former CIA analyst Michael Scheuer on to talk about terrorism, national security, and foreign policy. During the segment O'Reilly had a question about Obama for Mr. Scheuer.

O'Reilly implied that if Obama is the next president, and he pulls the troops out of Iraq, that Al Qaeda will take over in Iraq, Iran will move in, and a barrel of oil will hit $200. Then he asked Mr. Scheuer if that is possible, Scheuer said all that could happen even if Obama is not the next president. So then O'Reilly changed the subject because he did not get the answer he wanted.

Not to mention it is a flawed question, because Obama does not plan to remove all the troops, and he has even said if he does remove some troops, he will send them back if Iran or Al Qaeda try to take over Iraq. The flawed and biased question from O'Reilly was clearly meant to imply that if Obama is the next president, he will pull all the troops out of Iraq, Iran and Al Qaeda will move in, and oil will hit $200 a barrel.

No such hypothetical question was asked of Mr. Scheuer, as in, what would happen if Hillary Clinton or John MCain were to be the next president. Not to mention oil was $40 a barrel when Bill Clinton left office in 2001, now it is $100 a barrel, so the price of oil has gone up $60 a barrel since George W. Bush became president.

10) O'Reilly in Orlando: For whom would Bin Laden vote?
3-10-08 -- In case you missed this story, Bill O'Reilly visited Orlando last week to speak at a bankers conference. While there, Billy described himself as an independent voice who would "never tell people how they should vote." And he didn't -- though he did tell the audience that, in a contest between John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, he was sure Osama Bin Laden would not vote for McCain.

O'Reilly also tried to find some humor in mixing the idea of a get together between Barack Obama and Hugo Chavez with the high-profile case of an Alabama teenager who is missing and presumed dead.

O'Reilly: "If Obama and Chavez meet in Aruba, maybe it would lead to something, maybe something would get done. Maybe they'll find Natalee Holloway, or something."

O'Reilly: "The jihadists think McCain is crazy. They're thinking this guy, he was in Nam, he was in a prison camp, he wants payback now!! Imagine bin Laden sitting in his cave, watching TV and seeing McCain, Clinton and Obama. If you're bin Laden, who are you going to vote for? I submit you're not going to vote for the little guy who was in a prison camp."

O'Reilly touted his "independence" and promised listeners he would "never tell people how they should vote." Still, by the end of his time slot, he had effectively done just that, generally skewering Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, while burnishing the stature of Republican John McCain.

O'Reilly: "Do you think Hugo Chavez in Venezuela wants to have to deal with someone like McCain?" O'Reilly asked. "But if you've got Obama in the White House, he'll probably want to meet Chavez somewhere like Aruba where they can hang out. McCain is not going to meet you in Aruba. If he's there, he's probably going to slap you around some. Big advantage, McCain."

He basically trashed Obama and Clinton, and implied Bin Laden would vote for them. While at the same time endorsing John McCain by saying Bin Laden would not vote for him. Someone should ask O'Reilly this question: If conservatives scare Bin Laden so much why did he attack us on 9-11-01, while the conservative George W. Bush was president?

11) O'Reilly Attacks Obama's Pastor Jeremiah Wright
3-13-08 -- Tonight O'Reilly spent half the show playing clips from the pastor of Barack Obama, Jeremiah Wright. Pastor Wright made what O'Reilly called un-American statements, and O'Reilly also said the Pastor hated America. Then O'Reilly linked those comments to Barack Obama, even though Obama denounced the comments in a statement.

O'Reilly discussed the comments in the talking points, and made it the lead story. Billy also claimed it was a big problem for Obama. I sure would like to know how, when Obama can not control what the Pastor says, and he said he disagrees with the statements the man made.

Then O'Reilly had 2 guests on, Juan Williams and Wendy Schiller to discuss it in the segment after the talking points memo. They both agreed with O'Reilly, and no guest was on to give the counterpoint.

Then O'Reilly did another segment on the comments with Dick Morris. And later in the show he did another segment on it with Bernie Goldberg and Jane Hall. I would say 30 to 40 minutes of the show was devoted to the comments made by the Pastor of the church where Obama is a member.

Even though Obama has no control over what the Pastor of his church says, after all he has free speech rights. But O'Reilly tried to link his comments to Barack Obama anyway. Even after Obama put out a statement saying he does not agree with the Pastors comments.

The problem with these attacks on the Pastor of Obama is this, O'Reilly has never said a word about the crazy hateful comments from the Pastor for John McCain.

I think it is ok to report on the comments from Obama's Pastor, but if you do, then you better report on the crazy comments from McCains Pastor too. Which O'Reilly has not reported on, not done a talking points memo on, not made the lead story, and not done 40 minutes of the show on the story.

In fact, O'Reilly has not said a word about John Hagee, the Pastor for John McCain, not a word, not one, ever, in the history of the factor. And that story has been out for weeks, not to mention McCain actually accepted the endorsment of Hagee.

The best part was when O'Reilly said it was hypocrisy for the media to ignore the story. When he has done the exact same thing by totally ignoring the crazy comments made by John McCains Pastor.

When the Obama Pastor story just broke today, how does he know the media will ignore the story. They might report on it tomorrow after they have had time to investigate it. The McCain/Hagee story has been out for weeks and O'Reilly has refused to cover it, that's real bias, and we know it.

On top of that, after saying the media was biased by not reporting on it, later in the show O'Reilly predicted the media will report on the story tomorrow. Huh?

How can you say the biased media will ignore the story one minute, then 5 minutes later predict they will report on it tomorrow?

If they report on it tomorrow then they are not ignoring it, and if they do, then you can not claim bias for not reporting a story if they report on it. It's too soon to claim bias, because the story just broke late today, yet O'Reilly did it anyway.

O'Reilly is so quick to claim liberal bias he can not even wait to see if they ignore the story or not. So he claims bias before they have even had a chance to report the story. Then the nut-job predicts they will report on the story tomorrow.

In the whole show not one person was on to defend Barack Obama, or to give his side of the story. The worst part is that O'Reilly has not done 1 second on the McCain Pastor story, let alone devote half the talking points memo to it, make it the lead story, or spend 40 minutes of the show talking about it.

NOTE: O'Reilly claims the media has ignored the story, and that it shows they have a liberal bias. When a simple google search shows that O'Reilly is a liar.

I found articles on the story out today, from ABC News, The NY Times, The National Review, Yahoo News, The Guardian, Slate, CBS News, The Washington Times, Raw Story, The Dakota Voice, and UPI. O'Reilly claimed he was the only one reporting the story, when that is clearly a lie.

12) O'Reilly Continues Attacks on Obama & His Pastor
3-14-08 -- Normally Billy takes friday off so his right-wing stooge Laura Ingram can spread Republican propaganda for him, but tonight he did the show, I suspect he did it so he could work the Obama Pastor story for all it's worth.

Once again O'Reilly did the talking points memo on the Obama Pastor story. He started off by saying he hates the story, he dont want to report on it, and he believes Obama does not agree with the Pastors statements.

Then he made it the lead story for the 2nd night in a row, and spent half the show talking about the story. For a guy who hates the story, and dont think Obama agrees with the Pastor, he sure spends a lot of time talking about it.

O'Reilly played more video clips of the Pastors statements. Then discussed the story with Bernie Goldberg, and with two Obama supporters, then talked about it with Geraldo.

During the Geraldo segment Geraldo mentioned John Hagee, the crazy Pastor for John McCain, but O'Reilly totally ignored it, he never said a word about Hagee, or even acknowledged Geraldo said the name Hagee. He just kept talking as if Geraldo never mentioned the word Hagee.

In case you dont know, O'Reilly has a total blackout on the John Hagee story. He is the crazy Pastor for McCain who said the USA and Israel should turn Iran into a parking lot because God told him that's what he wants. And he said if we do that Christ will be re-born.

Yet O'Reilly refuses to say a word about Hagee, even when another guest brings it up. Talk about bias in the media, this is it, from O'Reilly.

And O'Reilly continues these attacks on Obama after he has profoundly denounced and rejected the Pastors comments. Obama even went on nation tv tonight and said he disagrees with the Pastors comments. But O'Reilly continues to hammer it, even after Obama said he disagrees with the Pastor.

When John McCain accepted the endorsment of Hagee, and Obama rejected the words of Pastor Wright. Yet to this day O'Reilly has not said a word about the Hagee endorsement of McCain.

Talk about media bias, that is the ultimate bias, from Bill O'Reilly.

And on top of all that O'Reilly said the media did not cover the story enough. When the media covered this story all day long, it was everywhere. FOX News was on it almost all day non-stop, every time I switched to FOX they were talking about the Obama Pastor story, all day long.

MSNBC covered it almost as much as FOX did, it was an all day story, every time I switched to MSNBC they were talking about it. CNN covered it a little less than MSNBC did, but it was still reported at least 10 times, that I know of, off and on all day long.

It had massive coverage, and O'Reilly still complained that the media did not cover it enough. Which is ridiculous, you could not watch any cable news channel for 5 minutes without seeing the story talked about.

The only way they could have covered it more is if they talked about it all day long and never reported anything else. To claim the media did not cover it enough is insane.

13) O'Reilly Continues Obama Pastor Story Attacks
3-17-08 -- As prediced here in my blog last friday, O'Reilly continued his biased smear job on Barack Obama by reporting again on Pastor Wright. He did the talking points memo on it, he did the lead story on it, discussed it with Newt Gingrich, and spent about 40 minutes of the show on that one story.

O'Reilly claims the Pastor story has hurt Obama. But it's the Democratic primary, not the general election. Not one Democrat who supported Obama before the Pastor story will suddenly not support him. So the claim by O'Reilly is ridiculous on it's face. And of course he hammered the story for most of the show, because he is a right-wing partisan that is basically working for the Republican party.

At one point in the show O'Reilly had 2 black Ministers on who disagreed with him. They disagreed with everything O'Reilly said, and called the whole thing a political hit job. But O'Reilly dismissed what they were saying, and told them they were wrong.

And they are exactly right, this is a political hit job by the right-wing smear machine to try and weaken Obama for the General election, because all the polls show Obama beating McCain in November. Most of the media is past the Obama Pastor story, but O'Reilly and FOX News are keeping the story alive as long as possible.

They can not attack Obama on his positions and his policies, so they attack him by linking his Pastors comments to him.

14) O'Reilly Continues Biased Attacks on Obama Over Pastor
2-18-08 -- For the 5th day in a row O'Reilly reported on the Obama pastor story. And he spent close to the entire show talking about it, not one segment, or two, pretty much the whole show. And this is after Obama has denounced, rejected, and condemned the Pastors comments.

A week ago when O'Reilly first reported the story, he said for Obama to get past this story he needs to say he disagrees with what the Pastor said. So Obama put out 3 statements over the next 3 days where he said he profoundly disagrees with the comments, rejects them, denounces them, and condemns them. Yet O'Reilly refuses to drop the story, even after Obama did what O'Reilly said he needed to do to get past the story.

This is total 100% right-wing bias from O'Reilly. And he is only keeping the story alive to hurt Obama, in the hope that it will lead to him losing the Democratic primary. Because O'Reilly and his Republican friends are scared that if Obama wins the Democratic nomination for president he will beat McCain in November.

So O'Reilly, all of FOX News, and all the right-wing media outlets in America are running this story 24/7 to hurt Obama. Because they want Clinton to win because they think McCain can beat her in November. It's the worst media bias I have ever seen in my life. They can not trash Obama on his record, so they do it by linking him to comments made by his Pastor, not him.

Then O'Reilly claims the media is trying to Bury the Obama Pastor story, which is so ridiculous it's laughable. If you just turn the tv on to FOX, MSNBC, or CNN, you will see the story almost 24/7 on all 3 cable networks. How in the hell can anyone in their right mind claim the media is burying the story. It's been a 24/7 story for a week on all the cable networks, including CNN and MSNBC.

O'Reilly and FOX want the story to stay alive forever. Even though the McCain Pastor story was a one day story, if that, and FOX never covered it at all, even CNN and MSNBC barely coverted it for one day.

It's ridiculous, the Obama Pastor story should have died by last sunday, yet it's wednesday and they are still covering it. And O'Reilly is insane to claim the media is burying the story. A google search on "Obama Pastor Wright" has 250,000 matches, if that's burying a story I'm Elvis.

Every blog and news outlet in America has reported it, at least once, if not 20 or 30 times, like FOX, MSNBC, and CNN, who have reported it a hundred times since last week.

15) O'Reilly Continues Biased Attacks on Obama
3-19-08 -- O'Reilly did another TPM on Obama and his speech etc. He also trashed Jesse Jackson for refusing to comment on the Obama Pastory story. Then he had Laura Ingram and Rick Santorum on to discuss Obama. The TPM and those 2 segments lasted about 20 minutes.

In that 20 minutes not one Democrat was on to provide any balance or give the counterpoint, it was 20 minutes of non-stop right-wing talking points.

Ingram basically trashed Obama for 6 minutes, as expected from a right-wing partisan. During the Santorum segment he said Obama is done, tied to the Pastors comments forever, and that if he wins the Democratic nomination he will lose to McCain in November.

Then O'Reilly had 2 pollsters on to claim Obama has been hurt in the polls, he had Rasmussen and Paicopolos on to say Obama is down in the general election polls because of the Pastor story.

But they are talking about polls for a general election that is 8 months from now, not the Democratic primary where Obama has not lost any support at all, and is still 4 to 7 points ahead of Hillary among Democrats.

After that O'Reilly had some religious woman on for 5 minutes to talk about what new sins people invented.

Then O'Reilly went to Dennis Miller for 6 minutes to trash Obama more and trash Bill Moyers. Miller trashed Moyers and Obama, and said he is done, that it suddenly came to him that McCain is now going to win in November because of the Obama Pastor story.

Basically it was 45 minutes of non-stop Obama bashing, except for the 5 minute segment with the religious woman talking about new sins. At 50 minutes into the show O'Reilly finally did a non-Obama story, and that was about the girls gone wild guy getting out of jail, and the Spitzer hooker being on a girls gone wild tape.

In summary, it was a typical 50 minute long Obama smear campaign by O'Reilly and his right-wing friends.

BTW, today is the 5th Anniversary of the Iraq war, and not a word was said about it on the Factor, by Bill O'Reilly, or anyone. And this is after O'Reilly complained that the media is not reporting on the war enough, when he does not even report it on the 5 year Anniversary.

16) O'Reilly Still Trashing Obama (Part 6)
2-20-08 -- Once again for the 6th show in a row, O'Reilly did the TPM on Obama and made it the lead story. O'Reilly even claimed he has been fair to Obama, now that's funny.

If you call 6 days straight of 50 minute long, non stop, one sided, biased right-wing propaganda attacks on Obama being fair, then yeah I agree with you Billy.

He had Karl Rove on for 2 segments to talk about Obama, with nobody to provide the balance, or give the counterpoint. So the first 20 minutes of the show was O'Reilly and Karl Rove trashing Obama.

O'Reilly claimed Obama was only doing friendly news programs (even though he did Hannity & Colmes) and he was asked tough questions on the so-called friendly shows, and those are the very same so-called friendly shows that have attacked him for a week straight 24/7 btw.

And once again O'Reilly had Rove on as a so-called non-partisan political analyst to discuss Obama, without disclosing that Rove donated money to the McCain campaign, and that he is an informal advisor to John McCain.

O'Reilly actually did 2 segments during the show that were not about Obama, so he is getting a little better, but not much. They were a short legal segment, and a spring break segment.

A later segment had more attacks on Obama with Bernie and Jane. O'Reilly claimed the pro Obama media has been easy on him. WTF?

That so-called pro Obama media just hammered him non-stop 24/7 for a week, how in the hell is that being easy on him. Anyone who thinks the media has been easy on Obama in the last week needs to be taken away by big men in white coats and locked up in a mental institution.

O'Reilly has lost his mind if he thinks the media has been easy on Obama over the last week. Every cable news network in America has ripped him to pieces non-stop for a week.

It was basically 50 minutes of biased one sided right-wing propaganda attacks on Obama and other liberals, with a legal segment and a spring break segment thrown into the mix, in between the Obama and Huffingtonpost.com attacks. Not a Democrat in sight for the entire show, it was all right-wing propaganda, all the time, yet O'Reilly claims that is being fair to Obama.

17) O'Reilly Continues Obama Bashing With Re-Run of 3-18-08 Factor
2-21-08 -- O'Reilly continued the Obama bashing without even being there. He had FOX News show a re-run from his Tuesday 3-18-08 factor show. During that show O'Reilly spent the whole hour bashing Obama over Pastor Wrights comments, and the Obama speech.

Funny how O'Reilly worked last friday (when he normally dont) so he could bash Obama a day after the Pastor Wright story broke. But the next friday when the Obama Pastor story has died down suddenly O'Reilly takes friday off, does not have his friday fill in host Laura Ingram do a new show, and re-runs a 3 day old show that had an hour of Obama bashing.

Not to mention it lets O'Reilly avoid reporting the Obama passport breach story, and the Kilmeade/Wallace story where Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace criticized FOX for non-stop Obama bashing on Fox & Friends this morning, and Kilmeade walked off the set.

We also have the racist comment story on foxnews.com, where hate filled racist comments were found on election.foxnews.com, O'Reilly took the night off so none of those stories could be reported or talked about on the factor. And we also have the Bill Richardson endorsment of Barack Obama, by taking the night off O'Reilly has avoided talking about any story that might help Obama.

Then as I suspect will happen on Monday, O'Reilly will not report any of the above stories, and he will go right back to non-stop Obama bashing.

18) O'Reilly Claims Obama Campaign Using Dirty Tricks
3-31-08 -- O'Reilly did the TPM on Obama. He mentioned that Obama was 10 points ahead of Hillary, that must piss him off, especially after FOX hammered Obama 24/7 for 2 weeks and it barely hurt Obama at all. In the chart I posted Obama was only down to Hillary for 5 days out of 18, and those 5 days was the week the entire media hammered him over what his Pastor said.

O'Reilly also said the reason he is back ahead of Hillary is because the media is in the tank for Obama. I guess he dont believe that maybe he is a better candidate, and just more liked by everyone than Hillary. And maybe Democrats are turning against Hillary for the dirty campaign she is running.

I guess O'Reilly never thought of that. Yeah right, he is just trying to make it look like Obama would not be where he is without the media. Even though the same media O'Reilly claims is in the tank for him ripped him to pieces for a week over the Pastor story.

In the 1st segment O'Reilly had Kinky Freidman and Juan Williams on to agree with him and kiss his ass, it was more of the usual crap with 2 O'Reilly ass kissers.

O'Reilly said Obama was using dirty tricks by sending out a message that Hillary cant win so vote for him. When the Obama campaign denied it, and O'Reilly has no proof of it. Not to mention the whole world knows that Hillary is behind in total votes, delegates, and in states won. So everyone knows that Hillary can not win, it's not a secret.

Billy said he only deals in facts, and never speculates. Then he reports the story with no proof, and speculates that the Obama campaign is doing it. Even the O'Reilly ass kissers Kinky and Juan said even if they did, it was not a dirty trick, just hardball politics.

O'Reilly stuck to his guns and said it was dirty politics, even when he has no proof the Obama campaign did it, and he said he never speculates.

The 2nd segment was another Obama Pastor story, O'Reilly will never let it go because he thinks it hurts Obama. Note to Billy, it hurt him for a week, now it's over, move on and stop showing your total right-wing bias.

19) More Obama Pastor Attacks on Tuesday Factor
4-1-08 -- Billy did the TPM on the Obama Pastor story and the Clinton Bosnia sniper story. Even though pretty much the rest of the media (except FOX) has dropped the Obama Pastor story O'Reilly continues to keep it going.

I am guessing it gets high ratings from his right-wing viewers so he will continue to keep the story alive. After attacking Obama and Hillary, O'Reilly said McCain was the big winner, what a shocker.

In the 1st segment O'Reilly had two Democrats on to dicuss both stories, and he asked which one hurt which candidate more. Both Democrats said the Hillary story would hurt her more because it was something she said, and something she lied about. Unlike Obama who was being attacked for what his Pastor said, not him.

Of course O'Reilly disagreed and said the Pastor would hurt Obama more and that the story would not go away. When it has gone away, except on the factor, and FOX. And the polls show the Obama Pastor story has not hurt him at all, O'Reilly just can't admit it. A new Gallup poll yesterday had Obama 10 points ahead of Hillary, which is a bigger lead than he had over her before the Obama Pastor story broke.

Clearly the Clinton sniper story has hurt her more, because it was something she said, and what she lied about, yet O'Reilly refuses to admit it. Even when the polls prove it. Not to mention Obama is only 5 points down to Clinton in Pennsylvania now, when 2 weeks ago he was 17 points down. That also shows the Pastor story has not hurt him because he has gained on Clinton in PA.

O'Reilly just wants the Obama Pastor story to hurt him, because he is worried Obama will beat McCain in November. So Billy is trying to hurt him as much as possible to help McCain.

Nobody cares what Obama's Pastor said, except for O'Reilly, his Republican friends, and the FOX News Network. It's a non-story with everyone but right-wing nuts who want to try and use it to hurt Obama. Guess what Billy, you failed, and it did not hurt Obama.

The folks have moved on to real issues like the war, gas prices, the economy, health care, etc. So you can trash Obama all you want, the only people watching you are right-wing nuts who will not vote for him anyway, so you can not hurt him with your constant biased attacks.

20) O'Reilly Does More Obama Pastor Story Attacks
4-2-08 -- After the TPM, O'Reilly had Dick Morris in the 1st segment to talk about Obama and Clinton. Morris said it was over and Obama will win the nomination. O'Reilly brought up the Obama Pastor story again and asked Morris if it will hurt Obama. Morris said it might in the general election, but not in the primary.

O'Reilly keeps trying to find someone who will say the Pastor will hurt Obama, but everyone keeps saying no, he is pretty much the only one who still thinks it will.

The 5th segment was Miller time. O'Reilly asked Miller about the Obama Pastor story, Miller said he dont care and dont think it's much of a story. Yet O'Reilly asked him over and over about the Pastor, at least 3 times, and every time Miller said he dont care about it.

Finally O'Reilly moved on and they talked about Al Gore. But almost the entire segment was O'Reilly trying to force Miller to talk about Obama and his Pastor. All during the segment O'Reilly ran weeks old video of Pastor Wright as they were talking.

Frankly it's getting pathetic, O'Reilly refuses to drop the Obama Pastor story even though it's been over for 2 weeks, and nobody wants to talk about it anymore, not even Dennis Miller or Dick Morris.

21) O'Reilly Attacks Obama Again
4-15-08 -- O'Reilly attacked Obama over his Philly remarks, as a good little Republican he joined the rest of the dishonest media in misrepresenting what Obama meant.

He also attacked Pastor Wright once again. Then during the 1st segment he said Obama just cant get rid of the Pastor story. Yeah because dishonest and biased right-wing idiots like O'Reilly and FOX news keep the story alive.

Then Billy pretended to have some advice for Obama and the Pastor, he said the Pastor should go away until December of 2008. How can he go away when you and FOX news talk about him every fricking night.

O'Reilly acted like he wanted the Pastor to go away, when the truth is he is going to keep talking about Pastor Wright as much as possible, all the way until the election. And keep attacking Obama, while saying nothing about McCain. If he actually wanted the Pastor story to go away he would not report on it every night, or have 20 talking points memos on him in 2 months.

O'Reilly has made a living keeping the Obama Pastor story alive, 3 weeks after it doed in the rest of the media, and O'Reilly even took credit for breaking the story when Brian Ross at ABC news actually broke the story on a thursday morning before O'Reilly broke it, and the NY Times broke it a year ago.

It will be non-stop Obama smearing on the Factor, all the way until the election, and you can bet on that.

22) O'Reilly Attacks Obama & His Pastor Again
4-16-08 -- After the TPM on the Pope and Bill Maher, O'Reilly had Newt Gingrich on to talk about it. Newt agreed with all of O'Reilly's lies, and then they attacked Obama and his Pastor. The both attacked Obama over his philly comments, and misrepresented what he meant when he said what he did.

Then O'Reilly did another segment on Pastor Wright and the size of the house he is building. Billy had a right-winger from townhall.com on to attack the Pastor. O'Reilly was shocked that Pastor Wright has such a big house. He implied there was something wrong with that, and said he would investigate it.

Yet he never says a word about the size of Pat Robertson's house, or Jerry Falwells's house, and he does not plan to investigate them. It's total bias, hypocrisy, and a double standard.

Later in the show O'Reilly contined the Obama attacks with Dennis Miller, they attacked Obama and his pastor. About half the show was devoted to attacking Obama, or his Pastor. Nothing was said about John McCain, or any Republican.

23) O'Reilly Attacks Obama & His Pastor Again
4-18-08 -- For about the 20th time in the last month O'Reilly once again devoted about 50 minutes of the show to one sided biased partisan attacks on Obama, or his Pastor.

The TPM was Obama Gotcha. It was 2 minutes of smearing Obama with right-wing talking points. Billy also talked more about Pastor Wright, and played another video clip of the Pastor (about 10 seconds of it) then smeared him some more.

O'Reilly said it was wrong and unethical to cherry pick partial out of context quotes about him, but somehow it's ok for him to do it. And believe me, he is going to spend the entire summer cherry picking Pastor Wright video clips, 10 seconds at a time, all summer long.

Then after that O'Reilly had Karl (dirty tricks) Rove on to trash Obama, Hillary, and Pastor Wright even more. They talked about William Ayers, Pastor Wright, & a little about Hillary. With no Democrat (or any liberal) to provide the balance to all the right-wing spin.

It was a biased, one sided, right-wing propaganda smear job on Obama and Hillary, by Karl Rove and O'Reilly.

Then we had even more Obama attacks with Dick (the hooker toe sucker) Morris. O'Reilly and Morris spent another 4 minutes hammering Obama, near the end of the segment they somehow found a little time to trash Hillary too.

The next segment was even more attacks on Pastor Wright, his home, and his finances. This time O'Reilly had FOX news Jeff Goldblatt on to continue the, one sided, biased, partisan, political smear job, on Obama and his Pastor.

Good job Billy, you managed to do 30 minutes straight of Obama/Wright/Clinton bashing, with no balance at all, and not one person to give the counterpoint to your right-wing propaganda.

Later in the show O'Reilly had even more attacks on Obama with Bernie and Jane. So pretty much the entire show, except for maybe 10 minutes, was devoted to non-stop one sided biased attacks on Obama, with a few minutes of Hillary bashing for good measure.

And that's fair and balanced Journalism, how?

There was a short segment on legal matters with Megyn Kelly, a short segment on the polygamist cult, and a short segment with the right-wing biased townhall.com editor about the internet. Just a normal 50 minute attack Obama factor, nothing new, move along.

24) O'Reilly Continues Obama Attacks
4-19-08 -- After the TPM the top story was? You guessed it, Obama. At least this time Billy had 2 Democrats on to discuss it. They talked about the ABC News Debate, the two Democrats tried to tell O'Reilly the questions were a joke and not valid, but O'Reilly kept cutting them off so they could barely get a word in.

When he has a Republican guest they are never cut off, and they are allowed to go on forever, because O'Reilly agrees with them. The Democrats said nobody cares if they wear a flag pin on their suit, and nobody wants to know if they love the flag. O'Reilly strongly disagreed, and yelled back YES THEY DO.

Earth to O'Reilly, NO THEY DONT.

O'Reilly tried to claim the people dont want to know about the issues, they want to know why they dont wear flag pins, and if they love the flag. It was the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard, yet he refused to admit he was wrong.

The two Democrats were Tanya Acker and Nancy Skinner. They tried to disagree with O'Reilly but he would not let them finish a sentence. They would say something, and before they could get half a sentence out Billy was cutting them off to tell them how wrong they are.

Why even have guests on if your not going to let them talk?

Then the segment was over, Billy said you are both wrong, and it was nice to have you on the show. They disagreed with every word he said (when they could get a word in) yet O'Reilly proclaimed he was right, and they were wrong, and then he said good bye.

Later in the show it was Laura Ingram, on to spin out more right-wing propaganda with no Democrat to counter what she said, or to provide any balance.

They talked about Obama and Pastor Wright, and O'Reilly admitted he is going to keep the Pastor story alive all the way until November. He said it will be a story until November, yeah with him and FOX news, but it's dead with everyone else.

During the show O'Reilly said he has a new website poll, do you think his coverage of Obama has been fair. HAHAHA, now that's funny.

Of course the people who visit his personal website are going to think he has been fair to Obama. That would be like moveon.org putting a poll question on their personal website asking their visitors, if FOX is a right-wing news network.

I can tell you the poll results right now, you dont even need to take the poll Billy.

Yes - 86%
No - 14%

Remember this prediction and see how close I was.