Partial List of Things Bush has done that O'Reilly
has not attacked him on

1) Bush said this on his 2000 Campaign site, " The Social Security surplus must be locked away only for Social Security." Bush recently broke that promise. Not one word from O'Reilly.

2) Missle Defense: For years, the Pentagon and its Ballistic Missile Defense Organization have engaged in a continuing effort to delude the public and Congress into believing the United States is well on its way to developing a workable defense against ballistic missiles. Unfortunately, a gullible news media has unwittingly played along. The flight tests conducted so far have incorporated homing beacons, unrealistic decoys and other techniques designed to create the appearance of success. But these aids to detection and target discrimination can provide no meaningful information to help a planner learn how to intercept a real missile. Later revelations of flaws in the test data or manipulated data go unreported. Missle Defense Facts The Media Wont Report O'Reilly screams and bitches about our government wasting his tax money on a daily basis, yet when Bush says he wants to spend $ 200 Billion on a missle defense system that wont work, Not one word from O'Reilly.

3) The Bush/Cheney Energy Policy: This policy was wrote in secret meetings by corporate executives and lobbyists for the gas, oil, nuclear, and power companies. Throughout February and March, executives representing electricity, coal, natural gas and nuclear interests paraded quietly in small groups to a building in the White House compound, where the new administration's energy policy was being written. In an analysis released by Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Los Angeles) called "Hitting the Jackpot," the rewards for industry are outlined. The report mischievously observes that the cumulative value of the 2000 election campaign contributions by the coal, oil and gas, nuclear and utility industries--the lion's share of which went to the GOP--was $69.5 million; the total value of the tax breaks and subsidies is $36.4 billion, with a b. The rate of return on this "investment" is a whopping 52,200%. Bush/Cheney Energy Policy Facts and this one: Bush/Cheney Energy Plan bares industry clout Not One Word From O'Reilly. Is that Fair and Balanced ?

4) Bush shows Favoritism in Handing Out Federal Jobs: A staggering number of relatives of high administration officials have been appointed to government jobs, giving new meaning to "family values." It's as if other applicants were found unqualified simply because they lacked the right last name or didn't have the right family connection. Bush Federal Jobs Facts O'Reilly complained (almost nightly) about all of Bill and Hillary's friends and relatives getting special treatment, yet when Bush does it. Not One Word From O'Reilly.

5) The Documents from the Bush/Cheney Secret Energy Meetings: The GAO has demanded those documents and so far Bush and Cheney have refused. Every now and again, even Tom DeLay can smell a rat. "Why would you claim executive privilege if you want to tell the truth?" the House Republican whip once observed. I wish I could tell you that DeLay said this over the last few months or in relation to the refusal of Vice President Dick Cheney to be fully forthcoming about his federal task force that developed the Bush administration's national energy policy. Of course, I can't tell you that. In 1994 Tom Delay said this "The public has a right to know about the actions in the White House, and it has a right to know when and why the president is invoking executive privilege." He said that about the Hillary Clinton secret health care task force meetings. Bush/Cheney Energy Records Refusal Facts I believe O'Reilly mentioned the Cheney's refusal one time, yet if a democrat had done this he would probably cover it nightly.

6) The Bush Lies on ANWR Drilling: George Bush has made ANWR's development a key part of his energy package. The House finally decided to approve drilling in the refuge, largely on the promise of two important numbers.

1) To calm moderates, Republican Congressman John Sununu tacked an amendment to the energy bill limiting the drilling to just 2,000 of the 1.5 million acres along the coast plain.
2) The Teamsters muscled 36 Democrats into voting for the drilling, claiming it would create over 700,000 jobs.

Turns out the 2,000 acres don't have to be contiguous and only the space of the equipment touching the ground is counted. Each drilling platform can take up as little as 10 acres. The pipelines are above ground. For space purposes, the amendment counts only the ground touched by the stanchions holding up the pipe. Road widths also are conveniently left out of the space limit. "It's a complete sham," complains Allen Mattison, a spokesman for the Sierra Club which opposes drilling. "It's like a fishing net. If you count just the space of the string's width, that's small. But if you open up a fishing net and count the area it covers, that's much larger." Environmentalists complain that the House limit ends up allowing oil companies to spread out over practically the entire 1.5 million acres.

As for the 700,000 jobs, that number comes from an 11-year-old study commissioned by the American Petroleum Institute that economists complain wildly inflates the employment potential. "It's just absurd," says Eban Goodstein, an economist at Lewis and Clark College, who predicts the real job growth will be less than one-tenth that number. Not One Word From O'Reilly About The Real ANWR Facts.

7) Bush Cut 270 EPA Enforcement Jobs: The 270 jobs that bush wiped out were staff positions at the EPA office of compliance and enforcement. Robert Menendez D-NJ, said " Americas environment is under attack. Not too long ago presidential candidate George W. Bush spoke strong words about protecting the environment, but today his promises to the american people ring hollow. " Bush's proposed cuts for U.S. environmental protection agency (EPA) would reduce inspection of facilities by 12 percent, criminal investigations by 11 percent, and civil investigations by 20 percent, which contributes to a nearly 70 percent drop in civil cases since the 2000 fiscal year. Jeff Ruch, executive director for Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) insists that Bush's proposed environmental plan is " a shell game. " Bush's plan allows states to attract industry by pursuing a race to the bottom of environmental protection. " Not One Word From O'Reilly.

8) Bush & OSHA Fail to Protect U.S. Workers: After killing the ergonomics standard, the Bush administration promised to take a comprehensive approach to ergonomics. Yet, two months after repealing the rule, they have no plans for protecting workers from ergonomic hazards-the biggest job safety problem facing them today. Each day no protections are in place, nearly 5,000 workers sustain ergonomic injuries.

After a decade of struggle, workers in this country finally won protections to prevent crippling repetitive strain injuries, the nationís biggest job safety problem. Every year, more than 1.8 million U.S. workers suffer painful injuries on the job; some 600,000 are serious enough to require time off from work. Ergonomic injuries are caused by heavy lifting, repetitive work and poorly designed jobs. The OSHA ergonomics standard would have required employers to implement ergonomic programs and fix jobs where repetitive strain injuries occur.

But as payback to their corporate campaign contributors, President George W. Bush and the Republican-controlled Congress repealed the worker safety rule that would have protected millions of American workers from repetitive strain injuries.

United States labor laws are poorly enforced and fail to meet the basic human rights of U.S. workers. Each year, about 6,000 workers die on the job from accidents and another 50,000 to 70,000 workers die annually from "occupationally acquired diseases." The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is not capable of effectively overseeing U.S. workplaces.

The entire federal and state worker health and safety apparatus involves just 2,300 inspectors, who must cover Americaís 102 million workers in 6.7 million workplaces. That comes to one inspector for every 44,348 workers. Theoretically, it would take OSHA 110 years to inspect each workplace under its jurisdiction just once. Not One Word From O'Reilly When Bush Dropped The Ergonomics Law.

Full Story Here: 8-29-01, Bush & OSHA Fail to Protect U.S. Workers

9) Bush And The EPA Roll-Back Clean Air Standards: The recent Clean Air Task Force report Power to Kill, based on research by EPA's own consultants, shows that pollution just from the 51 plants that are the targets of enforcement actions shortens the lives of between 5,500 and 9,000 people each year. If these plants met modern pollution standards, 4,300 to 7,000 of these deaths would be avoided. In addition, the report shows that each year, pollution from these plants triggers up to 170,000 asthma attacks - as many as 80,000 of which could be avoided if these plants cleaned up.

Despite these figures, the Bush energy plan throws the future of these enforcement actions for new source review violations into doubt. The plan not only questions whether these enforcement actions should continue, but also questions whether the law itself should be weakened.

"Overwhelmingly, Americans support tougher, not weaker, clean air safeguards,"

"Today Americans are letting President Bush know that we are aware of the dangers posed by illegally-polluting power plants," said Angela Ledford, Director of Clear the Air, the National Campaign Against Dirty Power. "Every single day, with every ton of pollution they emit, too many of the oldest and dirtiest power plants are violating the laws designed to protect our health. Every day that the Bush administration delays cleaning up these plants, thousands of Americans - many of them children - will suffer needless and painful asthma attacks. We should demand better." Not One Word From O'Reilly.

10) Bush And The EPA Allow Corporations to Pollute The Water: Industrial, municipal and federal facilities are already allowed, by permit, to pollute the nations waters and air, as long as those discharges are within certain limits. But a PIRG analysis of these polluters determinded that more than 26 percent were in serious violation of the federal clean water act at least once during a 15-month period.

Findings in the new report, " Polluters Playground: How The Government Permits Pollution, " include:

During the 15-month period, 159 major facilities were in Significant Non-Compliance (SNC).

To ensure more consistent compliance with permits and to move toward the zero-discharge goals of the clean water act, PIRG recommends:

Set Tougher Penalties: Penalties should be set high enough to remove any economic incentive for polluters to break the law.

Allow citizens full access to the courts: Obstacles to citizen lawsuits should be removed, including current rules that bar citizens from suing federal facilities.

Expand Public's right to know: The public should have greater access to information about enforcement, as well as the data compiled by facilities that discharge into waterways.

"It is outrageous that the bush administration is proposing to slash enforcements budgets when more than one in four polluting facilities are breaking the law," said Richard Caplan, environmental advocate for public interest research groups (PIRG).

According to PIRG, 40 percent of surface waters are still not fishable and/or swimmable, an original goal of the Clean Water Act. Not One Word From O'Reilly.

11) Bush Opposes International Financing of Clean Energy Alternatives: The Bush administration plans to oppose an international drive to phase out fossil fuel subsidies and increase financing for nonpolluting energy sources worldwide, administration officials said today.

Critics say it is yet another instance of the Bush administration's placing the interest of oil and gas companies ahead of the drive to reduce global warming.

"By rejecting the task force's recommendations, President Bush is once again undermining any attempt to take serious action on global warming," said Daphne Wysham, a fellow with the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington. Not One Word From O'Reilly.

12) Bush And The Arsenic Water Standards: WASHINGTON; 3-20-01, The Bush administration has opted to defer - perhaps permanently - new arsenic standards that would slash the acceptable limits for this toxic chemical in drinking water by 80 percent. U.S. EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman announced today that EPA will propose to withdraw the pending arsenic standard for drinking water that was issued on January 22.

The rule would have reduced the acceptable level of arsenic in water to 10 parts per billion (ppb). The current standard of 50 ppb, set in 1942, is five times higher than the international standard adopted several years ago by the World Health Organization and the European Union.

Studies have linked long term exposure to arsenic in drinking water to cancer of the bladder, lungs, skin, kidney, nasal passages, liver and prostate. Even at very low doses, arsenic exposure can cause other health problems as well, including cardiovascular, pulmonary, immunological, neurological and endocrine effects.

Environmental groups denounced the EPA's decision to delay or discard the new arsenic standard. The NRDC, which sued the EPA to force the agency to update its arsenic standard, called the move "a craven capitulation" to corporate interests. "This decision will force millions of Americans to continue to drink arsenic laced water," said NRDC senior attorney Erik Olson. "Many will die from arsenic related cancers and other diseases, but President George Bush apparently doesn't care."

The NRDC and other groups argue that the reviews proposed today by Whitman have already been done. A definitive 1999 report by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS), which established a host of health problems associated with arsenic in drinking water, recommended prompt revision of the EPA's arsenic standard to protect the public's health.

Conservation groups also note that the EPA has already missed several statutory deadlines for issuing the new arsenic standards, including Congressional orders under the 1974, 1986 and 1996 Safe Drinking Water Acts.

"What will it take to convince the Bush administration to do something about this enormous health risk?" asked NRDC's Olson. "Congress told the agency to update the arsenic standard in the mid-1970s and again in the late 1980s, but it never happened. In 1996, Congress asked for the third time, making January 2000 the deadline for a proposal. EPA finally proposed the new standard in June 2000 after we sued the agency. Now we will be forced to sue again." Not One Word From O'Reilly.

13) Documents Show U.S. Will Violate ABM Treaty: Washington has told Russia that it plans to violate the 1972 Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty, according to the documents, which were sent out as guidance to U.S. embassies a week ago.

Moscow has viewed the treaty as the cornerstone of strategic arms control although Russian leaders have said recently it would consider amending the pact.

The papers said the United States had told its allies and Russia that it would seek capabilities prohibited under the pact, including sea-based and other mobile methods -- such as an airborne laser -- to shoot down long-range missiles in an action often compared to chasing a bullet with a bullet.

The documents were the most explicit public sign yet of what a senior State Department official said Washington had told Russia and its allies months ago -- that the Bush administration expected to depart from ABM sooner rather than later.

Russia declared today that ground-breaking on a U.S. missile defense test site in Alaska would beconsidered a breach of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, posing a new challenge to Bush administration plans to speed up development of a nuclear shield.

Sergeyev complained today that the United States wanted to make itself the only true nuclear superpower at the expense of the deterrence doctrine of mutual assured destruction that governed Cold War policy for decades. "To put it simply, the U.S. is seeking to realize unilateral advantages that they have -- I can destroy you but you cannot [destroy] me." Not One Word From O'reilly.

To Summarize O'Reillys Non-Hammering of Bush: President Select George W. Bush has done all this in just 7 months yet O'Reilly has barely even mentioned any of it. These are the Important issues that affect all americans healty and safety, O'Reilly claims to be watching out for the working man yet he does not even cover hardly any of these issues. On the slight chance he mentions one of them it is casually referred to for a minute (If That) then never mentioned again. What does O'Reilly cover, Porn 101 classes, Crop Circles, Rap Music influence on kids, Bee Attacks, Condit/Levy, Jesse Jackson, etc.

Where is The Equal hammering of president Bush You Promised Mr. O'Reilly ?

Ask yourself this, If Bill ( Working Class ) O'Reilly is for the working man why dont he do any real detailed meaningful stories about these issues ?