Because of the way the US government is set up we're stuck paying high prices for prescription drugs.  Lucky for us our neighbors to the north have a system where they can bargain down the price with the drug companies so that Canadian drugs are cheaper.  That's the reason why thousands of Americans have been crossing the northern border with their prescriptions in hand to buy their drugs in Canada.  It's also possible to buy drugs from Canada online however much care should be given since you don't know where the drugs are exactly coming from and if they are safe or not.  Until our government makes cheaper drugs a reality Americans will have to continue looking for ways ourselves to help reduce the cost of the prescription drugs that we need to buy.

O'Reilly Lied About Canada Being Bankrupt

Here is what O'Reilly actually said:

Quote from the December 11, 2003 factor talking points memo.

Canada can't help us anyway. They have no military to speak of. And the socialistic system they have there has nearly bankrupted them. So Chretien is history. A new administration is upcoming. We should be trying to work things out with Canada.

12-11-03 Factor Talking Points

And now the truth:

From the Canadian Broadcasting Company website.

Budget surplus

Justin Thompson, CBC News Online | October 22, 2003

Finance Minister John Manley announced that Canada's budget surplus for the fiscal year 2002-2003 was a whopping $7 billion. The entire amount, he said, will go toward paying down the national debt keeping it to a projected $510.6 billion by the end of the fiscal year. A noble decision, indeed.

On the other hand, this is Canada's sixth straight budget surplus, and debt payments aren't the most exciting way to spend $7 billion. The CBC's Justin Thompson did some window-shopping to see what else Manley could blow the money on.

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