Factor Talking Points From 7-6-05:

Note: I will add my comments to O'Reilly's talking points in bold text.

This is a special edition of the Factor. Terror attack in London. I'm Bill O'Reilly. Thank you for watching us this evening. The death toll right now stands at 37 and at least 700 wounded after a series of bombs exploded in England's capitol city. The Talking Points Memo this evening is about sanitizing terror, failing to deal realistically with a deadly enemy. This morning I was having breakfast in Killarney, Ireland when the terror attack news broke. My first thought was: Al Qaeda trying to disrupt the G8 summit in Scotland. My second thought was: Now, maybe Europe will wise up. The terrorists are the evildoers, not the U. S. A.

Europe supports the war on terror, what they oppose is Bush and his bogus war on Iraq. O'Reilly is mixing these two issues, it's called right-wing propaganda. They mix the war on terror and the war in Iraq into one and the same, when they are two seperate issues that have nothing to do with each other. Except that now the terrorists have attacked London as payback to Tony Blair and revenge for the illegal invasion of Iraq. O'Reilly and his buddies at the White House have tried to repackage our Iraq operations as a way to prevent terrorism here at home. As Bush said in October, "We are fighting these terrorists with our military in Afghanistan and Iraq and beyond so we do not have to face them in the streets of our own cities." Tragically, the terrible bombing in London shows we are now paying a horrible price for this silly, dangerous, short-sighted, and dishonest line of reasoning.

That is probably wishful thinking. Generally speaking the European media is viciously anti-American when it comes to the war on terror. The garbage these people are throwin' out to a largely clueless public is astounding. Failed leaders like Chirac in France and Schroeder in Germany also pound home the anti-American theme to divert attention away from their own disastrous administrations.

Wrong neo-con Bill, they are anti war on Iraq, not anti war on terror. Many of these European countries you are lying about support the war on terror and some have even sent troops to Afghanistan, like France etc. The only clueless public are the people in America who watch you and FOX, and believe all this crap put out by neo-cons in the Bush administration. And you call your show a no-spin zone, it's more like an all right-wing propaganda zone. Speaking of failed leaders and disastrous administrations, have you seen the Bush job approval ratings lately, or the approval ratings for the Republican majority congress. We have a failed administration, and a failed congress.

But now the terrorists have struck again. 9-11. Madrid. Today London. If all the anti-U.S. bitterness were redirected into anti-terror bitterness, the world might defeat these savages. We all know which major countries allow terrorists to operate: Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and, to a lesser extent, Pakistan and Indonesia. Why isn't the European press condemning THOSE countries? Why doesn't Europe admit Saddam's regime helped terrorists all day long?

Because there were no terrorist in Iraq before the war, so stop lying about that one. Nobody but you and Dick cheney believe it, all those lies were debunked years ago. Even Bush admitted there was no link with Iraq and terrorism or 9-11. The presidents own 9-11 commission said there is no link, so get off of it. Saddam's regime did not help terrorists, not all day long, or ever. He hated terrorists, and he did not allow them in the country.

Why won't the world help the struggling democracy in Iraq?

Simple, because it was an illegal invasion based on lies that was not authorized by the UN. Struggling democracy? Now that's a good one, if you believe a country that illegally invades another country then installs a puppet government through military force is a democracy then you are farther gone than I thought. Iraq will never be a real democracy as long as American troops control the country, once we leave it might, but I doubt it, think about that. The world does not help because the war was started by a bunch of right-wing neo-con PNAC idiots in the crooked Bush administration, how hard is that to understand.

These are powerful questions and this London terror attack should get those questions on the front burner where they belong. But don't expect the elite American media to ask them.

A few days ago Edward Wong of the New York Times described Abu Musab al-Zarqawi as a "Jordanian fighter.". Can you believe an American newspaper would print that? Al-Zarqawi is a vicious Al Qaeda killer, a man who beheads civilians and orders the murders of women and children and the New York Times calls this guy a "jordanian fighter"?!!! That kind of sanitizing terrorism must stop. The American people - YOU! - must demand that it stop.

So one guy from Iraq who writes for the International page in the NY Times calls Zarqawi a Jordanian fighter and we are supposed to be outraged. I am outraged over the illegal invasion of Iraq based on lies about WMD's, not what a NY Times writer called a terrorist. And I am outraged about the bogus war on terror Bush uses to implement his neo-con agenda under the cover of the war on terror. I could care less what one reporter in the NY Times calls Zarqawi, why do you.

The anti-American press both here and in Europe is actually helping the terrorists by diminishing their threat. Talking Points urges you to begin holding people accountable for their position on the terror war. Walk away from media that excuses or sanitizes these brutal acts. U. S. A. is not the problem in this world. The terrorists are.

The problem is not the so-called anti-American press, it's uninformed right-wing neo-con idiots like you. Bush and his agenda is helping the terrorists, he is their best friend, they recruit more people than ever now because of the illegal Iraq war. What media should they walk to, FOX? Yeah right, that is not going to happen. If we want right-wing propaganda we can just listen to Cheney or Bush, or the rest of the corporate media. Listen to the military experts, they say you can not win by military force, you have to do it politically. It's sad to say but some of our foreign policy is part of the problem. But the biggest problem is Bush and his gang of neo-cons. The reality is, you have your head so far up Bush's ass you cant comprehend that.

And if you don't agree with that you are helping killers like al-Zarqawi. Enough's enough. London should be the last straw.

And that's the Memo.


This is a good one, the crazy Col. Hunt has gone off the deep end. Hack their banks computers and take all their money, and give them biblical justice, whatever that means. The good Col. should be in a mental institution, not as a military analyst on a so-called news network. And the wack job O'Reilly puts this nut on the air, which shows he is nuts too.

The word Hunt used was 'hawala', which is sort of like an informal Western Union. But Hunt was full of it on that. The 9-11 terrorists used regular bank wire transfers, and there's no real evidence to suggest that hawala is any more criminal than, oh, payday loan or Western Union itself, and like those services, it's used by people with not much money. I wonder if Col. Hunt ever thought Saudi Arabia and OPEC might cut off our oil supply if we hack their banks and steal their money. Maybe they would declare war on us, do you think the Col. thinks before he speaks, I dont. O'Reilly and Col. Hunt reminded me or two nuts in a mental institution talking to each other, like you see in the movies. And the line one lies and the other one swears to it comes to mind also.


Transcript from the 7-6-05 O'Reilly factor:

O'REILLY: Joining us now from Boston FOX News Military analyst, Col David Hunt, author of the book "They Just Don't Get It" which is solely about terrorism. You know, your book is very relevant for what happened today but what everybody wants to know is what is the United States and Britain not doing to fight these animals ...

HUNT: Let's start with ...

O'REILLY: ... that they could ...

HUNT: Yeah.

O'REILLY: ... that they could do.

HUNT: Let's start with how 'bout when you have a world meeting like the G8, terrorism is on the agenda. It wasn't even gonna be talked about - I promise you it's gonna be talked about today or tomorrow - but it was not on that agenda. That's - so we've got to keep it in the forefront of every meeting, every government house, every day. Item #1: Terrorism. #2: No more sanctuaries. Pakistan, get out of the way. Bin Laden is ours. Don't get in our way. We cannot allow anyplace to hide these people. Three: Money.

There's too much money in the Muslim world that's unaccounted for that's goin' to terrorist funding. This operation in London took six months to a year, thousands of dollars, passports, logistic cells and you have to get at that money. What I mean by that is - the Bank of Saudi Arabia, the Bank of Yemen. If you've got money, we're taking it and redistributing it. I'm talkin' about Biblical Justice to stop this. We've got to get people's attention.

O'REILLY: Alright.

HUNT: [indecipherable]

O'REILLY (overtalks): Let's - let's - let's take the money. What - you can't force banks in the Arab world to tell you where their money ...


O'REILLY: ... is going, can you?

HUNT: No, but I can get inside their bank - and people listening in the business know this. You can get inside a bank's computer - hit "send" and take it. I'm tellin' you - you asked what to do. You get at this money There's $500 billion of unaccounted for money that travels around the Muslim world forms a "zakat", which is a tithing in the Muslim community and "halaal" which is given - borrowed money.

HUNT: And a lot of this money is getting to the terrorist organizations. I'm just - this is aggressive. Nobody's gonna like it, but it would definitely get their attention.

HUNT: We have to go after countries, Bill, that have - that are harboring these people, not war with them, but deal with them very, very aggressively.

O'REILLY: Well, ya' got ....

HUNT: Biblical justice.

O'REILLY: Let's run 'em down. Ya' got Iran. Ya' got Syria. Ya' got Saudi Arabia.

HUNT: Right.

O'REILLY: Those are the top three. And ya' got little countries ...

HUNT: [indecipherable]

O'REILLY: ... like Yemen and Oman.

HUNT: Yep.

O'REILLY: ... but those are backwaters.

HUNT: Yep.

O'REILLY: Those are the top three and then to a lesser extent you've got Pakistan, which plays a game - Mushareff plays a game. He does just enough not to anger the United States, but not enough to anger the Islamic fundamentalists who want to kill him anyway. And then you got Indonesia which is, to me, ya' know, kind of an ungovernable place. But - it - you know, the United States can't take on all these countries ...


O'REILLY: ... by itself.

HUNT: Absolutely not. Let's start with Iran Hey, Israel, have some fun! The Israelis have of one of the finest militaries in the world - a great intelligence service - put some pressure with them. We gotta still deal with North Korea that's our Russian friends - Come on! Come over here and help us. Syria and some of these Syrians we could put a little more pressure on them from Iraq. We've got- you've got to get Europe in the middle of this game. It cannot be just the British who are so ...

O'REILLY: Yeah, but they're not gonna do it, as we talked about this whole program.

HUNT: I know. I know. But you can do it by forcing their hands - money - economically and politically. We're not putting the Germans and the French nearly enough to get involved in things that we need. They've got all the things that we need. They've got good - great - intelligence services and we've got to use them. My point to you is: Take the gloves off. Biblical justice.

If you want - We don't want to keep seeing what's happened. We don't want more 9-11s, Bill. These type of things must occur. Bin Laden cannot be allowed to live. He's too strong a symbol. Zawahiri, his number two man, is the guy I think that planned what happened in London. It was a very well thought out, very well executed, timed terrorist murder event. That's Zawahiri, the number two guy, can't be allowed to live. Biblical justice.

O'REILLY: Alright, Colonel . We appreciate it. Read the Colonel's book. He has a very hard line against terror.

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