Top 15 Reasons O'Reilly is a Conservative !

1) When o'reilly takes a day off to worship hitler all his fill in hosts are conservatives. Dont you think a registered independent would have ralph nader or a moderate democrat host once in a while ? Hell no, conservatives only.

2) After claiming to be an independent every damn night o'reilly goes to and submits his article where he is listed as one of the townhall 60 conservative columnists. His personal web page there lists him as "conservative columnist Bill O'Reilly." Conservative ? Independent ? Same thing in o'reillys world.

3) After being a registered republican for 30 years as per the party enrollment form on this web site shows until 2000 o'reilly suddenly saw god and became an independent. Not...

4) O'Reilly supports every conservative issue they have except for the death penalty and global warming. At least he says he supports those 2 issues, that leaves 25 other issues where he supports the conservative ideas.

5) O'Reilly is 100% Pro-Life and is against all abortions even the legal ones according to the supreme court anyway. He once told a woman who works at an abortion clinic that he is opposed to everything they do.

6) O'Reilly never shuts up about taxes, thinks the rich are over-taxed. Sounds like a conservative to me, shut up already....

7) O'Reilly claims he is for the little guy and the working man yet he never ever does any stories about workers rights or ergonomics or workers being abused by employers etc. In fact he thinks corporations do no wrong and never does any stories about corporations polluting rivers or ground water or the air etc. With him watching out for the little guy and the working man they dont need enemies.

8) O'Reilly hates unions and the ACLU, about 99% of independents and democrats support unions and the ACLU. You be the judge, does that sound like a conservative view ?

9) O'Reilly strongly and loudly and frequently attacked president clinton and his policies for 8 years yet can hardly find one thing to attack bush or the republicans on. Even though bush does something every day he could be attacked on how can o'reilly attack him if he agrees with everything bush does ? Sounds like a conservative to me.

10) Wrote a column for pointing out how clinton gave 70 million dollars to the taliban in 1999 yet somehow forgot to mention bush gave the taliban 43 million dollars as early as may of 2001. Would an independent leave out an important fact like that ? No frigging way jose.

11) O'Reilly does a segment discussing the bush approval ratings. Does he invite a democrat and a republican on to have a fair debate ? Hell no, duh....He invites a republican on and then him and the republican agree bush is god for 6 minutes straight. Is that fair and balanced ? Hell no, duh.....

12) O'Reilly covers an issue like abortion for an example, does he invite a democrat and a republican for a fair debate ? Yes and no, if you include him it's always a 2 on 1 with the democrat barely able to get a word in with the republican guest and the republicans host (o'reilly) getting all the words in. It's a set up, the republican gets to speak for as long as needed and the democrat gets shouted down after 10 words come out.

13) O'Reilly is against all social programs and thinks everyone should just get a job and go to college and become a millionaire just like him. After all he did it so why cant you ? He leaves out the mentally ill and the disabled and the people who cant afford college, but so what since when did reality mean anything ? Pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get it done.

14) O'Reilly said all the homeless should be arrested and thrown in jail if they dont want to work. I thought this was a free country ? Not in o'reillys world, if he has to see homeless people or his child has to see a homeless person it might traumatize his child so throw them all in jail. O'Reilly also said if you blacks dont like the laws and the rules here go back to where you came from (africa) even though the guy was born in new york and is a 100% american citizen. Sounds like a conservative view to me.

15) O'reilly gave a key-note speech at a thing called "The Republican Restoration Weekend" where 10,000 right-wing white males and right-wing females talk about how right they are on everything. Great thinkers like Sean Hannity, Brit Hume, Trent Lott, and Tony Snow also spoke. How many independents went to this thing ? Answer: None.