More Proof O'Reilly is Unfair & Unbalanced

Here is a great example of the bias O'Reilly uses in his interviews.

by the Webmaster (Steve)

8-29-03 -- Tonight O'Reilly did a segment on the Gray Davis recall.

He had two guests, one named Jill Stewart, and the other was named Tony Quinn.

Jill Stewart was introduced as a "syndicated columnist" and it also said that under her face while she talked.

Tony Quinn was introduced as a "political analyst" and it said that under his face while he talked.

To the average braindead O'Reilly viewer it looked like O'Reilly had 2 objective and un-biased guests on that represent opposing views to debate the issue.


Jill Stewart is a conservative columnist, she has written a bunch of attack articles about Gray davis. She is not even close to being an objective journalist. Yet she was billed as a syndicated columnist, and it was never mentioned that she has a conservative bias. She is sometimes referred to as a neoconservative, so she is a far right conservative.

Tony Quinn is a noted conservative political analyst in California. He supports the Gray davis recall 100 percent. Yet he was introduced as a political analyst, and it was never mentioned that he is a noted conservative political analyst.

These two republican guests sat there and agreed with everything O'Reilly said in his talking points about the recall. They all sat around and agreed with each other for the whole 4 minute segment.

The whole time they were passed off as a syndicated columnist and a political analyst, not once was it mentioned that either one of them are conservatives.

Where was the fairness ?

Where was the balance ?

Where was the debate ?

Where was the no-spin zone ?

Where was the liberal side of the debate ?

Not on this show, it was a 3 person republican circle jerk.

So much for no-spin, how about all spin.

If O'Reilly is not a conservative, why would he invite two known conservatives on to discuss the Gray Davis recall. Why would he hide the fact that they are both conservatives. Why would he not have a liberal guest on to provide the counter point. And why would he agree with everything they said, in fact he agrees with almost everything his republican guests say.

Bill supports this recall 100 percent, even though most of the California budget problem is not his fault. Even the republican Peter Ueberroth said it would be unfair to single out Davis for the state's fiscal crisis, which Ueberroth attributed more to the decline of the economy than any failure on the part of the state's political leadership.


The "worldwide recession and the economics we're suffering throughout this nation are huge factors" and bear the majority of blame for the problems facing California's government.

The state's budget problem "is less about the current governor and more about the structure" of the budget, which dictates how large amounts of state revenues must be spent.

To solve the $38 billion budget deficit, Davis initially proposed larger budget cuts and tax increases than were approved by the Legislature in the final budget package, Ueberroth said.

Funny how O'Reilly and his two biased conservative guests never mention any of these points. Not to mention the $15 to $20 billion Enron robbed from California, this forced the Governor to sign expensive power contracts so he could stop the energy gouging. President Bush and Dick Cheney also refused to force FERC to put price caps in to stop the robbery by Enron.

Guess who runs FERC, you guessed it the Bush/Lay appointed Pat Wood. Enron was making a fortune robbing California with 300% price increases over the previous year, when Gray Davis asked Bush and Cheney to stop the gouging, they said no. This was a payback to Enron, and California for voting Gore in the 2000 election. Not to mention Ken Lay was the #1 contributor to the Bush campaign, and one of Bush's best friends in Texas. Why would Enron suddenly raise energy prices 300% on California. Because Ken Lay knew Bush and Cheney would let him do it, if Clinton were president Ken Lay would have never been allowed to do it.

The outrageously high energy prices also forced some businesses out of California because of the high energy costs. That reduced the tax revenue base even more, yet O'Reilly never mentions any of this. Bill also fails to mention that 20 to 30 percent of the spending increases in California were mandated by voter ballot propositions like prop 13 etc. This handcuffs the Governor in his efforts to control state spending.

Bill also predicted Gray Davis will be recalled by a wide margin, and that Arnold Schwartznegger will be the next Governor of California.

I predict Gray Davis will not be recalled, but if he is, I predict Cruz Bustamonte will be the next Governor of California. If Gray Davis is recalled, it will be very close. I would also like to add that most people who believe in democracy oppose this recall. That is why only 17 states have a recall in their state. I guess O'Reilly does not really believe in democracy. He calls this a grassroots recall by the people. In reality it's a power grab paid for with $1.7 million dollars from a republican named Issa. He paid people $1 a signature to get the 900,000 signatures needed for the recall.

This is not a grassroots recall by the people, it's a republican led effort that is trying to throw a democratically elected Governor out of office. So much for no-spin, O'Reilly has been spinning this recall from day one.