Conclusive proof Bill O'Reilly is a Republican, this page is a listing of the conservative issues O'Reilly supports and the liberal issues he supports. Compare the list and then ask yourself if O'Reilly is a Republican or not, I suggest that if you support 30 Republican issues and 4 liberal issues you are a fricking Republican.

Republican Issues O'Reilly Supports -

1) The Iraq War
2) Justice
3) Economy
4) Taxes
5) Social Security
6) Health Care
7) Energy
8) Environment
9) Medicare
10) Faith and Religion
11) Abortion
12) Homeland Security
13) Illegal Immigration
14) Special Interest Money
15) Unions
16) ACLU
17) Foreign Policy
18) Terrorism
19) Education
20) Lawyers
21) Tort Reform
22) Corporations
23) The UN
24) Welfare
25) Stem Cells & Research
26) Civil Rights
27) Jobs
28) Liberal Media Bias
29) Military on The Border
30) Torture

Liberal Issues O'Reilly Supports -

1) Death Penalty: O'Reilly claims to oppose the death penalty even though he has called for death in 3 specific cases that I know of. In one case he said life in prison is not enough, you could say that is calling for death, I sure as hell do. He claims to be for life in prison so I will give him the benefit of the doubt and count this as a liberal issue he agrees with. Plus there are so few liberal issues he agrees with he needs all the help he can get on this one.

2) Gay Marriage: Once again O'Reilly sort of supports gay marriage, but not really. He is opposed to actual gay marriage, but he supports same sex partners having the same rights as a married man and a woman. He just opposes the word marriage being used for gay people, you figure that out because I cant. Somehow the Republicans have decided the word marriage can only be used for a man and a woman who are married.

3) Global Warming: Here again O'Reilly claims to believe in global warming, but he does very few shows on the issue. And he has made fun of people who say global warming is real and getting worse, he also made fun of a global warming statement made by Al Gore. So I have my doubts that O'Reilly really believes in global warming, but I will add it to this list because it's a pretty slim list already, lol.

4) Gun Control: O'Reilly claims to believe in gun control, so he will get credit for it.

There you have it, O'Reilly supports 30 Republican issues and 4 Democratic issues. And 2 of the 4 Democratic issues he supports are borderline. O'Reilly claims to believe in Global Warming and the Death penalty but I could probably prove he only says he believes in those 2 issues. After reading this web page if you still doubt O'Reilly is a Republican you are in denial and blinded by your right-wing bias. Nobody on earth believes O'Reilly when he says he is not a Republican, only other Republicans believe it and they do it just to cover for his lie about not being a Republican.

NOTICE: When I put Education, Environment, Abortion, Jobs, etc. on the list of conservative issues that O'Reilly supports I did not mean Democrats do not support those issues. What I mean is O'Reilly takes the Republican position on those issues. I did it to show that O'Reilly takes the Republican position on almost every issue we have, I did not mean to say that Democrats do not support Education, Environment, Abortion, Jobs, etc.