Scientist Group Slams Celebs Like Snooki & O'Reilly
By: Steve - December 31, 2011 - 10:00am

Sense About Science, a U.K.-based charity that boasts a membership of more than 5,000 scientists, released its annual Celebrities and Science list, panning several high-profile stars for their high-profile mistakes - which the group says could spread dangerous information.

"Jersey Shore" deep thinker Snooki's statement “that the ocean is salty because of all that whale sperm” gets an emphatic "no" from a disgusted oceanographer.

In answer to Bill O'Reilly's head-scratching statement, "In my opinion - all right? Tide goes in, tide goes out. Never a miscommunication. You can't explain that. You can't explain why the tide goes in."

Astrophysicist Chris Lintott, though, can explain exactly why it goes in.

"I'm happy to take up Bill's challenge - it's simply the pull of the moon's gravity on the Earth that produces the tides," wrote Lintott.

"The Earth’s solid surface is stretched by the moon's pull, but the oceans are free to move more dramatically, producing the familiar two tides a day. Nothing too complicated about that, although it did take Isaac Newton's theories to get the explanation clear."

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