The Peabody Award Spin

In February, O'Reilly gave a speech seemingly taking credit for winning a coveted Peabody award while an anchor at the tabloid TV show Inside Edition. After comedian Al Franken pointed out that the show never won a Peabody, O'Reilly retorted, in Mamet-esque syntax (O'Reilly Factor, 3/13/01): "Guy says about me, couple of weeks ago, 'O'Reilly said he won a Peabody Award.' Never said it. You can't find a transcript where I said it."

Note From The Webmaster: Because they edited it out of the transcript. What's your excuse for that, Bill? Did the formatting screw up when you tried to convert PDF to excel?

On a recent O'Reilly Factor show I personally saw O'Reilly tell a radio talk shot host who dared to dis-agree with Bill and say he was not a real journalist tell him that he would put his " peabody " and his journalist degrees up against his credentials any time. This was around 6-1-01, I forget the exact date but remember it clearly. The guest was Bernie Ward from a KGO radio talk show who was talking about gary condit and the 24/7 news coverage of him on fox news. Neither Inside Edition nor Bill O'Reilly ever won a peabody award. You can look it up here -

Peabody Awards Site:


On his May 19, 2000 broadcast, he repeatedly told a guest who brought up his tabloid past: "We won Peabody Awards. . . . We won Peabody awards. . . . A program that wins a Peabody Award, the highest award in journalism, and you're going to denigrate it?"


(Inside Edition won a Polk Award, not the better-known Peabody, for reporting that was done after O'Reilly left the show--Washington Post, 3/1/01.) You can look it up here -

Polk Awards Site:

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