The Voter Management System

My name is Steve Senti, as you know I own and run I have a friend who has developed a software program to help progressive democratic candidates win elections. It is called "The Voter Management System" and it will allow any candidate to economically reach the greatest number of voters, build true candidate-voter relationship and efficiently manage volunteer efforts.

The 'Voter Management System' was built upon a new concept web application engine for the Howard dean presidential primary campaign. Utilized in more than six states, it is a true web business enterprise campaign application that allows volunteers to work from any computer with an Internet connection in real time!

It is an unbelievably powerful program that offers so much that is actually possible to begin a campaign without even opening a physical campaign office! Customized for each campaign client (small to nationwide), the program is being offered to PROGRESSIVE CANDIDATES ONLY, as a licensed application.

Anyone seriously considering seeking public office or anyone managing a campaign needs to examine this program. There is so much it is capable of (reports, polling, trend analysis, import, export, email, and more!) it is the next generation of the political process!

This is a one of a kind program that can only be used if you are a progressive Democratic candidate. If you are running for office and you want to evaluate this software program, please send me an e-mail at the address below, and I will give you the contact information to get this software program for your campaign.

If you are interested in the Voter Management System you can e-mail me at: [email protected] remove the "no-spam" text after clicking on my e-mail address. Just tell me you want the information on the Voter Management System. This is a serious software program that you can only get from one place. And the republicans will not be allowed to use it, that means it will give a huge advantage to any Democratic candidate who has it.