Top 10 Highest Rated Shows on Fox From 4-1-01 to 6-30-01

The O'Reilly Factor was the top rated show on fox and averaged a 1.6 rating for the 2nd quarter of 2001.

Top 10 fox news shows from 4-1-01 to 6-30-01 -

1) The O'Reilly Factor - 1.9
2) The O'Reilly Factor - 1.7
3) The Fox Report - 1.7
4) The O'Reilly Factor - 1.6
5) The O'Reilly Factor - 1.6
7) The O'Reilly Factor - 1.5
8) The O'Reilly Factor - 1.5
9) The Fox Report - 1.4
10) hannity & colmes - 1.4

That gives The O'Reilly Factor an average rating of 1.6 for 3 months. that means 1.6% of tv households (out of an estimated 100 million tv households ) had their tv tuned to the o'reilly factor between 8:00 pm est and 9:00 pm est. This does not mean they all watched it, but more importantly 48 million republicans voted in the last presidential election. If O'Reilly is only getting a 1.6 rating most republicans dont even watch his show let alone anyone else. On top of that we dont know the most important number which is the share rating, not to mention the demographic info we can't get.

In comparison the October episode of NBC's "ER" garnered a 20.6 rating and a 33 share. That means of all the TV households actually watching TV between 10 and 11 p.m. EST that night, 33 percent of them were watching "ER." Yes, that's a lot. Lets say 50 million households have democrats and 50 million have republicans, that means O'Reilly does not even average 2.0% of 100 million households. In other words if The O'Reilly Factor were a sports team like the XFL it would have been cancelled a long long time ago. Even the XFL averaged a 1.7 rating during it's short lived run.

Advertisers thirst over specific demographics for their products (viewers ages 18 to 49 are the most highly prized) and are less likely to pay top dollar to advertise on shows that can't deliver those groups. I highly doubt " The O'Reilly Factor " gets many of those 18 to 49 demographics, maybe 40 to 90 but probably not many under 40. Of course I dont know for sure because the news shows wont give that info out, adam buckman of the new york post personally told me in an e-mail reply that the news shows dont want you to know their ratings.

Whats that old saying " if you hide something then you have something to hide " and they must have something to hide or they would let neilson publish those numbers. they wont publish the share numbers or the demographic numbers, all they will give out is the top 10 shows point ratings for a quarter. The share numbers and the 18 to 49 demographics are the important numbers and the news shows wont let anyone see those numbers. " We Report You Decide "

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