Scarborough Said Ann Coulter & Sean Hannity Are On Putin’s Side


“Vladimir Putin has learned the same thing about Donald Trump that Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton did,” crowed the conservative Joe Scarborough. “He is unpredictable.”

Scarborough continued:

“How fascinating that Vladimir Putin, if he thought he was going to influence politics in America, it hasn’t turned out that way,” he said. “Other than he’s got Ann Coulter on his side, so he’s got that. But other than that, it’s not working out very well for Putin.”

“Wow,” said fellow host Mika Brzezinski.

“Oh wait and Sean Hannity, he’s got Sean Hannity on his side,” Scarborough added for good measure.

The panel, which included show regulars, Richard Haas and Willie Geist expressed a general fascination with the swiftly souring relations between Trump and his Russian counterpart in the aftermath of the president’s recent airstrike against Syria.

“This is not what Putin bargained for” said. Haass.