Senate Approves Sweeping Medicare Bill (Vote Them Out)

WASHINGTON - 11-25-03 -- The Senate gave final congressional approval Tuesday to the most sweeping changes to Medicare since its creation in 1965, including a new prescription drug benefit for 40 million older and disabled Americans. The 54-44 vote sends the bill to President Bush, who is eager to sign it into law.

Supporters said the $395 billion measure, which gives private insurers a large new role in health care for seniors, was a long overdue change for the 38-year-old Medicare program.

Democratic opponents, resigned to defeat, complained that the bill was a giveaway to insurers and drug companies. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., said it will dump seniors "in the cold arms of the HMOs."

"It didn't have to be this way," Kennedy said.

Drug coverage would not begin until 2006, this was done so seniors would not vote against Bush and the republicans in the 2004 elections. They knew if the plan took effect now all the seniors would see how bad it is and vote them out of office. So they do not plan to implement the bill until 2006, well after the 2004 elections.

List of Senators who voted for the medicare bill, they are sell outs to the American people and the democratic party. They should all be voted out of office, when they come up for re-election vote for an independent or a green party member.