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Bombshell 60 Minutes Interview With Richard Clarke: Clarke Spills The Beans on Bush Lies about 9-11 & The War on Terror

O'Reilly Interviews Hans Blix: Hans Blix Interview

O'Reilly Interviews Katrina Vanden Heuvel & Tammy Bruce: O'Reilly Interview Interviews Jim Hightower: Jim Hightower Interview

The White House (Fear Factory): Buzzflash Interviews Congressman Jim McDermott

O'Reilly vs Schafer & Goldsborough (O'Reilly Wrong Again): O'Reilly vs Schafer

Bill Moyers Interviews John Stewart (Great read): Moyers vs Stewart

Wolf Blitzer vs Condi Rice (Condi Lies): Wolf vs Rice

Robert Reich vs O'Reilly & Tim Graham: Reich vs O'Reilly & Graham

Chris Matthews Interviews Ann Coulter: Matthews vs Coulter

Hardball/Softball; Bush Carrier Landing Transcript: Chris Matthews Hardball Transcript

Neal Boortz vs Bill O'Reilly (Boortz Crushes O'Reilly): Boortz vs O'Reilly

Jacob Sullum vs Bill O'Reilly (This is a Whopper): Sullum vs O'Reilly

Dr. Peter Singer vs Bill O'Reilly: Dr. Singer vs O'Reilly

Mark Weisbrot vs Bill O'Reilly (Another Cut The Mic Off Interview): Weisbrot vs O'Reilly

Silvestre Reyes vs Bill O'Reilly (The Wetback Comment): Reyes vs O'Reilly

Bishop John Spong vs Bill O'Reilly: Spong vs O'Reilly

Jeremy Glick vs Bill O'Reilly (Cut his mic off): Glick vs O'Reilly

Bill Press vs Bill O'Reilly: Press vs O'Reilly

Joshua Gotbaum vs Bill O'Reilly: Gotbaum vs O'Reilly

Donny Deutsch vs Bill O'Reilly: Deutsch vs O'Reilly

Tim Robbins National press Club Speech: Tim Robbins Speech