Trump Believes Fox & Friends More Than His Own Intelligence Community


He trusts the 3 biggest morons on tv, just watch them for a day, it’s like the 3 stooges went to work for the RNC and they put them on tv to do a fake news show, they simply do a biased opinion show on Fox News. They are not journalists, they are propaganda puppets for Trump and the Republicans, who agree with every position Trump and the Republican party has, no matter how insane it is, or how many Americans oppose it.

President Donald Trump recently promoted a Fox & Friends report that the previous administration spied on him during the election — an idea that has been widely debunked.

As Trump congratulated Fox & Friends on its amazing reporting, he was ignoring analysis from his own intelligence officials that there’s no evidence such surveillance occurred.

Just minutes earlier, Trump’s favorite morning show tweeted that a new report over the weekend shows a very high up Obama official unmasking Trump associates for political purposes.

Which is a lie, if they were unmasked it was simply because it was known who they were while a foreigner was on a FISA wiretap. The story was made up by some unverified right-wing source, and is not true. And if they were talking to someone under a FISA warrant, they have bigger problems then being unmasked to a government official.

Trump often praises the morons and tweets about stories its hosts have recently discussed.

Trump has for weeks claimed that former President Barack Obama spied on him. But FBI Director James Comey last month told Congress that there is no information to support the president’s claims. National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers made a similar comment. And James Clapper, who served as director of national intelligence during the time the alleged spying would have occurred, has also denied the reports.

Several members of Congress have called on Trump to retract the allegations, but so far he has refused. And btw folks, Trump staffers said when he did the crazy tweet he did not even know how a FISA warrant works.

Trump claims the real story is the leakers, not that people in his campaign could have been working with the Russians to steal an American presidential election, which is just laughable. The real story is Russians working with Trump, and maybe his campaign to steal the election from Hillary Clinton. The leakers are doing the American people a favor, and should be seen as great Americans, not criminals.