O'Reilly Lies About Opposing The Death Penalty

UPDATE: 1-28-09 -- Last week O'Reilly was a guest on the Neil Cavuto show, he was asked what they should do to Bernie Madoff the guy who robbed people of $50 Billion dollars.

O'Reilly said he should be put to death, and Cavuto seemed shocked, then O'Reilly said it again, and went into more detail. He said anyone who steals that much money from hard working Americans does not deserve to live. And then he said if he was on the jury he would give him the death penalty.

How can someone who claims to oppose the death penalty say that. If you oppose the death penalty you do not call for people to be put to death, it's that simple. And O'Reilly does this all the time it's not a one time deal. He is always calling for people to get death, which is not what people who really oppose the death penalty do.

I have never heard one person who is really opposed to the death penalty call for people to be put do death, and do it often. The people who really oppose the death penalty, oppose it all the time, not just part of the time. There is no in-between, you either oppose it, or you dont. It's a lot like a Medifast review you either take one or you don't.

3-4-07 -- In august of 2005 O'Reilly was asked about the 500 detainees at Gitmo, here is what he said.

O'REILLY: I don't give them any protection. I don't feel sorry for them. In fact, I probably would have ordered their execution if I had the power.


I thought Billy was opposed to the death penalty, how can you claim to be opposed to the death penalty if you would order the execution of 500 people?

And if you execute them you would have excuted many innocent people.

Two More Former Gitmo Detainees Acquitted

A criminal court on Saturday acquitted two former Guantanamo Bay prisoners of joining al-Qaeda or the Taliban.

Amin, 41, and al-Kundari, 32, were released from the U.S. detention camp in September after spending nearly five years there. They were detained by authorities for questioning upon their return to Kuwait.

Six other Kuwaitis formerly held in Guantanamo have been acquitted here of terror charges. Another four are still imprisoned there.


3-28-06 -- Once again O'Reilly calls for the death penalty, even though he claims to oppose it, so how can you call for death for someone if you oppose it. There is no in-between, you are either for it, or you are not. I do not know anyone who is really opposed to the death penalty who say well this guy is really bad so put him to death. Nobody who is really opposed to the death penalty would say that, nobody. But here you have Bill O'Reilly calling for death to Zacarias Moussaoui, and he claims to oppose the death penalty, sorry Bill, if you call for death to one person then you support the death penalty.

Here is what the lying hypocrite said on the 3-27-06 factor:

O'REILLY: "Factor follow-up" segment tonight, al Qaeda terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui admitted he knew 9/11 was going to happen, and wanted it to happen. He did this today at the penalty phase of the trial in Virginia, where he could receive the death penalty.

Joining us now from D.C. is Emily Hunt, a terrorism analyst at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

All right, look, I'm tired of this Moussaoui guy. I don't care what happens to him. I'm against the death penalty, but if they want to kill him, it's fine with me. I don't care. Can we believe at this point anything the man says?

9-5-2003 -- O'Reilly had a woman attorney on tonight to discuss this case.

LOUISIANA - The sentencing to death of a Louisiana man for raping an 8-year-old girl has reopened a debate about whether crimes that do not involve killings may ever be punished by death. There has not been an execution for rape in the United States since 1964, and no one has been executed for any crime that did not involve a killing since the Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976.

The Louisiana law under which the man, Patrick O. Kennedy, was convicted allows the death penalty for the rape of a child under 12. It was enacted in 1995. Graham da Ponte, one of Mr. Kennedy's lawyers, said the punishment was disproportionate to the crime.

First you must know how O'Reilly feels about the death penalty. For 7 years he has been saying he opposes the death penalty. He says the person should get life in prison, breaking rocks in Alaska, with bread and water to eat without amenities like televisions, newspapers, or magazines.

O'Reilly said he opposes capital punishment under any and all circumstances. He insists that America has a "moral question" about "taking a life" through use of the death penalty.

Listen to O'Reilly in an interview with American Enterprise: I'm against the death penalty, and I also believe in big government intervention to protect the environment.


You either oppose the death penalty, or you support it, there is no in-between. Tonight O'Reilly said this guy should get the death penalty, he also called for the death penalty in the westerfield/van dam case. After Westerfield was convicted the jury had to decide if he should get death or not. Every night for a week O'Reilly covered the case, each night he asked what was taking the jury so long to give him death. O'Reilly got madder and madder each night when the jury did not decide to give him death, he would actually yell at the guest and ask why they had not given him death yet. He was furious that it was taking so long for them to decide on death, does that sound like a guy who opposes the death penalty, not in my world. It sounds like a guy who only says he opposes the death penalty, when in reality he supports it, and supports it all the time.

That makes at least 5 cases that I can remember where O'Reilly has called for the death penalty.

This is conclusive proof that O'Reilly was lying about opposing the death penalty.

O'Reilly said Kennedy should get the death penalty, and the woman attorney for Patrick Kennedey said he should get life in prison, O'Reilly asked her why, she said because he did not kill anyone. Then O'Reilly said life in prison is not enough, he told her the guy should be put to death. That was a quote, he said life in prison is not enough. The he spent the whole 3 or 4 minute segment arguing for the death penalty.

When was the last time you heard someone who claims to oppose the death penalty say life in prison is not enough.

I am guessing never, I always had a good idea O'Reilly was lying about opposing the death penalty. Now I know for sure, he does not actually oppose the death penalty, he just says he opposes it.

People who oppose the death penalty, oppose it all the time. This is just another example of the spin and lies put out by Bill O'Reilly. And more proof he is a republican pretending to be an independent.

Update: O'Reilly recently said that he hopes that alleged sniper suspect John Muhammad "is taken care of in three days and gets the death penalty".

He then added, "Even though I am opposed to the death penalty, he deserves it".

You dont say you hope someone gets the death penalty when you oppose the death penalty, Unless you are a liar, which is exactly what O'Reilly is.

A liar.

This is the 5th time (that I know of) he has called for the death penalty, that proves he only "claimed" to oppose the death penalty.

Yet more evidence that O'Reilly is lying about opposing the death penalty.

Bill you have just been busted again, you are the king of lies and spin.