had a vote for the 2008 right-wing nut of the year award in January of 2009. Billy placed 7th, personally I would have had him #2, after Palin. I bet he moves up for 2009 with Obama as President, he might even make #1 this year.

1) Sarah Palin: (38%)
2) Sean Hannity: (18%)
3) Michelle Bachmann: (13%)
4) Bill Kristol: (10%)
5) Rush Limbaugh: (7%)
6) Joe the Plumber: (5%)
7) Bill O'Reilly: (5%)
8) Mike Huckabee: (2%)
9) Lou Dobbs: (1%)
10) Pastor John Hagee: (1%)

And btw, O'Reilly keeps saying he is not a Republican, he claims to be a moderate Independent, those are his own words. And if you call him a Republican he will threaten to sue you, ask Dr. Marc Lamont Hill about that.

But if that's true why is he on the top 10 conservative idiot list at almost every week, why are all his books sold at the conservative book club, why are 13 out of 15 of his show regulars Republicans, and why is he #7 on the 2008 right-wing nut of the year award list.

The answer is, we all know he is a Republican, he is just too dishonest to admit it.

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