In August I started a 3 month factor bias study. It ran from 8-1-08 to 10-31-08, I watched the factor every night and counted the negative and positive comments about Barack Omama and John McCain. I counted every segment with a negative or positive comment, I did not count each negative or positive comment more than 1 time per segment. For example, if a segment had 3 negative comments about Barack Obama, it was only counted as 1 negative comment.

So these totals are a segment count on negative and positive comments, if I had counted every negative comment it would have been a lot more for Obama. I decided to do it that way so that no Republicans could claim this study was unfair to O'Reilly and his show. If I wanted to, I could have counted every single negative comment about Obama and it would have been way more than 257, probably more like 600. So this study is more than fair to O'Reilly, probably even too fair, but that's the way I did it.

Here are the totals for the entire 3 months, from 8-1-08 to 10-31-08:
Obama -- Negative - 257 -- Positive - 46

McCain -- Positive - 199 -- Negative - 35
That's 88% negative for Obama, and 12% negative for McCain. And 81.2% positive for McCain, 18.8% positive for Obama.

As you can see the bias against Obama is stunning, in 3 months of factor shows there were 257 segments with a negative comment against Obama. While during the same time there were only 35 segments with negative comments against McCain. In that 3 months Obama only had 46 segments with a positive comment about him. While during the same time there were 199 segments with a positive comment about McCain.

This shows a total bias from O'Reilly and his mostly Republican guests. What O'Reilly does is put 4 to 6 Republican guests on per show and they smear and lie about Obama. While it's a miracle to see more than 1 Democrat per show, once in a while it will be 2, but most nights it is 1 Democrat on the whole show, and some shows have 0 Democrats.

If you want to see an example of the unbalanced factor guest list look at this web page:

That is conclusive proof O'Reilly has not been fair to Obama, and proof that he stacks the deck with mostly conservative guests to attack Obama and the Democrats. And yet, O'Reilly still claims to be fair to both sides, and claims that he personally makes sure he has an equal number of Republicans and Democrats on the show each week.

When after you look at the numbers, you see it's all lies from Bill O'Reilly. It's clear that he is a biased partisan Republican who uses his show to unfairly smear and attack Barack Obama, and every Democrat in America. While at the same time covering up bad things Republicans do, and he takes it easy on the Republicans to help them as much as possible.


If you want to see the actual data from this study, you can go look at it, I recorded it in my forums, for each show, every week, and every month, then I published the totals for the entire 3 months.

The 3 Month factor Bias Study Numbers

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