Before you read the registered letter O'Reilly had his attorney Diane Brandi send me you need to read this. In June of 2002 I decided to put up a banner ad asking if anyone wanted to buy ad space on the website. I put it up around the 1st of June, 2002. it was up for about 4 or 5 weeks until I decided to remove it around July 5th, 2002. I removed the banner ad because at that time the website was brand new and did not get very much traffic, basically nobody wanted to buy ad space because I was getting very few hits, so I took the banner ad down.

Then around July 18th, 2002. I get a registered letter from FedEx, I open it and it's the letter you can read below from diane Brandi, O'Reilly's FOX News attorney.

Attorney Letter: Registered Letter O'Reilly And His Attorney Diane Brandi Sent me on 7-16-02

The whole letter was crap, just like O'Reilly. I replied to his attorney and dared them to sue me, I begged them to sue me, but I never heard from them again. They were just trying to scare me into not selling ad space on the website, the whole thing was a low class cheap scare tactic. I never fell for it for a second, I guess they thought I was some kind of idiot or something, they found out different. Not to mention I had already removed the banner ad a week before I even got their letter.

It shows you what kind of dirty tricks O'Reilly will use to try to hurt anyone who dares to tell the truth about him, he had his lame ass attorney send me that bogus letter. I just laughed at it and begged her to sue me, but I never heard from the cowards again. And despite repeated e-mails asking to be a guest on the factor, O'Reilly has refused them all, the coward is hiding under his desk in fear of me.