O'Reilly & Fox Lie That Obama To Blame For High Gas Prices
By: Steve - February 20, 2012 - 10:00am

Here is more proof that Bill O'Reilly is a big part of the GOP propaganda operation. Blaming President Obama for high gas prices, and making the ridiculous claim that it is his fault that gas prices are up 90% on his watch. On 2-9-12 O'Reilly said this:
O'REILLY: On the energy front, the administration wants alternative energy to take the place of fossil fuels. The feds have invested more than $90-billion in 'green' research, some of it totally down the drain like the Solyndra situation.

Also, oil production is being discouraged and the pipeline from Canada has been shut down. The result - gas prices have increased by 90% of Mr. Obama's watch.
And that's not all, almost every night O'Reilly blames Obama for the price of gas. When he knows that is dishonest, because on past shows O'Reilly has even admitted that oil speculators are the reason oil and gas prices are so high. But now that the price of gas is being used to do political damage to Obama by the GOP, O'Reilly has jumped on that bandwagon as fast as possible.

As the employment outlook improves, Fox News is advising Republicans to focus on blaming President Obama for rising gasoline prices -- a claim with no relation to economic fact.

On at least six occasions last week, Fox News pushed the GOP talking point that gasoline prices have almost doubled (increasing 83% or 90% or 91%) since Obama took office in January 2009.

The claim was also promoted by the Drudge Report and CNSNews, as well as the Senate Republican Conference. Fox falsely suggested that Obama's energy policies are to blame for the increase in prices, without explaining that gas prices were so low in January 2009 because the recession cut demand.

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While ignoring the fact that gas prices were over $4.00 a gallon during the Bush years, and not once did O'Reilly or Fox blame Bush for the high gas prices. In fact, when Democrats accused Bush and Cheney of letting the oil and gas companies inflate the prices, O'Reilly and Fox defended them saying the President and the Vice President have nothing to do with the price of oil or gas.

In fact, gasoline prices dropped greatly in late 2008 in the midst of a massive recession. The Washington Post wrote this in February of 2009: "The Overwhelming Cause Of The Collapse In Oil Prices Has Been The Faltering World Economy." The price of oil was at $39.00 a barrel then, not it's over $100.00 a barrel.

So oil and gas prices were really low, then they went up as the oil speculators took advantage of the economy getting better under Obama. So the 90% increase claim is just ridiculous, because Obama had nothing to do with it.

And now the facts, the experts say speculation and refinery closures are currently pushing the prices up. Here is a quote from a February 14th Bloomberg Businessweek report:
The current run-up in prices comes despite sinking demand in the U.S. "Petrol demand is as low as it's been since April 1997," says Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst for the Oil Price Information Service.

"People are puzzled by the fact that we're using less gas than we have in years, yet we're paying more."

Kloza believes much of the increase is due to speculative money that's flowed into gasoline futures contracts since the beginning of the year, mostly from hedge funds and large money managers.

"We've seen about $11 billion of speculative money come in on the long side of gas futures," he says. "Each of the last three weeks we've seen a record net long position being taken."

Refineries have also been getting squeezed by higher crude prices over the past several months, forcing some of them to shut down rather than operate at a loss, says [equity analyst Jason] Stevens."
And yet, the stooges at Fox are saying the GOP should blame Obama for gas prices, here are a few examples.

2-16-12 -- Steve Doocy: "Gas Prices Are An Opportunity To Disrupt Positive Economic Narrative."

2-15-12 -- Steven Hayes: Republicans Should "Point To The President's Role In Causing These Gas Prices To Go Up."

2-16-12 -- On the February 16th Fox & Friends, Juliet Huddy asked if rising prices are "enough to derail Obama's return to the office." Eric Bolling replied: "Well it better be. What else matters? How much we pay for a gallon of gas. How much we pay for a loaf of bread."

2-15-12 -- Pat Caddell: Gas Prices Are "A Perfect Issue" For The GOP.

2-15-12 -- A.B. Stoddard: Rising Gas Prices "Will Be A Good Talking Point For Republicans."

2-16-12 -- Doug Schoen: Gas Prices Could Prevent Obama From "Benefitting From The Drop In The Unemployment Rate."

All that is a lie folks, and O'Reilly is doing it too, in the last week or two O'Reilly has blamed Obama for the high gas prices 4 or 5 times. When they all know it's a lie, they do it anyway because they are trying to help the Republican party make the people think Obama is to blame.

Which is pretty sad, because the people will not fall for it, they are not that dumb. All it does is show how biased and dishonest they are at Fox, and it simply makes them look like fools. And yet, they do it anyway because that is what dishonest partisan right-wing hacks do. And the great so-called Independent Bill O'Reilly is leading the charge, even though he claims to be an impartial non-partisan.

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