How to Deal With an O'Reilly Factor Ambush Interview

O'Reilly loves to send his right-wing stooge Jesse Waters out to ambush people that do not want to be a guest on the Factor. Then he uses the video clip to make them look bad for simply refusing to be a guest on the biased right-wing fraud of a news show. So here is some advice for anyone who gets ambushed by Jesse Waters.

After he says this: it's Jesse Waters from FOX News O'Reilly Factor, you say this:

Is that the same Bill O'Reilly who was sued by Andrea Mackris for trying to force her to have phone sex with him while he was married.

Is that is the same Bill O'Reilly who called Andrea Mackris numerous times to talk about Caribbean shower fantasies, Thailand sex shows, and what he would do to her if he got her in a shower, even after she told him to stop making those kind of calls to her.

Is that the same Bill O'Reilly who subjected her to repeated instances of sexual harassment and spoke often, and explicitly, to her about phone sex, vibrators, threesomes, masturbation, the loss of his virginity, and sexual fantasies.

Is that the same Bill O'Reilly who claims to be Mr. Morality, then flips out over a sexy commercial that shows a woman in bra and panties, while he is known to watch porn and make unwanted dirty phone calls to his female employees while he was married with children.

Is that the same Bill O'Reilly who after hearing of the lawsuit said it was all lies, called it a shakedown for money, said he would fight it to the bitter end with no settlement and let the courts decide the matter. Then after finding out she recorded his phone calls. Paid her $10 million dollars to settle the lawsuit, get the tapes, and shut her up.
Just keep talking non-stop about Andrea Mackris and the massive 22 page sexual harassment lawsuit she filed against O'Reilly, and you can guarantee that ambush video will never see the light of day on the Factor, or any FOX News show.

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