2-28-09 -- People ask me all the time how O'Reilly can claim to be a fair and balanced moderate Independent with a no spin zone, when he is clearly a biased Republican who has 95% Republican guests on the show to help him put out 99% right-wing propaganda. So this morning I was thinking, what would a real fair and balanced O'Reilly Factor look like.
1) Since O'Reilly is a Republican, to really be fair and balanced he would have to put 1 more Democrat than Republican on each show, to counter the right-wing spin from O'Reilly. So if he had 5 guests on a show, 3 would need to be Democrats, and 2 Republicans. With O'Reilly that would give him a balance of 3 to 3, Democrats to Republicans. Instead of the 4 or 5 Republicans per show he has now.

2) He would also have to get a Democrat media analyst to be on with Bernie Goldberg, at the same time, or right after him, and a real Democrat, not a fake FOX News Democrat who works for FOX. Right now it's just the far right Goldberg, with no liberal media analyst, and they never find conservative bias anywhere, only what they say is liberal bias.

3) He would have to cover news that is negative to Republicans, as much as he does for Democrats. Right now he ignores 99% of the news that is negative to a Republican, but if a Democrat jaywalks he reports it for a week, with follow ups.

4) He would have to get a regular (and real) Democrat political analyst, to be on with Karl Rove, Dick Morris, Laura Ingraham, and Newt Gingrich, who are always put on alone, because there is no regular on the factor that is a Democrat political analyst, if they are too scared to be on with a Democrat, they should be put on right after one of them are on.

5) He would have to put a Democrat pollster on with Frank Luntz, or have one on after him. Because Frank Luntz is the Factor pollster, and he is a biased partisan Republican, there is no Democrat Factor pollster, only Luntz. Even better, would be to find a real Independent, and make him your pollster.

6) He would have to get a liberal comedian, and make him a regular, to be on with Dennis Miller, or put him on right after Miller. His comedian regular is the Republican Dennis Miller, there is no Democrat comedian, just Miller. Bill Maher would be a great liberal comedian to counter Miller.

7) He would have to stop calling everyone on the left, pinheads, loons, etc. Unless he calls an equal number of people on the right, pinheads and loons. Which he never does, nobody on the right, or the far right, is ever called a pinhead or a loon. Even though there are millions of them, Billy just dont do it, because he is a Republican and he agrees with most of them.

8) He would have to get rid of one of his culture warriors and replace her with a liberal. Because both culture warriors are Republicans, Margaret Hoover and Monica Crowley. With O'Reilly, that's 3 Republican culture warriors to 0 liberal culture warriors.

9) He would have to get rid of one of his legal analysts and replace her with a liberal. Because both legal analysts are Republicans, Megyn Kelly and Lis Wiehl. There are no liberal legal analysts on the Factor, just Kelly and Wiehl.

10) He would actually have to name a Republican a pinhead, in the pinheads and patriots segment. Because only liberals are named pinheads, every show should have a Democrat pinhead, and a Republican pinhead. Every show should also have a Democrat patriot, and a Republican patriot, or just stop doing it altogether.

11) He would have to get a Democrat internet cop for his policing the net segments. And put her on with the Republican Amanda Carpenter, or after she is on. There is no Democrat internet cop, just Carpenter.

12) He would have to stop lying about who caused the financial crisis, it was not Barney Frank or Chris Dodd, they are not even in the top 100, and they did not make the Time magazine top 25 people to blame for it listing. In fact, a Republican (Phil Gramm) was #1 and O'Reilly never even mentions his name, ever, not once. When he is the guy that deregulated the financial markets, which caused the problem.

13) He would have to stop putting Ann Coulter on the show alone, or have an equally partisan liberal on right after her to balance her out. Like Joe Conason, David Brock, Paul Begala, Josh Marshall, or some other real liberal.

14) He would have to actually put a real economic expert on once in a while, like a professor of economics who is not a Republican, maybe Paul Krugman. O'Reilly has only had one liberal economic expert on the Factor for the entire year of 2009. And that was only after I pointed out he had none this year, then he had one on.

15) He would also have to follow the same rules he had when Bush was the president. Like respect the office, and support the president, and if you insult or lie about the president you are an un-American traitor, like he said to Democrats who opposed what Bush was doing. Republicans insult, lie, smear, make racist comments, etc. about Obama all the time (they even say they want him to fail) and O'Reilly says nothing.

16) He would have to use an equal number of Democrat and Republican fill in anchors to take his place when he is not there. Every single fill in host is a Republican, Ingraham, Malkin, Kasich, etc. No Democrat or Independent is ever allowed to fill in for O'Reilly when he is not there.
And if he did all that, the show would almost be fair and balanced. It would still not be truly fair and balanced because O'Reilly is a partisan Republican, and he is there for every segment, but it would at least be close, maybe 95% fair and balanced, instead of the 95% right-wing bias it has now. And that's what a fair and balanced O'Reilly Factor would look like, too bad it will never happen.

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