4 Fox Hosts Slam O'Reilly Over His Ebola Reporting
By: Steve - October 17, 2014 - 11:50am

First it was Greta Van Susteren telling O'Reilly he was wrong to call for the head of the CDC Dr. Tom Frieden to resign.

Van Susteren said this: "I disagree totally with him, I think Dr. Frieden has done a good job, and you know, I want him to continue to lead this."

Her guest, Dr. Anthony Fauci, agreed, saying people need to realize how difficult a situation this is.

Van Susteren ended things by saying, "I think Bill O'Reilly's dead wrong on this one."

And of course O'Reilly never mentioned any of that on his Tuesday night show, he ignored it ,while saying only liberals disagree with him, when one of his own right-wing Fox hosts also disagree with him.

Then it was Andrea Tantaros who told O'Reilly he is wrong.

Fox News Andrea Tantaros disagreed with O'Reilly Thursday night, and she went back and forth with him over it, arguing it makes no sense to switch leadership in the middle of a crisis like this.

Tantaros told O'Reilly she understands his frustrations, and "unlike some other people on this network, it is valid."

She was talking about Shepard Smith who has said the people at Fox are scaremondering over Ebola, that it is not a crisis, and not even close.

However, she went on to say, "He's a doctor, Bill, he's not a crisis communications expert, he's not a general."

She also expressed discomfort with the idea of getting rid of Frieden in the middle of this crisis. Pulling him out of the spotlight? Sure. Bringing in a more effective crisis communicator? Yes.

But Tantaros insisted, "He does have valuable information. Let him do his thing behind the scenes."

O'Reilly was having none of it, and he still argued Frieden needs to go because there's a certain performance level you have to be held to when you're dealing with life and death.

Remeber, this is coming from a cable tv news show host, who is not a doctor and does not have a clue what he is talking about. He is not an expert on anything, except being biased and yelling at people that disagree with his insane ideas.

Then the Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz echoed his colleague Shepard Smith's admonishment of the media for irresponsible Ebola coverage, highlighting his own network's reporting.

Kurtz called out media figures like Fox host Bill O'Reilly, who has demanded the resignation of CDC director Tom Frieden, for reducing their response to Ebola "to a question of which heads should roll."

He contrasted coverage like O'Reilly's to that of Fox's Shepard Smith, who made headlines this week for blasting the media's "irresponsible" and "hysterical" Ebola coverage.

Smith "challenged his own profession to stop scaring people," Kurtz explained, asking, "Will the media listen?"

Shepard Smith said the media's Ebola coverage is Hysterical and Irresponsible. Smith also said this: "These Are The Facts -- We Do Not Have An Outbreak Of Ebola In The United States. Nowhere."

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