Fox News The Least Trusted Cable News Network
By: Steve - January 21, 2011 - 9:30am

Guess who failed to report this poll, that would be Bill O'Reilly, I guess he just forgot, yeah that's it. Most likely he forgot to report it because it shows that Fox is the least trusted news network in all of cable news.

O'Reilly rails on and on about how Fox gets such high ratings because you can trust them to tell the truth. Except that is a total lie, what the PPP poll shows is that Fox is the least trusted cable news network, with everyone but Republicans.

What it also shows is that Fox gets high ratings only because a lot of Republicans watch their shows, plain and simple.

Now here are some findings from the second annual Public Policy Polling tv news trust poll.

A year ago a plurality of Americans said they trusted Fox News. Now a plurality of them don't. Conservatives haven't moved all that much - 75% said they trusted it last year and 72% still do this time around.

But moderates and liberals have both had a strong increase in their level of distrust for the Fox network - a 12 point gain from 48% to 60% for moderates and a 16 point gain from 66% to 82% for liberals.

Voters between left and center tend to be more trusting of the media across the board, which is why a fair number of them were still rating Fox favorably even a year ago at this time. But it looks like with a lot of those folks it has finally crossed the line to being too political to trust.

Fox was dead last in trust for cable news networks, it went from 49% trust and 39% distrust last year, to 42% trust and 46% distrust this year. Which is a 16 point increase in distrust in one short year.

Now think about this, since the very same poll taken last year had Fox at 49% trust and 37% distrust, O'Reilly can not claim it is just some liberal polling group out to smear Fox, which is the best part of the poll, and probably the #1 reason O'Reilly is not reporting it, after he did last year.

O'Reilly is not reporting it simply because he can not claim they are a liberal smear machine, and he is also not reporting it because it shows that only Republicans trust Fox to report the news.

And btw folks, PBS was the most trusted, even though O'Reilly said they were nothing but a bunch of liberal smear merchants. The people disagree, and voted PBS the most trusted news network in America. Which just goes to show you how dishonest O'Reilly is, because clearly he was lying about PBS.

Here are some more details from the poll.

All three of the traditional major networks- NBC, CBS, and ABC, have seen an increase in their trust levels over the last year. NBC continues to be the most trusted of the trio, breaking even this year at 41% who trust it and 41% who don't.

Conservatives distrust all three of the networks at pretty similar levels - 66% for ABC and NBC, 67% for CBS. But liberals range from 52% who trust ABC to 61% who trust CBS all the way up to 67% who trust NBC.

It's interesting to see that faith in these long standing organizations is on the rise but it may be that in a new media world where there's so much more information available than there's ever been before folks are looking to places with a proven track record of getting it right.

Democrats trust everything but Fox. Republicans don't trust anything but Fox. And independents don't trust much of anything.

-- For Democrats 73% trust PBS, 64% NBC, 61% CBS, 60% CNN, 56% ABC, and 22% Fox.

-- For Republicans 67% trust Fox, 29% PBS, 22% CNN, 21% NBC, 17% ABC, and 15% CBS.

-- For independents 44% trust PBS, 36% Fox, 34% CNN, 33% NBC, 27% CBS, and 26% ABC.

Overall PBS was #1, do you see this O'Reilly you lying right-wing jackass, PBS was the most trusted with 50% trust, to 30% distrust.

NBC News (including MSNBC) was #2, with 41% trust to 41% distrust.

CNN was #3, with 40% trust to 43% distrust.

Fox was last with 42% trust to 46% distrust.

Now read this carefully folks, because you will never see this reported by O'Reilly, or anyone at Fox.

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