4-4-09 -- I sure would love to see O'Reilly and Goldberg report this bias, but that will never happen, because they are right-wing stooges who never report any bias at the FOX News Network.

On April 3rd, 2009 America's Newsroom, the morning news show on FOX, claimed that President Obama's $3.6 trillion fiscal year 2010 budget is "4x bigger than Bush's costliest plan." And here is a screen capture to prove it.

There is one big problem with that statement, it's a bold faced lie. The 2008 Fiscal Year budget for George W. Bush was $2.9 Billion. And the 2009 Fiscal Year budget for George W. Bush was $3.1 Trillion. So not only is it not 4x the Bush budget, it's not even 1x the Bush budget. One time the Bush budget would be $6.2 Trillion, to be 4x the Bush budget it would have to be $12.4 Trillion.

So you FOX kool-aid drinkers will say, ok they just made a mistake and later in the show they got it right. Even though it's almost impossible to make an $8 Trillion dollar mistake, let's just say it was a mistake this one time.

Then how do you explain making that same mistake 2 more times in 2 more different segments. What say you Billy? What say you Bernie?

So not only did FOX lie about the size of the Obama budget compared to the Bush budget, they did it 3 times and never corrected the lie. And what makes it even worse is that in the last Bush budget of $3.1 Trillion he did not include money that would be needed for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He let it go into the Obama budget so it would make his budget look smaller, and make the Obama budget look bigger.

And FOX News never reported any of that, while at the same time they get caught lying 3 times about the size of the Obama budget. O'Reilly used to say if you have any evidence that FOX News has a right-wing bias send it to him and he will report it. Well Billy, here it is, so you will report it on Monday right? Yeah, and I will also win the lottery on Monday, even though I never bought a ticket.

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