The Top 50 Most Annoying Celebs Who Should Go Away
By: Steve - March 27, 2013 - 10:00am

To begin with, I normally do not report this kind of list because it's tabloid garbage, but when I looked at it I decided to report on it because of all the media and political figures who are on the list.

These are people who were voted by entertainment fans themselves to just go away.

Coming in at #1 is Paris Hilton.

Sarah Palin was #2.

Glenn Beck was at #10, and Ann Coulter came in at #13.

Donald Trump was #19, and Rush Limbaugh was #20.

Now guess who came in at #22, that's right, Big Bad Bill O'Reilly.

Sean Hannity was #26, and Tucker Carlson was right behind him at #27.

Bristol Palin also made the list at #30.

Newt Gingrich was #41 and Karl Rove came in at #48.

Now look at what they all have in common, they are all Republicans, and the people want them to just go away.

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