I Am Waiting For The O'Reilly Health Care Bill Apology

UPDATE - 7-3-12 -- O'Reilly FINALLY (SORT OF) admitted he was wrong, but then he said he was not really sorry and that he was only wrong to not factor in the John Roberts situation.

Then he slammed what he called "the far-left smear site Media Matters." He also said he is not really sorry, then said he is a man of his word. Wow is he insane!

So then he had Bernie Goldberg on to kiss his ass and defend him. Which he did, and Goldberg made some arguments that made no sense, like saying nobody at ESPN said anything about O'Reilly, really? Are you for real, they are a sports network, of course they did not say anything about O'Reilly, and that has nothing to do with the issue.

How can you claim to be a man of your word after saying you are not really sorry, then smear Media Matters for simply pointing out you said it would be a 5 to 4 ruling against Obama and if you are wrong you will play the tape and admit you are an idiot. Then not admitting you are an idiot like you said you would.

All they did was quote O'Reilly word for word, play the video of him saying it, then point out he never said admitted he was an idiot. Nothing they did was dishonest or inaccurate, it was the 100% truth.

For that they are called smear merchants, and then he says the Media Research Center is accurate and Media Matters is not, which is just laughable, and something only a far-right loon would say. Because the MRC is a joke, it's nothing but a biased hack of a pretend media watchdog group, and anyone who defends them is as biased and dishonest as they are.


On March 26th 2012 Bill O'Reilly told his guest (Caroline Fredrickson) that she was a fool and that the Supreme Court would vote down the Obama health care bill in a 5 to 4 ruling.

And now we know he was wrong, but in the segment he also basically called the guest a left-wing loon and told her she would be wrong. Not only was he wrong he barely let her talk, she kept saying let me talk, and O'Reilly told her he does not have to let her talk.

Here is the video:

During the segment O'Reilly said this: "I wil apologize For Being An Idiot If The Supreme Court Upholds The Obama Health Care Reform Law." He also said he would play her clip and then admit he was an idiot.

So did O'Reilly do that Thursday night, haha, of course not. He was on vacation and he called in to his own show, which Laura Ingraham was hosting, and he did not play the clip, or say he was an idiot. In fact, he spent his time slamming the Supreme Court and saying they got it wrong. Just like a good little Republican jerk.

Okay Billy, it's official, your were wrong and you are an idiot. So I am waiting for you to admit you are an idiot.

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